The Washington National Sightings

A CIA memo, following the wave of sightings over Washington, DC, in July 1952, illustrates the serious nature of the UFO problem. 

Francis Ridge
NICAP Site Coordinator

                                                            SECRET                                        EYES ONLY


Declassified by 058375
date 20 APR 1977

                                                                                        JUL 29 1952 

                                MEMORANDUM FOR:           Deputy Director/Intelligence  

                                 SUBJECT:                    Recent Sightings of Unexplained Objects  

                              In the past  several weeks a number of radar and visual 
                        sightings of unidentified aerial objects have been reported. 
                        Although this office has maintained a continuing review of 
                        such reported sightings during the past three years, a special 
                        study group has been formed to review this subject to date. 
                        O/CI will participate in this study with OSI and a report 
                        should be ready about 15 August. 

                                                                          RALPH L. CLARK 
                                                                       Acting Assistant Director 
                                                                          Scientific Intelligence 

                       OSI:FCD:RLC/mtw (28 July 52)  
                                  Opns/SI - 3 ; Chrono; Daily Reading File, 'Flying Saucer" File  
                                  AD/SI -2  

                                          SECRET                        EYES ONLY

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