Vincennes Sun-Commercial 
October 14, 1960 

Red Flash Seen In Sky Must Have Been Meteor

   That brilliant, red flash seen over Vincennes and southern Indiana and adjoining areas, Monday night must have been a meteor. 
   Nobody had any other logical explanation today, after a futile search for evidence of a plane crash. 
   First reports came from Florence, east of Vevay. Residents there said they saw an object burning in the sky. A Switzerland County farmer reported sighting "an object in the sky with three bright lights." 
   The Nike Missile station at Dillsboro said it traced an unidentified object with its radar but lost it as it traveled northwest toward Indianapolis. State police units rushed to the area looking for some evidence of a plane crash, but could find none. 

Francis Ridge:
In my investigation of this case I wrote a letter to the Nike Missile Station at Dillsboro. This is the surprising answer I received: 

Dillsboro, Indiana
1 December 1960
      Mr. Francis Ridge 
      Director of CRUFO 
      Vincennes, Indiana 

      Dear Sir: 

            We were not radar tracking an unidentified flying object on Monday 
      14 November 1960. 

            Therefore we must submit a negative report. 

Sincerely yours,
2/Lt                          Arty
Executive Officer

Something low and relatively slow was observed by a number of persons over southern Indiana Monday evening, November 14th, 1960. That "something" was tracked by radar, then later denied. The civilian reports we investigated were very much similar to "fireball" reports, except for the speed and the radar confirmation. Without much detail, not too much can be determined from this incident, except that the object was not an aircraft or a meteor, and apparently was tracked on radar at Dillsboro and the leak to the news media, for some unknown reason,  had to be retracted.

Francis Ridge
Field Investigator & Subcommittee Chairman,
Indiana Unit No. 1, NICAP

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