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Subject: Col. Taylor Making a Quick Trip to Washington
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Office Memorandum
TO: Colonel F. L. Dunn, ATI
DATE: 11 September 1951
Colonel Taylor is making a quick trip to Washington, this afternoon. Before he left he ask that I get this information in your hands.
Rex W. Smith
Major, USAF
Asst. Public Information Officer
Flying Saucer report 11 September 1951


TO          :  Colonel F. L. Dunn                                      Date: 11 September 1951
               :  ATI
FROM    :  MCF


                              Colonel Taylor is making a quick trip to Washington, thus after-
                         noon.   Before he left he asked that I get this information in your

                                                                               REX W. SMITH
                                                                               Major, USAF
                                                                               Asst Public Information Officer

  Flying Saucer report 11 September 1951

          A P-33 Jet fighter landed at Mitchell at 1145 yesterday, the 10th of September,

          The pilot reported that they had seen in the sky over Sandy Hook a round object

          moving at a terrific rate of speed.  With an arc XXXXX  like motion it was within

          their field of vision for about two minutes.  They were traveling at 450 miles

          an hour, at a height of 20,000 feet.  The object was approximately 8000 feet

          below them.  They peeled off to take a closer look at it, and chased it to

          Asbury Park, whence it veered out to sea.  They believe that the sun's rays

          were being reflected from the object because it had that effect, that is it

          shone, whatever it was.  They reported this to operations officer when they

          landed, and somehow it got to the ears of one of the local newspapers on Long


          Col T:  Yes, you made no release on it, is that correct?

          Maj B:  I made no release on it, said nothing, but then I got the press inquiries,

                      I gave them the facts as reported to me by the pilot.  The pilots made

                      no mention of the fact that they saw a flyings saucer, but merely reported

                      that they had seen a strange object, moving at a speed they estimate to

                      be in excess of 900 miles an hour, in an arc-like direction, over Sandy

                      Hook.  In response to the press inquiries, we gave the facts as reported

                      to us by the two pilots, who were by name Lt. W. Rogers, who was piloting

                      the ship at the time and Capt. B. Ballard, Jr., both of the Fighter

                      Interceptor Wing at Dover.

          Col T: Yes, I'm getting it, go ahead.

          Maj B: I think I've given you the basic facts of the matter.  I don't know how

                      word reached the newspapers here, but as required by regulations, when I

                      was asked to check the story by the press, I checked it, I found out the

                      report was true and I released the story, as given to me by the pilots.

          Col T:   All right, may I ask you at this point whether you personally interviewed

                      the pilots?

          Maj B:  I talked to one of them on the phone, but I didn't see them.

          Col T:  Was he able to give you any additional description of the object, as to

                      it's apparent shape, methods of propulsion, possible construction, and

                      so on?

          Maj B:  No, he said it was a round object which reflected the sun's rays, in-

                      dicating a metallic surface.  That xxxxxx supports simply my inter-

                      polation, - they say it reflected rays - That it was moving in an arc-like

                      direction, they said it was an arc-like movement, not straight, - in an

                      arc, and that when they got approximately 8000 feet from it, it veered,

                      and went out to sea and vanished completely.  Now I was told by Lt. Rogers

                      that he communicated with one of the radar set-ups in this vicinity, and

                      asked them to check, and he told me that the response was entirely nega-

                      tive.  Nothing appeared on the screen.

          Col T:  The radar unit did check during the time of operation and did not report

                      anything appearing on the radar scope.

          Maj B: That as I remember Lt Rogers conversation with me, - at the time I didn't

                      make any particular note of it but it has since come up, and seems to be

                      important and I believe that's true.  Now, Colonel, perhaps you'll want

                      to talk to one of those pilots at Dover.  They are at Dover today.

          Col T:  They are assigned to a fighter interceptor wing at Dover?  Is that Dover,

                      Delaware?  Dover, Maryland

          Maj B:  I believe it's Delaware Sir, but I'm not certain

          Col T:  Yes.  What is the designation their unit, do you know?

          Maj B:  It was 143th Fighter Interceptor Unit.

          Col T:    One four eight

          Maj B:  148th Fighter Interceptor, yes, - either Wing or Group.

          Col T:   All right, - we are very glad indeed to have this information and we'll

                       evaluate it here, one reason I wanted to get a complete report from you

                       so that I can turn it over to our Intelligence people here.  And we will

                       get in touch with you if we would like to ask you to take any more action,

                       on it.

          Maj B:  All right Sir.

          Col T:   Meanwhile, I don't see anything else you could have done in the circum-

                       stances, concerning the Press.  I'm glad to know that no release was

                       initiated, but I can easily

          Maj B:  I assure you Colonel that my office said nothing about this story

                      until they were queried by the newspapers.

          Col T:  That's good.  I understand that and that's a very good thing, - I'm

                      glad you handled it that way.  So we will let you know if there is any

                      official action to it here, - meanwhile if you get any additional infor-

                      mation please call me again.

          Maj B:  Right Sir, - now can I give you my extension in case you need it?

          Col T:   If you will Sir, please.

          Maj B:  It's extension 3115, or 2221.  My full name is Major John Barron.

          Col T:  All right, - thank you very much indeed.