Pepperrell AFB Radar/Visual
 Newfoundland, Canada
July 5, 1955

KC-97 Stratotanker

Telex from the Commander 64th Air Division Defense Pepperrell AFB NF:
Pilots of KC-97's, Archie 29 and Archie 91 report sighting two bright objects at 4910N 5950W at 0700 estimated altitude 20,000 ft. Objects appeared stationary but upon investigation by KC-97 objects accelerated in northeasterly direction. N-23 reported radar observation of approximately four objects at point of initial sighting. Objects observed on radar tracking 040 DEG true, estimated speed 300 knots. Radar position 0740Z 50°10N 57°50W. Air interceptor airborne at 0738Z for attempted intercept. Further info follows. 

Two KC-97s, Archie 29 and Archie 91 were out of Harmon AFB on a refueling mission. Back to Harmon, they reported sighting object at 0705Z. KC-97s altitude was 20,000 ft. Weather clear, no cloud above aircraft, scatter clouds at 1,000 ft level, no possible reflection from clouds. Pilot of Archie 29 Lt H.H. Speer. Aircraft made contact with radar site. Site painted object on scope at 0707Z. Held intermittent contact for 49 minutes. Archie 29 in position to close on object was instructed to do so by site. Position of object 290 degrees from station at approximately 80 miles. First appeared to be hovering at 10 O'clock position relative to aircraft. Archie 29 tried to close. Object began to move slowly NE 050 degrees T.H. relative to speed of Archie 29 : 275 knots. Pilot of Archie 29 maintained visual contact with object calling direction changes of object to site by radio direction. Changes correlated exactly with those painted on scope by controller. Object began climbing. Archie 29 pilot lost visual contact when object estimated altitude was 40-50,000 ft. Object then accelerated to speed of estimated 1600U and moved off in NE direction painted on scopes. Fighters were scrambled when object started to climb. No contact made, radar or visual. 

At same times radar site was also painting 5 smaller objects on scopes 5-10,000 ft below the KC-97s Archie 29 and Archie 91. At 30° degrees True, 60 miles from station, the objects were moving very fast, changing direction and azimuth jumping on and off scopes, forming circular pattern, changing to line abreast. Traveling 10-20 miles then changing direction. Controller estimates speed in excess of 1500 knots. One C-119 aircraft en route from Goose Bay passed within 5 miles of the objects, not known of objects seen by the C-119 crew. Interrogation of crew's of Archie 29, Archie 91 and C-119 was being conducted by base intelligence officer Harmon AFB. 

Source: Dominique Weinstein

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