Keyhoe, Donald E., and Gordon I. R. Lore, Jr., 1969,
Strange Effects from UFOs, Washington, D.C., NICAP, pages 42-44:
Bull Bends Pipe

     Sixteen year old Harold Butcher was milking the cows in his father’s barn in Cherry Creek, N.Y.  As he was working, he was listening to Radio Station WKBW.  Just outside a three-year old bull was tied by the nose to a metal pipe.  It was about 8:20 p.m.,
August 19, 1965.

     Harold heard the bull make a noise “like I have never heard come from an animal before.” Looking out of the window, the teen-ager saw the animal was actually bending the pipe.  Simultaneously he saw a metallic-looking, football-shaped UFO about 50 feet long and approximately 20 feet thick hovering just above the trees an estimated 450 feet from the barn.

     Slowly, the object descended behind a maple tree, emitting a red vapor from around its edges and a “beep-beep” sound as it did so.  Meanwhile, the radio was emitting a lot of static, even though WKBW usually has a clear signal in that area.

     The witness, using a connecting telephone, called the house, then ran outside.  As he approached the bull, the UFO rose to behind some clouds “as fast as a snap of my fingers.”

     “As it began to rise,” reported Jeffrey J. Gow, who investigated the sighting for NICAP, “the red vapor, which was about 50 inches wide, shot from the edges toward the ground, then bounced back to the ship as it hovered about 10 feet in the air.”

     The noise pitch of the object also increased to a level approximating a sonic boom as it rose.  As the UFO disappeared behind the clouds, the clouds became green.

     Harold ran into the farmhouse.  Inside, the boy’s mother, Mrs. William Butcher, noted that there was “definite interference” in her radio reception.  Harold’s brother, Robert, also went outside and the two boys saw that the UFO had reappeared, this time hovering over a pine grove.  Again it ascended, emitting the red vapor and turning the clouds green.  Others in the house included Mrs. Butcher, William Butcher, Jr., and Kathleen Brougham, a friend.  They did not see the object at this time.

Object Sighted Again

     At 9 p.m., Kathleen Brougham rushed screaming into the house, stumbling over the Butchers’ small daughter.

     “It’s here again!” she exclaimed.

     All but Mrs. Butcher rushed outside.  The witnesses saw the UFO hovering “with a glowing yellow vapor trail.”  There was still a green glow to the clouds.  The object headed southwest toward Jamestown.

     Trooper C. J. Haas and a fellow officer arrived on the scene shortly thereafter.  As the policemen and witnesses walked out to inspect the area of the initial sighting, all noticed a pungent odor.  Harold and the young daughter suffered from upset stomachs.  Mrs. Butcher said the cows gave only one can of milk that evening as opposed to their usual two and a half cans.

     At the same times as the sighting, Mrs. Butcher’s niece, Mrs. Sharon Rouland, who lives five miles from the Butcher farm, reported that her television set experienced interference.

     Harold discovered a purple liquid oily-smelling substance and gave a sample of it to the state police who turned it over to Capt. James A. Dorsey and five others from the Niagara Falls Air Force Base, who came to investigate the report the following afternoon.

     When Jeffrey Gow arrived on the scene, he noticed the foot tall grass in the area “seemed to be bent over in long curved sweeps.”

     “I picked up the plants which seemed to be singed on one side but were still green on the other,” Gow said in his report to NICAP.  “I also dug up a one-foot-round area which seemed to be very slightly singed…. We discovered parallel two-inch-wide tracks separated by two inches of sod.  The tracks were two inches deep…. In the tracks, the soil had been just recently exposed.  The sod that appeared to be scooped out in these tracks could not be found at the site.”

     The physical evidence was sent to Henry C. Hawecki, consulting engineer and NICAP adviser, who reported that the presence of phosphorous in the grass could have accounted for the order of phosphene.

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