Date: Wed, 15 Feb 2012 09:44:02 -0600
From: fran ridge <>
Subject: The Newhouse Visual Sighting; A Significant Day Disc Encounter

In 1999 I was contacted by Delbert Newhouse regarding his search for a good copy of his, once top secret, UFO film. We had a mint copy which was part of the Greene-Rouse Production of the 1956 documentary, "U.F.O.", which I mailed out to him the next day.

Somewhere in that time-frame it was brought up by someone on the lists that we needed to do a formal on-camera interview. It was either CUFOS or FUFOR that suggested this and it would have been funded, that is I was told that I could fly out there and do this if Newhouse agreed to it. Due to extenuating circumstances I was unable to go in the near future, but it came to my mind that, what could be better than the original on-camera interview Delbert C. Newhouse did for the U.F.O. documentary in 1956? How could what he said in 1956 be clearer or better 40 years later? So, needless to say, I never took the opportunity. Not too long after that, Newhouse passed away.

The YouTube web page I put up a few years ago has had almost 20,000 hits!

What amazes me about the Newhouse sighting are basically two things:

1) Norma Newhouse actually saw more than Delbert, and earlier, and while he was fumbling with getting the cameras from the trunk, and while Delbert had his eye to the viewfinder? What they both described BEFORE the filming, and even WITHOUT the filming was/is truly one of the best Daylight Disc sightings on official record.

2) While the Warrant Officer was interviewed extensively, and well-documented on paper and on camera, Norma's part in the event was only appreciably recorded by Jim McDonald in a telephone conversation!

Shortly after Jim McDonald identified himself, and they got down to businmess, Newhouse asked his wife to get on an extension phone, so he had the double benefit of getting comments from both of them as they went over details of that July 2, 1952 incident. It was particularly good to have Mrs. Newhouse on the phone, since she was the one who first spotted the objects and watched them for an estimated minute or so while she was trying to persuade her husband to stop the car for a better look. (She pointed out with a laugh that Delbert believed in stopping every 400 miles and only every 400 miles on such cross-country trips.)

Both of them emphasized that it must have taken two or three minutes for Newhouse to hunt through their luggage and locate the camera and film, which were in separate suitcases. In that initial period, the objects were considerably closer to them than at the time he finally began shooting, Newhouse stressed. It was his estimate that the objects lay only about l0-degrees east of their zenith when they first got out of the car. He repeated his angular-size estimate that has been noted elsewhere, namely, about the comparative size of a B-17 at 10,000 ft. (This comes out to about one-half of a degree, about the same size of the full moon, roughly 10 times the maximum angular diameter of any of the images as measured by Baker or Hartmann.)

"As you will recall, one of the key points that I wanted to check with Newhouse concerned the description given by Ruppelt (and repeated in Baker's analysis as reproduced in the 1968 Congressional hearings), namely, that they appeared to be silvery-gray, "gunmetal", and like two pie pans face-to-face. Both Newhouse and his wife fully confirmed that, Newhouse comparing the shape to a discus in his comments to me. Mrs. Newhouse pointed out that they occasionally tipped, so that their round projected area, as seen in the initial portions of the sighting when they were nearly overhead, was replaced occasionally by a side-view exhibiting their discoid shape. There was not the slightest equivocation or any element of uncertainty as either of them discussed that very important point.

"I asked Newhouse if it was correct that he had given that description to Ruppelt after the latter had left the Air Force. He confirmed that, saying that the only time he personally talked with Ruppelt was at a filming session for that movie entitled "UFO" produced in about 1954 or 1955. He guessed that meeting must have been in 1954, and Al Chop was also present at that discussion. He brought out the important point that he also stressed the visually observed shape in those early portions of the sighting, when he was interviewed at his duty station in Oakland by an Air Force officer. He further remarked that he saw a copy of the officer's transcript of the interview, and that point appeared in the transcript. I told Newhouse that I may have an opportunity to dig into the Bluebook file on the Tremonton movies at a forthcoming visit to Maxwell AFB, and added that I will attempt to verify the presence of that important point in the Bluebook file."

A lot has happened since that telephone call. But as far as I know, Norma Newhouse's portion of this Daylight Disc sighting is terribly underestimated in value, and I really missed the opportunity to do an interview with her after Delbert's death.