The Trindade Isle Case

National Investigations Committee



Telephone NORTH 7-9434                                 July 12, 1959


Lt. Colonel Lawrence J. Tacker
Public Information Division
Office of Information
Department of the Air Force
Washington 25, D.C.

 Dear Colonel Tacker:

Thank you for your letter of July 8 in which you state that the January 1958 Trindade Isle, Brazil, UFO case involving photographs of the alleged UFO "was determined to be a hoax." Do I interpret your letter correctly as stating that this was an Air Force determination based on a Navy evaluation?

It is inconceivable to us that the U.S. Air Force did rot feel obliged to offer a more detailed explanation of its reasons for considering this case a hoax, particularly in view of the fact that the sighting and photographs were fully authenticated by Brazilian authorities and released to the press by the President of brazil. Are these authorities, Including the President and ranking Brazilian Naval officers who endorsed the photographs only after careful study, accused of perpetrating a hoax? If not, what reason is there for considering the case a hoax?

The photographs were carefully evaluated and authenticated by several laboratories in Brazil, including the Aerophotogrammetic Laboratory of Cruzeiro do Sul Airlines in Rio de Janeiro. Have U S. Navy laboratories, or other photographic experts in This country, conducted comparable evaluations of the photographic data which form the basis of the U.S. Air Force conclusion?

In view of the serious nature of a charge of "hoax," and the detailed factual evidence the Brazilian sources in this case . which remains unexplained and unanswered by the U.S. Air Force we feel that a flat statement of the sort received fails to account for facts in any rational or scientific ways Since the implication is that no "unknown" was involved, we hereby’ request a copy of the evaluation report as authorized by AFR 200-2 in cases listed as "explained."

Sincerely yours,

Richard Hall

Secretary of NICAP

*NOTE: Some but not all grammar, typing and spelling errors have been corrected from the original letter.

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