An Exciting World-Wide UFO Detection Network
Multiple Anomaly Detection & Automated Recording
     By Fran Ridge, Coordinator, The MADAR Project

The concept of a UFO detection system owned and operated by a select few has recently been changed to a vision of a world-wide network owned and utilized by anyone interested in serious research of EME phenomena. This might even include geologists and seismologists, but anyone with an interest (no computer needed) would have the MADAR equivalent of digital weather radar or CSETI.  The advanced warning incorporated into the system could give a skywatch team time to observe and record valuable data. A base unit would be capable of recording the data as well as having a mode control device to automatically activate other devices. The entire system could be accessed from a cell phone.

Sightings in 1957, the famous E-M Wave

September 1, 2016; updated 3 April 2017

You're interested in doing something constructive about UFOs. You fill out a registration online and purchase a MADAR-III DataProbe. When the package arrives you remove the small device and using the ethernet cable you connect to the MADARNET site via your router. Your coordinates are established and a dot appears on the MTD (MADAR Target Display). You're now part of the growing MADARNET, in operation all over the world.

Every sixty seconds, or every time an anomaly is detected, the MTD refreshes. Although the system doesn't require a computer to work, if you have a computer or IPad you can observe the MADAR TARGET DISPLAY at any time. If your device is triggered, no matter where you are, a cell phone alert text message AND brief email will go out to you. The  device readings and Universal Time Code will be noted and documented.  

Once alerted, you and your Skywatch team should proceed to a designated observing location with your Rapid Deployement Kit to take additional hand-held equipment readings and to attempt imaging of anomalistic targets. 

What the readout view might look like, except with a black background.

At least three type of devices are being constructed:

A base-operated ethernet-connected MADAR-III DataProbe tied into the MADAR Network.  This devicet would acquire readings at the rate of 500 milliseconds and store and upload readings to the MADAR server which would display them on the MADAR Target Display and provide other data. This would be a detector and a duo alarm system.

Similar to the above but incorporating a Mode Control Panel or power strip outlet module to actuate recorders and other devices automatically. This would include an audo alarm which would be placed anywhere you want it.
A small portable digital magnetometer device for field use similar to the "ghost hunter" K-II device. Data stored would be uploaded and analyzed at a later date.

The MADAR Project is the originator, developer and owner of this device. Other devices that can be added, such as a geiger counter, will be available soon.
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