Form: 97 Initial Report
Date: Thu, 22 Feb 2007 19:57:22 -0800
From: "Peter B. Davenport" <director@UFOCENTER.COM>
Subject: Re: Phoenix Lights: Corporate Jet Directed N. of Prescott Confirmed by NUFORC Report
Cat: 8

<>The fact that the corporate jet was directed to the north of Prescott is consistent with information NUFORC received from a USAF Airman, just 8 hours
after the events over Phoenix had begun.

<>The Airman telephoned NUFORC at 03:20 hrs. on Friday, March 14, 1997, to report the events he had been personal witness to during the "Phoenix <>Lights" sequence.  He reported that the two F-15 "C's," both were part of the Air Force One and Two Protection Group, had been "scrambled" out of Luke <>AFB, in response to a radio call Luke had received from a retire U. S. Navy Admiral, who was flying to Prescott Valley Airport in a Cessna 421 Golden
Eagle, at approximately 20:00-20:15 hrs. on March 13. 

<>The admiral contacted Luke because, as he descended into Prescott Valley from the northeast, a dark, almost invisible, object passed in front of his <>aircraft, and it was so large, it obscured his view of all the ground lights in Prescott!  He apparently realized that he was looking at something unusual...unusual enough for him to get in touch with the Air Force at Luke in order to alert them to the event.

Given that the Cessna pilot must have been in radio contact with Prescott <>Valley Airport at the time, it is not in the least surprising to me that Prescott would have vectored aircraft to the north, rather than allowing <>them to land from the south.  In fact, given what was taking place over Arizona that night, some of which was witnessed by air traffic controllers at Sky Harbor Airport, I'm somewhat surprised that any airport was still operating after 20:00 hrs. that night .

The report you cite does not indicate at what time the corporate jet arrived <>at Phoenix, but if it was close to 20:15-20:25 hrs., Prescott may have known that two F-15's had been scrambled, and were approaching Phoenix from the <>north.  Hence, Prescott might have had the jet land from the north, in order to avoid risking having their flight path encroach on the airspace the fighters were in at the time.

<>By the way, I took an immense amount of criticism from Luke AFB personnel, who pointed out, rather heatedly on some occasions, that by March 1997, Luke <>had become exclusively an F-16 training base.  Hence, they argued, there are no F-15's based there.  However, when I started talking about the Air Force <>1 Protection Group, and the fact that their aircraft might have been in residence on a TDY basis, the USAF personnel would not comment further.  It
is an issue that simply is not discussed publicly.

Peter Davenport