Form: Research Commentary
Date: Sun, 08 Mar 2009 15:25:33 -0500
From: bruce maccabee <>
Subject: Rogue River: Happy To See It's Getting The Attention It Deserves
To: A-Team

Happy to see that the RR case is getting the attention it deserves.  I hope everyone on this list has read my report on the case.  The original version of this report was written in the late 1970's and published in the Journal of UFO Studies Vol 3 (CUFOS) back in 1983.   It was written as an appendix to a much larger article entitled Scientific Investigation of Unidentified Flying Objects published in 2 parts (in Vol 1 and Vol 3 of JUFOS,  1981 and 1983).

I was able to locate in the BB and OSI sections of the BB files most of what we know about the case way back in 1975-76.

The witness' names had been crossed off in the BB file and so there was no way to contact any witnesses who might have been (probably were) alive in the late 70's.  It wasn't until May 23, 2001, almost exactly 52 years after the sighting \, that Brad Sparks alerted me to the fact that there was an air intelligence report at the Black Vault site.  (I still don't know where or how the AIR was found.) However, the important fact is that it showed the names of the witnesses and also showed that the original report was made by Don Heaphy (wind tunnel operator) who sent his report via security to NACA headquarters (National Advisory Committee on Aeronautics). There is a list of top people at NACA, some of whom may have seen copies of his report.

(This list includes Gen. Hoyt Vandenberg.)   The transmittal letter includes the statement by the security officer (Freeman) that the "observers were undoubtedly competent."

The fact that this was picked as one of the "twelve best" cases shows that it was considered to be important evidence. 

There is another case of "24th" fame:  I refer to the 24th of April, 1949, a month before the RR case.  This is the much more famous C.B. Moore balloon observer case from Arrey, NM.    As we all know, the CB Moore case, unlike the RR case, made it into the public literature (in True Magazine in 1950 I think) and took up part of a chapter of Gordon Vaeth's book, "200 Miles Up" published in 1955(?).

I am not certain of the following history, but what I recall is that I spoke about the RR case at a symposium in London in the spring of 1980.  A man then contacted me to say that a similar object had hovered momentarily over his school back in June 1957 when he was 11.    He gave me a rather elaborate sketch of what he had seen over 20 years before.  (This sketch has been lost after several moves, etc.) 

 When the RR case was being discussed on Updates by some of us back in May, 2001, Jenny Randles sent me a message in which she reminded me about this incident at Luton, England and at the Ramridge School.   Basically, while children and teachers were in the play yard one day a circular object appeared over the playground. Following the "standard" UFO sighting self-coverup, no one talked publicly about it after it departed.  However, Jenny reminded me of the name of the man who did remember it, Bill Dillon.  Upon comparing notes we concluded that that was the man who contacted me. 

In June 2006 an article appeared in the Luton paper that is based on Dillon's report and includes a copy of his sketch of the craft.  The resemblance is "eery."   The vertical "tail fin" with a "patch " is there as is the "grill work" or "wrinkled surface" around the outer edge.  The main difference is that Dillons sketch also shows some slightly raised structure at the front of the object.

In July 2006 a follow-on story appeared in the paper.  Another witness who had been 3 years younger told his story.  

In July, 2008 a book author in England, John Hanson, contacted me to say he was including the Luton sighting in a book.  He said that he had tried to contact the RR witnesses by writing a letter to the "local newspaper" (I don;t know which newspaper he referred to).  He said that Dillon managed to contact someof the teachers but they weren't much help, although one who was not a witness recalled the reaction (stunned) of a  teacher who was a witness (and who has never admitted since that day).  He also managed to contact several of the children who admitted to seeing it.

Now for something "entirely different."

"Hawk" drew a sketch of one of one of the wind tunnel models that he saw while touring WPAFB in the early 1950's.   You can see his sketch at