Hall, Richard H., 2001, The UFO Evidence, Vol. II,
 Lanham, MD, Scarecrow Press, pages 57-58:

     On August 19, 1965, in Cherry Creek, NY, Harold Butcher, 16, was operating a milking machine in a dairy barn housing 17 cows.  A portable radio on the wall was turned to a newscast.  At 8:20 P.M. a sudden static-like interference drowned out the broadcast.  Then the tractor that powered the milking machine stopped abruptly (E-M effects).  A moment later, a Holstein bull secured outside began to bellow and pull at the steel bar to which it was chained (animal reactions).

     Young Butcher ran to a window and saw a large elliptical object nearing the ground about a quarter-mile (400 meters) away.  A reddish vapor was visible beneath the object, and he heard a steady beep-beep sound.  The object hovered briefly on or near the ground, then shot straight up and disappeared into low clouds.

     Harold phoned the house and other witnesses came out, who noted a strange odor in the air and saw a greenish glow in the clouds where the object had vanished.  Half an hour later, when the object reappeared and began circling around the area, Mrs. Butcher called the state police.  Two state troopers investigated  and notified the Air Force.

     The next day, Capt. James Dorsey arrived with four Air Force technicians.  They found an odd purplish liquid in several places, plus small unexplained marks two inches wide and two inches apart, along with patches of singed grass and foliage (physical traces).

     After the Air Force team left, NICAP investigators obtained samples of the purplish substance and singed foliage for analysis by the Kawecki Chemical Company, whose president was a NICAP adviser.  Spectrographic analysis showed the main constituents of the liquid to be aluminum, iron, and silicon.  Some phosphorous was found in the foliage samples, which the analyst said might account for the odd odor (phosphine).  Harold Butcher thought the bull had bent the iron bar, but Fred Fair (professor of engineering) doubted that was possible.  The Air Force listed the case as unexplained.(27)

(27) Keyhoe, Donald E., and Gordon I. R. Lore, Jr., 1969, Strange Effects from UFOs, Washington, D.C., NICAP, pages 42-44;  See also Project Blue Book files, National Archives.

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