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Sound Byte No Longer Atributed To McCoy
February 8, 1966
I was in  intelligence for a long time,
military intelligence. I was in the war.
It is logical (thank you)
not just military thinking, but as logical thinking
there was never a successful military occupation or adventure
where prior to the invasion or prior to the mass landing,
there were not agents sent ahead
This is standard practice
In Germany we and the British inserted Americans and we inserted British
who looked like the the Germans and spoke their language
In Japan we inserted, we had enough nisei
we inserted them into Japan
but we had agents in their country exactly the same as we have agents behind the Iron Curtain now

The main purpose of these people
is to be as exactly like the natives as possible
and yet the fact of life, the fact of military logic,
the fact of cultural logic
and especially since they have not been hostile,
dictates that there would be, if they are humanoid
there can be humanoids picked out
since the range of size shape and color on this planet is,
covers almost the entire spectrum
it almost dictates the fact that there would be agents of the space people,
wherever they come from,
living among us at the present time
and having been here over the last hundred years.

Date: Sat, 24 Sep 2005 16:58:56 -0500
From: mary <m.castner@COMCAST.NET>
Subject: Col. Howard M McCoy and the alien infiltration statment of 2/8/1966
Comments: To:, SHG <>

Last week the son of Howard McCoy, John McCoy,  visited CUFOS and the subject of his father's voice on the NICAP tape came up. Turns out that John McCoy and his two brothers had all listened to the tape and claim it wasn't their father's voice. I can't think of anyone better to identify McCoy's voice then his three sons.

After some email exchanges with Dick Hall, who finally found a copy of the tape and a list of attendees at the NICAP reception for Fontes, he again listened to the tape closely and realized he had made a misidentification, an honest mistake, but an incorrect one. It was not the voice of Howard McCoy, but Howard Wright. He sent notice of this to Wendy Connors and John McCoy two days ago.  Also, location of reception for Fontes was at NICAPs not  Isabel Davis' apartment as posted back in 1999. Anyway, for the last six years everyone has thought the voice was that of Howard McCoy, but it is not. So we don't know what McCoy thought about alien infiltration or visitation nor can that inference be carried over to indicate how Project Sign was thinking as the initial posting stated. Even if McCoy had thought that way its still too much of a stretch to ASSUME thinking and conclusions of the Project Sign group.

  List of attendees at the February 8, 1966 reception held at NICAP.

    Olavo Fontes, M.D.
    Howard Wright (Col. USAF Ret., UFO sighting witness)
    Howard McCoy (Col., USAF Ret.)
    Edward C. Russell, President, English Speaking Union (office in same building)
    Tom Olsen, engineer
    Frank Bloss, Trident engineer
    Eli Bernzweig, Government attorney
    Frank Rawlinson, NASA physicist
    Leon Katchen, NASA physicist
    Robert Suggs, PhD, anthropology
    Mrs. Suggs
    Joan Lusby, NICAP worker (now Joan Woodward)
    Gordon Lore, NICAP staff
    Richard Hall
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