Date: Thu, 16 Aug 2007 09:47:09 -0300
From: Stan Friedman <>
Subject: Ref. 9 - Gen. Twining at Roswell
To: Fran Ridge, The Roswell Group

Pages 42-45 of my book TOP SECRET/MAJIC clearly delineate that I was able to prove that Twining went to New Mexico on July 7 and left on July 11, 1947. I had managed to obtain flight logs for him and his pilot William McVey. I met with the latter in the DC area. Twining's daughter had given me his name and location. Twining's log had been in a box that had finally been declassified for me at the Library of Congress Manuscript Division...home of about 120 Archive Boxes of Twining's papers.

The front page of the Roswell Daily Record (An Evening paper) for July 8 (with the famous headline "RAAF Captures Flying Saucer on Ranch in Roswell Region") has an article in the lower right quadrant "Air Force General Says Army Not Doing Experiments" datelined Portland, Oregon, July 8. Twining is the general. Many morning papers carried the headline on July 9. Furthermore the Alamogordo News (a morning paper) of July 10 had a big  front page story "Fantasy of "Flying Disc" Explained Here" complete with three pictures of the launch staged (on July 9) for the Press of a weather balloon radar reflector combo. The work was done by Twining's AMC people. The paper on July 14 noted (without any pix) that Twining had made a "routine" inspection of the Alamogordo base with a high powered group on July 11.

Twining had authority in Alamogordo, not in Roswell. Roswell AAF was a SAC base and not an R and D location. The Plains of San Agustin crash wreckage would have gone there and not to Roswell. Please note also the comments in the EBD saying that the covert operation had begun on July 7 and that Twining and Van Bush worked on the investigation. McVey, who was also Twining's aide, said Twining and Bush met often. There is also a July letter from Twining to Boeing on July 17 saying he had had to cancel a long planned trip to Seattle  "due to a very important and sudden matter.. I have been away quite a bit". He had been in New Mexico.

There were several printings of TSM beginning in 1996 and of the 2nd edition of 2005. The latter has a 5000 word afterword dealing with objections that have been raised to the EBD, TF, and CT memos. Copies are available and are listed on my website at . I guess I am pleased that interest is finally being shown.

Stan Friedman