The Tremonton, Utah UFO Color Film
July 2, 1952
Case Update: July 2002

Francis Ridge:
In 1999 I was contacted by Delbert Newhouse regarding his search for a good copy of his, once top secret, UFO film. We had a mint copy from a satellite download which was part of the Greene-Rouse Production of the 1956 documentary, "U.F.O.". In the letter he stated on 5-29-99:

Actual letter CLICK HERE

"The air force never returned my original film - I got only a poor quality print back from them and it was of less than half of the film I sent them.

"Some 'excellent footage' will be welcome."


As requested I mailed him a copy of the film. I never heard from him again. During the ensuing period the case was discussed on the email lists and by the next year some of my peers suggested that some issues about the case could be clarified if someone did an historical interview, such as other researchers like Wendy Connors had been doing. Richard Hall suggested I fly out there and do it, with all expenses paid by the Fund for UFO Research. While pondering this important decision I decided to contact Delbert Newhouse and see if I could set up an interview and sent him a letter.

There was no response, and because we were so busy on other items the issue was not brought up again. The discovery of the FBI letter supporting Newhouse and the Air Force investigation analysis was an important step in the documentation of this very important case.

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