Another of the more recent and famous sighting reports occurred on 8th January 1981. Renato Nicolai was a farmer in the village of Trans-en-Provance, France. At about 17:00 he was attracted by a strange noise coming from above. As he looked up he noticed a strange object descending onto a nearby hill.

The object he described was small, only a few feet in diameter, grey in colour and had small 'landing' legs on its base.

As he approached the object it suddenly started to make a very high-pitched whistling noise, and shot away vertically at an amazing speed.

He reported it to a friend who in turn alerted the police. The police quickly announced that they had no explanation of the sighting. The police gathered soil samples, which were sent for examination in Toulouse.

The examination of the various samples found that the ground had been crushed from above and heated to a temperature of between 300c and 600c degrees. Also found were unusual levels of zinc. The plants that were examined were found to have 50% less Chlorophyll (a chemical vital to all plant life).

Renato was examined himself by psychologists who all concluded that he was telling the truth.