Dated: 1 April 2017 Re-Opened
From: Fran Ridge <>
Subject: The Dale Landing / Englebrecht Incident
Distribution: NICAP, A-Team

June 24, 1964:
Dale, Indiana is about 45 miles southeast of Vincennes, Indiana.  A Spencer County youth told police that on June 24th at 9:00 PM he was held frozen in his tracks as he watched a glowing object cavort in his backyard and then streak away.  Puzzled authorities found a burned spot about the size of a dinner plate in the grass.  They said that they had no idea what the object might have been. 

Charles Englebrecht, 18, said that he was alone in his darkened home watching television when a bright flash of light beside a window attracted his attention.  Englebrecht said the television and the lights in an adjoining room blacked out. 

Englebrecht said that the object was already on the ground near the back steps when he went outside.  He said that "some strange power" kept him away from it.  He noticed that a nearby chicken feeder trough was overturned, a large can of chicken feed hand been knocked from a table, and the family power mower was ten feet away from where he had left it earlier.  "I was numb", he said.  "I didn't know what to do."  The boy said that, as he watched unable to move, "it began to rise and then disappeared over the barn".  A smell of sulphur filled the air, he said. 

The Dale Town Marshall, Leroy Musgrave, said he phoned state police asking about any other reports of this incident but no other reports were received. 

Englebrecht told Jim, Phil, and I that the object was sharply defined, self luminous, that the actual size approximated that of a basketball, and that it landed on the ground right next to him.  After about 5 minutes the object took off over the barn which was about 40 feet away with a whistling sound and disappear out of sight.  The object changed color from a bright red to a bluish purple to white to a brighter red on departure. 

He was in near shock and he experienced a loss of appetite and lost considerable body weight during the two week period immediately following the sighting. 

William T. Powers, the Chief Systems Engineer at Dearborn Observatory, investigated the case for Project Blue Book.  He stated that he thought the boy may have seen only a burning piece of paper.  I do not have the date that he visited with Englebrecht but is prior to our investigation.  I never heard the result of the final analysis by the Air Force.  Possibly, CUFOS has a record of it since Dr. Hynek and Mr. Powers were associates.  This sighting is listed as UNKNOWN, CE2, possible probe.  (Ref. 3) 

June 28, 1964: Four nights later three girls were chased by a white ball of light. This sighting was classed as a CE1, also occurred at Dale, Indiana, and it happened in the wee hours of the morning. Fifteen minutes after midnight to be exact. The five-minute event frightened the three girls. Jim Catt, Joette Fields, Carolyn Roach, and myself investigated. We had visited the Englebrecht boy and he took us to see the witnesses. I think the presence of the women in our group eased the tension of the young girls during our interview of them. They turned out to be very credible witnesses. (Ref 3) 

Interestingly, there was a news clipping about a UFO trace case near Rome, 

Indiana, that appeared in the Indianapolis Star on the 28th of June titled "Mysterious Markings in Field Baffle Perry County Farm Family." The article stated: "A spaceship landing or freak act of nature could be responsible for the mysterious markings found in an alfalfa field on German Ridge. The markings were found in the field near Rome in southern Perry County yesterday afternoon on the farm of Mr. & Mrs. James E. Stowe. The "perfect circle" was 5' in diameter and in the center of it were three, more intensely burned circles arranged in a triangular shape as the spots had been made by three table legs. The small circles were perfect and about 3" in diameter." 

At the time of this incident none of the maps we had showed Rome or German Ridge. This case was never investigated. 

By the time things started getting interesting during the summer of 1964, Jim and I and six other members of our reserve unit got orders to report for active TDY (Temporary Duty) with the U.S. Army. We were serving a six year enlistment with the Army National Guard's 38th Division and we had to take our basic training at Fort Knox, Kentucky. We left in early August and spent ten weeks at the Fort Knox training center and then another ten weeks at Fort Meade, Maryland. We didn't know it at the time but strange things were happening not to far from us in Maryland.