Form: 97 BB
Date: Mon, 07 Aug 2006 11:45:16 +0100 (BST)
From: daniel wilson <>
Subject: Reporting of Information on Unconventional Aircraft/ Sandy Hook, NJ
Cat: 11
To: Francis Ridge <>

The following pdf file contains all of the resized Project Blue Book documents below and is now housed on the NICAP site for security reasons.

The original over-sized docs from the Blue Book site are listed below text:

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DOVER, DELAWARE                                            12 SEPTEMBER 1951
SUBJECT: Reporting of Information on Unconventional Aircraft
TO: Commanding General
Air Materiel Command
Wright-Patterson Air Force Base
Dayton, Ohio
The unidentified object was sighted at 1135 DST over Sandy Hook, New Jersey, Monday September 10th. The object was round and flat or discus-shaped, 30-50 feet in diameter, at approximately 8000 feet in altitude, speed calculated at 35 miles in two minutes, and disappeared out to sea. The observers, 1st Lt. Wilbert S. Rogers and Major Ezra Ballard , Jr., were in a T-33 jet at 20,000 feet altitude over Point Pleasant, New Jersey, at 450 MPH increasing to 500 MPH.  
Signed Wilbert S. Rogers
1st Lt. USAF 

SUBJECT:  Reporting of Information on Unconventional Aircraft

          TO:       Commanding General
                      Air Material Command
                      Wright-Patterson Air Force Base
                      Dayton, Ohio

                1.  The following report is in accordance with ADC Letter 200-1,
          Reporting of Information on Unconventional Aircraft:

                     a.  The unidentified object which was sighted at about 1135
          DST Monday September 10th was round and flat in shape.  The size of
          the unconventional object is estimated to be the size of a fighter or
          light bomber, 30-50 feet in diameter.  Only one object was sighted and
          no exhaust or trail was observed at any time.  The estimated speed of
          the object calculated by distance of 35 miles in ten minutes.  Only
          one time was the object seen edgewise and it appeared definitely discus-
          shaped; the rest of the time it was in a port turn, disappearing as it
          went out to sea.

                   b.  Time of observation was between 1135 and 1140 DST.  Dur-
          ation of the observation was about two minutes.

                   c.  The manner of observation was visual.  The object was
          sighted from an Air Force T-33 which was on a routine training flight
          from Dover Air Force Base.  The T-33 was cruising at 20,000 feet making
          good about 450 miles per hour when the object was sighted at least
          12,000 feet below at eleven o'clock position.  After making a gradual 120
          degree descending turn to 17,000' the T-33 was going over 500
          miles per hour when the object disappeared out to sea.

                   d.  The observers were above and due south of the object when
          it was first sighted.  Observer plane was over Point Pleasant and the
          object was over Sandy Hook, N.J. when it was first sighted. The object
          flew southwest over Red Bank and started a gradual port turn to about
          120 degrees, crossing just south of Point Pleasant and disappearing out to sea.

                   e.  The observers were 1st Lt Wilbert S. Rogers and Major
          Ballard, Jr.  Both men are experienced fighter pilots.

                    f.  Weather ceiling for Mitchell Air Force Base at 1:30,
          10 September was 20,000 and seven mile visibility.  Pilot reports
          CAVU at point of sighting object.

                    g.  No meteorological conditions which might account for the
          sighting existed.

                    h.  No photographs were possible.

                    i.  Observer turned to chase the object but could not stay
          with it.

                    j.  Local aircraft airborne during the observation is unknown.

                                                                                          WILBERT S. ROGERS
                                                                                          1st Lt       USAF

          cc:  Commanding General
                Air Defense Command
                Ent Air Force Base
                Colorado Springs, Colorado
                ATTN:  Director of Intelligence