The Trindade Isle Case


August 26, 1960

Dear Miss Brookman:

Your letter of August 16, 1960, to Secretary of State Herter, has been sent to this office
for replay. You said the Secretary's opinion of a recent statement allegedly issued by
the United States Air Force.

The matter about which you write is a technical one within the jurisdiction of the
Department of Defense. I priate for the Secretary to comment on the policies and
statements of other Government agencies concerning matters within their exclusive

Sincerely yours,

Temple Wanamaker
Office of Public Services

Miss Miriam Brookman, President,
New York City Affiliate of
National Investigations Committee on
Aerial Phenomena,
100 East Twenty-first Street,
Apartment 221,
Brooklyn, New York

*NOTE: Some but not all grammar, typing and spelling errors have been corrected from the original letter.

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