Date: July 7, 2002 09:41:01 -0500
From: Francis Ridge <>

Subject:  FBI Document Mentions Navy Photographer

The following is an excerpt from an: FBI Memorandum, dated October 27, 1952, to  Mr. A. M. Belmont, from V.P. Keay. The full, unedited versions of Doc 85 & Doc 86, are linked to below:

This document pertains to the Newhouse UFO film and the colonel has been identified as Colonel C.M. Young.


Colonel XXXXXX, Executive Officer to Major General John A. Samford, Director of Intelligence, Air Force, advised on October 23, 1952, that another recent extremely credible sighting had been reported to Air Intelligence. A Navy photographer, while traveling across the United States in his own car, saw a number of objects in the sky which appeared to be flying saucers. He tool approximately thirty-five feet of motion-picture film of these objects. He voluntarily submitted the film to Air Intelligence who had it studied by Air Technical Intelligence Center. Experts at the Air Technical Intelligence Center have advised that, after careful study, there were as many as twelve to sixteen flying objects recorded on this film; that the possibility of weather balloons, clouds or other explainable objects has been completely ruled out; and that they are at a complete loss to explain this most recent credible sighting. The Air Technical Intelligence Center experts pointed out that they could not be optical illusions inasmuch as optical illusions could not be recorded on film. 

Colonel XXXXX advised that Air Intelligence still feels that the so-called flying saucers are either optical illusions or atmospheric phenomena. He pointed out, however, that some Military officials are seriously considering the possibility of interplanetary ships.

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