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STS-48 Video Footage of Possible UAP Phenomenon In Orbit
September 15, 1991
Near Conception, Paraquay

Fran Ridge:
September 15, 1991; near Conception, Paraquay
This is a fascinating video sequence shot from the Space Shuttle Discovery on mission STS-48, on September 15, 1991. I would comment on the footage, but there are (right off the top of my head) three people, all of whom I have worked with, either in regard to UFOs or lunar research, that are much more qualified. Jack Kasher has worked on UFO images for MUFON and did some work for me while I was State MUFON Director for Indiana. And Mark Carlotto and Lan Fleming are top consultants periodically used by The Lunascan Project when it comes to anomalous images.

The STS-48 incident is one of the subjects presented in a new book by Mark Carlotto, entitled "Not Of This Earth."

The full video of the STS-48 analysis,  by Jack Kasher is available from the NICAP site at YouTube "NICAP Official"

Detailed reports and documents
Analysis of the STS-48 videotape - Jack Kasher (1994 MUFON Symposium, pp 109-136)
Digital Video Analysis Of Anomalous Space Objects - Mark Carlotto
A New Look at the Evidence Supporting a Prosaic Explanation of the STS-48 "UFO" Video - Lan Fleming
NICAP Official - YouTube: "STS-48" - Dr. Jack Kasher. A scientific analysis of UFOs appearing on video footage.