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Blast doors at Cheyenne Mountain
CASE: Cheyenne Mountain Alert                                       DATE: October 1975

On November 1, 1983, this investigator and JHJ (Joe Halburnt, Jr., WGBF radio) put on a two-hour call-in radio talk show. The show aired live from 9:00 to 10:00 PM at Evansville, Indiana. At approximately 9:30 PM, an anonymous caller telephoned the radio station and reported that in 1975 a major UFO incident had occured at Cheyenne Mountain, the home of NORAD, the North American Air Defense Command. As a routine, an audiotape was made of the entire program. The segment with the anonymous caller was about 15 minutes long.

Three days later this investigator solicited the aid of the Kendra Oil Co. secretary (where I worked at the time) to take the tapes home and transcribe them. I also tried to locate the incident in the files of CUFOS and MUFON. The following day I continued to work on the transcriptions. and then then attempted to call JHJ at WGBF. He wasn't in, but  returned my call later in the evening. He said he would try to get the caller to contact me with a plea on his show that day.

On the 6th, I checked 400 pages of FOIA documents and found similar reports in 1975, all SAC cases. One very similar, but not Cheyenne Mountain, turned up. We already knew something big was going on, and NORAD was involved, but we hadn't heard of an event right at NORAD HQ.

On the 9th, the witness responded to repeated attempts by WGBF to get him to report officially. JHJ convinced him his name would be withheld and he phoned me around 7:00 PM.

On the 21st, a copy of the typed transcript was sent to MUFON, the actual report was to be signed by  the witness and forwarded ASAP.

On the 4th of January I telephoned the witness to arrange a face-to-face meeting, which we were able to schedule for the next day. During this conversation, however, my informant mentioned something else that was interesting about the incident. Unusual animal activity was noticed 10-15 minutes prior to the NORAD alert signal. Also, the time of the alert was established as between 2200 & midnight since his security team had returned to "the Mountain" by 0210 hours.

The next day we met and had lunch. Confidential discussions not directly related to the incident, but UFO-related, took place. But even more important, his expertise as part of a NORAD security team could help decode some of the 1975 over flight data which is or appears to be directly associated with his incident report. I gave him about 25 pages of of the FOIA data on same, to look over and give his opinion on. He then signed the report and I forwarded all the paper work to MUFON the next day. The investigation on this end was complete, unless new information surfaced.

I then prepared a draft on the incident for the MUFON UFO Journal. It was entitled, "The Night NORAD Went On Top Alert". On March 3rd I read the final draft to my informant over the phone and he approved it with two provisions: Two footnotes were needed and his name was not to be used. On March 5th I mailed the paper to MUFON and it was later published. Here is the detailed  report .

Francis Ridge
Field Investigator,

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