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Date: Thu, 30 Mar 2006 06:47:29 -0600
From: Francis Ridge <>
Subject: Utah Film - Montana Film / Official Analysis vs Stand on Doc Film "UFO":  "birds, aircraft and balloons are ruled out."

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One document in the Blue Book files shows disagreement with reported analysis in the 1956 film documentary, "U.F.O.", which was: "Not aircraft. No balloons. Not birds."

But the following document pretty well sums it up:

"It is the majority opinion of the group conducting this analysis that these images are light sources. This will explain the non-blinking and variations in luminosity - but not the velocity or acceleration factors. In either case, light source or reflective surface, it appears as if the objects are of a nature which we are not able to identify in terms of natural phenomena or commonly; known man-made objects.

"There is no indication of what kind of objects could have caused the images except that they must be of a construction, design, and material not commonly'' known. This is indicated by the computed acceleration rate and elocity (answer S). For the same reasons, birds, aircraft and balloons are ruled out."