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Subject:    Radar-Inspired National Alert
Date:        December 6, 1950
Location:  New Mexico/Texas Border

Bruce Maccabee:
For an hour the United States military was under a condition of national emergency during the morning of December 6, 1950. Two days later the FBI was informed that the Army's Counter Intelligence Corps had been placed on Immediate High Alert for any information related to flying saucers. Were these two documented events related?  This paper contains a discussion of the possibility that a flight of saucers caused the emergency and that the crash of one of them near the Texas-Mexico border on or about December 6, 1950 caused the immediate high alert.

For reports, documentation, analysis or discussions - see below:

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FBI Memo, Dec. 5th, 1950, Detection of UFOs over Oak Ridge, KY
FBI Memo, Dec. 8, 1950, Immediate High Alert
From Gen. George Marshall Biography - Todd Zechel files, submitted by Jan Aldrich (pdf file)

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