THE UFO EVIDENCE, published by the National Investigations Committee on Aerial Phenomena, Copyright 1964



19th Century
Roman numerals in brackets indicate numbers of other Sections which contain information about a given case in this Chronology.

August 6, 1860--Norfolk, Va. Two objects, one red and one green, flew overhead together, moving with an undulating motion.

1877- -England. Three meteor-like objects moving together with "remarkable slowness" flew across the sky, visible about three minutes, "moving with the same velocity and grade of regularity. . [as] a flock of wild geese." [Credit: Charles Fort, from Report of the British Association, 1877-152]

July 3, 1884--Norwood, N.Y. Saturn-shaped UFO (globe with central ring) flew slowly overhead. [Credit: Charles Fort, from Science Monthly, 2-136J

1896-1897--Mysterious "Airship" reported all across United States.

Early 20th Century
February 28, 1904--Formation of three maneuvering objects sighted by U.S.S. Supply in North Pacific off San Francisco. [II]

December 22, 1909--Worcester, Mass. "Mysterious Airship" emitting a bright beam of light appeared moving SE to NW, hovered over city, moved away. Seen again two hours later; hovered, moved away to south and turned east. Observed over Boston and Lynn, Mass. next night. [N.Y. Tribune, 12-23-09; N.Y. Sun, 12-24-09]

July 19, 1916--Unidentified luminous object shaped like a dirigible observed over Huntington, W Va. [Credit: Charles Fort, from Scientific American, 115-241]

Early 1918--Near Waco, Texas. Reddish cigar-shaped object, with no motor or rigging, passed silently from SW to NE.

1923--Greencastle, Indiana. Revolving red object passed over head from NE to SW. Two witnesses currently are college professors.

January 1924--Oklahoma. White oval-shaped object lit up ground, moved out of sight over horizon.

August 5, 1926--Himalayan Mountains. Explorer Nicholas Roerich and others in his caravan observed a shiny oval-shaped object move overhead, changing course. [I]

November 1928--Milton, N.D. A UFO, round "like an inverted soup plate," sped overhead emitting rays of light which illuminated the ground and startled cattle.

January 1, 1931--Cobden, Ont., Canada. UFO sighted in early morning, had bright light on front which lit up tree-tops, flashing lights on rear. Object made sweeping curve, sped up and climbed out of sight.

April or May 1932--Durham, N.Y. Aluminum-like disc with periphery of yellowish lights or "portholes" on underside.

1932 or 1933--Oakland, California. About seven brilliant objects in a group flew from 30 degrees elevation in the east to 45 degrees elevation in the west, in an arc. Witness now college graduate, former USAF pilot.

World War II "Foo-Fighter" Era
August 29, 1942--Columbus, Miss. Control tower operator at Army Air Base saw two round reddish objects hover over field. [III]

Approx. 1943--Washington, D.C. Sighting of UFO formation by Metropolitan policeman. VII]

March 1944--Carlsbad, N.M. Air Force pilot saw fast-moving UFO speed out of sight over horizon. [III]

Summer 1944--Normandy, France. Los Angeles columnist George Todt, in a party of four Army officers including a Lt. Col., watched a pulsating red fireball sail up to the front lines, hover for 15 minutes, then move away. [IV]

July 1944- -Breast, France. Two men of the 175th Infantry Regiment, 29th Infantry Division, saw a large rectangular object with no apparent source of propulsion move steadily over the front lines and out to sea. The UFO at one point passed in front of the moon, briefly obscuring it from view. (IV]

August 10, 1944--Sumatra. Sighting of maneuvering UFO which paced 'B-29 during mission. [III]

October 1944--Southeast Holland. Field Artillery officer and men saw a brilliant object moving from NW to SW, crossing an arc of about 90 degrees in about 45 minutes. [IV]

November 1944--France. 415th Night Fighter Squadron pilot saw formation of round objects. [III]

December 1944--Austria. B-17 pilot and crew, on a lone wolf mission, were followed by an amber-colored disc. [III]

January 1945--Germany. Another 415th Night Fighter Squadron pilot was followed by three red and white lighted objects over Germany. [III]

January 2, 1945--The New York Times carried an A? dispatch from France about several recent "foo-fighter" sightings. Lt. Donald Meiers said he had twice been followed by UFOs. [III]

March 1945--Aleutian Islands. Fourteen men on the U.S.A.T. Delarof (an attack transport) saw a dark spherical object which rose out of the water, circled the ship and flew away. An official report on the incident was sent to Washington. [IV]

May 1946--LaGrange, Florida. A Navy gunnery and radar officer observed a dark elliptical object which moved slowly over head, disappearing in a cloud bank. {I)

July-August 1946--Swedish "Ghost rocket" sightings. [X]

August 1, 1946--Florida. Observation of cigar-shaped UFO by Air Corps transport pilot. [III]


[See Section XIII, June-July 1947 "Flap," for additional details]

June 23, 1947--Cedar Rapids, Iowa. Railroad engineer saw 10 shiny disc-shaped objects, very high, fluttering along in a string toward NW. [XII]

June 24, 1947--Mt. Ranier, Wash. Kenneth Arnold sighting. [V] Term "Flying saucer" coined.

June 28, 1947--Nr. Lake Mead, Nevada. USAF F-51 pilot reported a formation of 5-6 circular objects. [III]

June 28, 1947--Maxwell AFB, Ala. Zigzagging light seen by pilots, intelligence officers. [III]

June 29, 1947--White Sands, N.M. Naval rocket expert, at test grounds observed a silvery disc. [IV]

July 4, 1947--Portland, Oregon. Police and many others saw many UFOs in formations and singly beginning about 1:05 p.m. [II, XII]

July 4, 1947--Nr. Boise, Idaho. United Airlines pilot and crew, enroute to Portland, Ore., saw 9 disc-like UFOs. [V]

July 4, 1947--Seattle, Wash, Coast Guard yeoman took first known photograph of UFO, a circular object which moved across the wind. Photo shows round dot of light. [VII, XII]

July 4, 1947--Redmond, Oregon. Car full of people saw four disc-shaped UFOs streak past Mt, Jefferson. [XII]

July 6, 1947--Fairfield-Suisun AFB, Calif., Pilot reported "oscillating'' UFO which shot across sky. [III]


July 6, 1947--S. Central Wyoming. Aviation engineer saw oval UFO. [VI]

July 8, 1947--Series of sightings over Muroc AFB and Rogers Dry Lake, secret test base, California:
          Morning. Two spherical or disc-like UFOs joined by a third object. [XII]
          Crew of technicians saw white-aluminum UFO with distinct oval outline descending,
          moving against wind. [II]

Afternoon: Thin "metallic" UFO climbed, dove, oscillated over field, also seen by test pilot in vicinity. [XII]
F-51 pilot watched a flat object "of light-reflecting nature" pass above his plane. No known aircraft were in area. [XII]
July 9, 1947--Nr. Boise, Idaho. Newspaper aviation editor saw flat circular UFO maneuver in front of clouds. [VII]

July 10, 1947--S. New Mexico. A "top astronomer" of the U.S. observed a bright white elliptical UFO. [II, VI]

Capt. Edward J Ruppelt. head of Air Force UFO investigation from 1951-53; "By the end of July (1947) The UFO security' lid was down tight. The few members of the press who did inquire about what the Air Force was doing got the same treatment that you would get today if you inquired about the number of thermonuclear weapons stock-piled in the U.S. atomic arsenal. . . (At ATIC there was) confusion almost to the point of panic." (Report on Unidentified Flying Objects, p.39)

Summer 1947--Pittsburg, Kansas. Navy Commander observed a disc-shaped UFO. [IV]

August, 1947--Media, Pa. Air Force pilot watched a disc hover, speed away. [V]

September 23, 1947--Air Technical Intelligence Center letter stating UFOs are real sent to Commanding General of Air Force. [IX]

October 14, 1947- -Muroc AFB. California. First piloted supersonic flight in plane, Capt. Yeager flying X-1 rocket-powered aircraft.

December 8, 1947--Las Vegas, Nevada. Moving reddish UFO emitted flash of light, shot upwards out of sight. [XII]


January 7, 1948--Fort Knox, Ky., Mantell case. Air National Guard pilot killed in crash of F-51 during UFO pursuit. Also sighting at Lockburne AFB, Ohio, later same afternoon, UFO maneuvering erratically up and down. [V]

January 22, 1948-Project Sign (or "Saucer') established by Air Force. UFO reports sent to Air Materiel Command, Ohio, for investigation.

April 5,1948- - White Sands, NM Scientists watched disc-shaped UFO, one-fifth the size of the full moon, streak across sky in series of violent maneuvers. (No details reported).

May 28, 1948--Air Force transport reported being buzzed by 3 UFOs. [III]

July 1948--Pasco, Wash. Private pilot saw disc diving and climbing away at high speed. [V]

July 4, 1948--Nr. Longmont, Colorado. Revolving silver circular object soared upward at ''terrific speed." [XII]

Summer 1948--Erie, Pa. Engineer saw elliptical UFO which flew horizontally, then ascended rapidly. [VI]

Summer 1948--Easton, Pa. Physicist watched 3 luminescent greenish discs cross sky. [VI]

Summer 1948--Labrador. UFO tracked on radar at 9,000 m.p.h. [VIII]

July 23, 1948--Nr. Montgomery, Ala. Chiles-Whitted, Eastern Airlines sighting of rocket-like UFO with exhaust, square ports along side. [V}

August 1948--Air Technical Intelligence Center Top Secret Estimate of the Situation, "concluding UFOs were interplanetary space ships, sent to Air Force Chief of Staff. (IX)

October 1, 1948--Fargo, N.D. Air National Guard F-51 pilot had "dogfight" with a small flat, circular UFO. [V]

October 15, 1948--Japan. Crew of F-61 night-fighter tracked on radar and saw silhouette of UFO shaped "like a rifle bullet" which repeatedly accelerated out of reach of the fighter. [VIII]

November 1, 1948--Goose Bay, Labrador. UFO tracked by radar at 600 mph [VIII]

November 6, 1948--Japan. Two UFOs, like planes in "dogfight" tracked on radar. [VIII]

November 18, 1948--Nr. Washington, D.C. Air Force pilot flying out of Andrews AFB, chased oval-shaped UFO for 10 minutes. [III]

November 23, 1948--Fursten-Feldbruck, Germany. Bright red UFO tracked by ground and air radar, seen visually by U.S. AF pilot. [VIII]

December 3, 1948--Fairfield-Suisun AFB, Calif. Ball of light ascending, seen by pilot. [III]


January 1, l949--Jackson, Miss., Cigar-shaped UFO crossed path of private plane, accelerated rapidly and sped away. [V]

April 24, 1949--White Sands, N.M. General Mills balloon personnel tracked elliptical UFO with theodolite. [II

April 27, 1949--Project "Saucer" Report released by Air Force: Space visitors considered "improbable," but many unexplained cases. 30% probably conventional objects.

April 30, 1949--First installment of Saturday Evening Post article by Sidney Shallett "What You Can Believe About Flying Saucers."

May 9, 1949--Time article called UFO witnesses "spinners of yarns."

June 5, 1949- - Walter Winchell column: "The New York World- telegram has confirmed this reporter's exclusive report of several weeks before--which newspapermen have denied-- about the flying saucers. Said the front page in the World- Telegram: 'Air Force people are convinced the flying disk is real. The clincher came when the Air Force got a picture recently of three disks flying in formation over Stephensville, Newfoundland. They out-distanced our fastest ships.

June 10, 1949--White Sands, N.M. Two round white UFOs maneuvered around a missile in flight. (Confirmed by Capt. R. B. McLaughlin, USN) [II]

July 3, 1949--Longview, Wash. Navy Commander, others, watched disc pass above air show. [IV]

August 1949--N.M. Astronomer Clyde Tombaugh, discoverer of the planet Pluto, observed elliptical pattern of 6-8 rectangles cross the sky. [VI]

Fall 1949--At a key atomic base, a high AF officer was involved in the radar tracking of 5 apparently metallic UFOs which flew S over the base at tremendous speed and great height. [II]

October 23, 1949--Nr. Baja, Calif. Air Force pilot saw four discs in formation. [III]

December 27, 1949--Air Force issued Project "Grudge" Report (Technical Report No. 102-AC-49/15-100) explaining away all UFO reports to date as delusions, hysteria, hoaxes, and crackpot reports. Announcement that project had disbanded. (IX).


January 1950- - True magazine article 'Flying Saucers Are Real," by Maj. Donald E. Keyhoe, suggested UFOs are of extraterrestrial origin.

February 2, 1950- -Davis-Monthan AFB, Arizona. Bomber pilot chased UFO which left smoke trail. {III]

February 22, 1950--Key West, Fla. Navy pilots, others, saw glowing UFO, confirmed by radar. [IV]

March 1950--True article 'How Scientists Tracked a Fling Saucer," by Cmdr. R. B. McLaughlin, USN, reported April 24, 1949 White Sands sighting. [I]

March 8, 1950--Dayton, Ohio. A round UFO seen by the crew of a TWA airliner, was tracked on radar, and chased by two F-51s. [VIII]

March 10, 1950--Orangeburg, S.C. Disc hovered over city, sped away. [XII]

March 13, 1950--Clarksburg, Calif. Saucer-shaped object descended, hovered with swaying motion, moved away. [IV]

March 13, 1950--Mexico City, Mexico. Airport observers saw 4 UFOs, one through theodolite. [V, Xl

March 16, l950--Dallas, Texas. Navy Chief Petty Officer at Naval Air Station saw a flat oval UFO pass under a B-36 bomber. [IV]

March l7, 195O--Farmington, N. Mex. Retired Army Captain, others, saw dozens of discs gyrating in sky. [IV]

March 18, 1950--Nr. Bradford, Ill. Private pilot watched illuminated oval pass his plane. [V]


March 20, l950--Nr. Little Rock, Ark. Chicago & Southern Airlines pilots watched a circular UFO with "portholes" arc above their plane. [II]

March 26, 1950--Reno, Nevada. CAA control tower operator saw maneuvering light source. [V]

March 26, 1950--Nr. Washington, D.C. Former Air Force aircraft inspector dove his plane at disc which zoomed up into overcast. [V]

April 9, 1950--Shelby, NC. Round UFO in level flight, suddenly climbed away. [XII]

April 24, 1950--Balearic Islands. Photograph of alleged UFO. [VIII]

April 27, 1950--White Sands, N. Mex. UFO spotted by ground observers just after a test missile had fallen back to earth, photographed by Askania-Cinetheodolite. [VIII]

April 27, 1950--Goshen, Ind. TWA airliner paced by disc- like reddish UFO. [V]

May 11, 1950--McMinnville, Oregon. Shiny silver disc hovered, two photographs taken. [VIII]

May 20, 1950--Flagstaff, Ariz. Astronomer/meteorologist observed a "powered" disc-like object from the grounds of Lowell Observatory. [I]

May 29, 1950--Nr. Washington, D.C. American Airlines pilots saw dark elliptical UFO circle airliner. [V]

May 29, 1950--White Sands, N. Mex. UFO spotted by two theodolite stations just before firing of a missile. Object tracked and photographed by both stations. [VIII]

June 12, 1950--California. Geologist saw disc-shaped object loop around plane. [VI]

June 21, 1950--Hamilton AFB, Calif. UFO buzzed control tower several times. [III]

June 24, 1950--California desert. Cigar-shaped UFO paced United Airlines plane for 20 minutes. [V] Navy pilot reported cigar-shaped UFO. [IV]

June 30, 1950--Nr. Kingman, Kansas. Rotating disc hovered, sped away when car approached [XII]

July 195O--Flying magazine article, "Flying Saucers -- Fact or Fiction?" summarized recent UFO sightings by pilots.

July 1950--Cincinnati, Ohio. CAA flight engineer observed a "wingless, fuselage-shaped" UFO. [V]

July 11, 1950--Osceola, Ark. Two Navy aircraft watched domed disc pass in front, confirmed by radar. [IV]

August 15, 1950--Great Falls, Mont. Nick Mariana took motion pictures of 2 UFOs (The "Montana film," later shown in the documentary movie "UFO"). [VIII]

October 3, 1950--Pomona, Calif. Disc-shaped UFO reported by scientist. [VI]

October 5, 1950--San Fernando, Calif. California Central Airlines plane buzzed by wing-like UFO. [V]

November 27, 1950--Huron, S.D. CAA personnel saw hovering maneuvering UFO. [V]

November 27, 1950--Evansville, Wisc. Flying instructor reported six elliptical objects in loose echelon formation. [V]

December 1950--Nr. Cheyenne, Wyo. USAF officer saw aluminum-like oval UFO. [III]

December 27, 1950--Bradford, Ill. Trans-World Airways pilot watched light source perform violent and erratic maneuvers. [V]


January 16, 1951--Nr. Artesia, N. Mex. General Mills personnel tracking a Skyhook balloon saw two disc-shaped objects approach rapidly, tip on edge, circle the balloon, and speed off over the NW horizon. [I]

January 20, 1951--Nr. Sioux City, Iowa. A dark cigar-shaped UFO with white and red body lights buzzed a Mid-Continent Airlines plane. [V]

February 14, 1951--Alamogordo, N. Mex. Two Air Force pilots, while watching a large balloon, saw a flat, round white object hovering at high altitude. [III]

February 19, 1951--Kenya, Africa. A large cigar-shaped UFO hovering over Mt. Kilimanjaro was observed and photographed from an aircraft. [X]

February-- Look magazine article: Dr. Urner Liddel, Office of Naval Research, stated "There is not a single reliable report of an observation which is not attributable to the cosmic balloons (plastic "Skyhook" research balloons)."

May 22, 1951- -Nr. Dodge City, Kansas. American Airlines pilot observed maneuvering star-like object. [V]

June 1, 1951--Dayton, Ohio. Wright-Patterson AFB official watched disc make sharp turn. [III]

July 14, 1951- -Nr. White Sands, N. Mex. A UFO which sped near a B-29 was tracked on radar, observed visually and photographed. [VIII]

July 23, 1951--March Field, Calif. Radar-visual sighting of silvery object circling high above aircraft. [VIII]

Summer 1951--Augusta, Ga. Air Force pilot flying F-51 "attacked repeatedly" by flying disc. [III]

August 1951--Central, N. Mex. Mining engineer sighted two discs with "portholes." [VI]

August 3, 1951--Nr. Pinckney, Mich. NICAP Adviser saw a glowing, yellowish UFO which moved on an undulating course. [VI]

August 11, 1951--Portland, Ore. Former Air Force fighter pilot observed formation of three discs. [V]

August 25, 1951--Lubbock, Texas. Formations of luminous objects passed overhead several consecutive nights; V-formation photographed. [VIII]

August 26, 1951--Washington State. Air Force radar station tracked UFO at 900 m.p.h. on two different radar sets. [VIII]

August 1951--Popular Science. Editors surveyed witnesses to choose most plausible explanations for UFOs; 70% believed they were intelligently controlled devices, either man-made or extraterrestrial.

September 1951--Capt. Edward J. Ruppelt, new chief of Project Blue Book, the Air Force UFO investigation.

September 10, 1951- -Nr. Sandy Hook, N.J. Two AF pilots in a T-33 jet trainer chased a "perfectly round and flat" silvery UFO traveling at an estimated 900 mph [III]

September 23, 1951--Nr. March AFB, Calif. F-86 jets circled below an unidentified object, unable to reach its altitude. [III]

Fall 1951--Korea. UFO circled fleet, tracked on 14 ships' radars, departing at over 1000 mph. [VIII]

October 9, 1951--Terre Haute, Indiana; Nr. Paris, Illinois. A fast-moving UFO shaped like a flattened sphere was sighted two minutes apart by a C.A.A. employee and a private pilot. Project Blue Book plotted the sighting and concluded both had been the same object which was an "unknown." [V]

October 10-11, 1951--Nr. Minneapolis, Minn. Two sightings of UFOs by General Mills, Inc., supervisor of balloon manufacture, and other balloon personnel, from an aircraft. [VI!

November 7, 1951--Lake Superior. Steamship Captain and crew watched elongated orange object with six glowing "portholes" speed towards Ontario. [XII]

November 9, 1951--After 7 sightings of green fireballs in 11 days Dr. Lincoln Lapaz, Institute of Meteoritics, said: "There has never been a rate of meteorite fall in history that has been one -fifth as high as the present fall. If that rate should continue, I would suspect the phenomenon is not natural. . . (they) don't behave like ordinary meteorites at all." (Associated Press)

November 10, 1951--Albuquerque, N.M. The eighth fireball in 13 days was seen here and as far away as Wyoming. (United Press)


1952--London, Ont., Canada. Astronomer observed elliptical UFO with 2 bright body lights. [VI]

January 20, 1952--Fairchild AFB, Wash. Two master sergeants (intelligence specialists), reported a large, bluish-white spherical object with a long blue tail which flew below a solid overcast. [III]

January 21, 1952--Mitchel AFB, N.Y. Navy TBM pilot chased a dome-shaped, white circular object which accelerated and pulled away [IV].

January 22, 1952--North Alaska Radar outpost. Ground radar and three F-94 interceptors' radar tracked a distinct target. [VIII]

January 29, 1952--Wonsan, Korea. B-29 paced by a bright disc-shaped orange object. (Similar sighting by another B-29 crew same night 80 miles away over Sunchon.) [III, X]

February 20, 1952- -Greenfield, Mass. Congregational Minister saw three very bright silver objects, apparently spherical, traveling in a perfect V. [VII)


March 3, 1952--Dr. Walter Riedel, former German Rocket Scientist at Peenemunde: "I'm convinced saucers have an out-of- world basis." (Life; April 7, 1952.)

March 10, 1952--Oakland, Calif. Inspector of Engineering Metals watched two dark, wing (or hemisphere) shaped objects pass overhead, one swaying back and forth like pendulum. [VI]

March 29, 1952--Nr. Misawa, Japan. Small shiny disc made pass at an F-84, observed by second Air Force pilot. [I]

March 29, 1952--Butler, Missouri. Chairman of Industrial Commission of Missouri saw cylinder-shaped, silver UFO, [VII]

April 7, 1952- - Life article. "Have We Visitors From Space?" (cleared by Air Force Commanding General.) strongly suggested UFOs are interplanetary. Article

April 8, 1952--Nr. Big Pines, Calif. Disc-like UFO observed by TV network engineer. [VI]

April 17, 1952--Nellis AFB, Nevada. Large group of circular UFOs. [III]

April 23, 1952--Watertown, Mass. Engineer saw high-speed maneuvering UFO. [VI]

May 7, 1952- -Barra da Tijuca, Brazil. Photographs of alleged UFO. [VIII]

May 8, 1952--Atlantic Ocean off Jacksonville, Fla. Pan- American Airways pilot and copilot saw light, 10 times the size of a landing light, come head-on, streak past left wing. [V]

May 8, 1952- -Project Blue Book Chief and two Colonels briefed Air Force Secretary Finletter on UFOs for one hour. (Report on Unidentified Flying Objects, Ruppelt, p.185.)

May 13, 1952--National City, Calif. Convair design engineers, ex-Navy pilot, and amateur astronomer observed luminescent white circular object descend rapidly, circle area. [I]

June, 1952--Tombstone, Ariz. Navy pilot watched a disc hover, speed away. [IV]

June 1952- -Air Force reported to be taking the UFO problem seriously partly because a lot of good UFO reports were coming in from Korea. Pilots were seeing silver spheres or disks, and radar in Japan, Okinawa, and Korea had tracked unidentified targets. (Report on Unidentified Flying Objects, Ruppelt, p.192.)

June 1, 1952--Los Angeles, Calif. Crew of Hughes Aircraft Co., radar test section tracked unidentified target at 11,000 ft.; UFO suddenly tripled its speed. [VIII]

June 9, 1952--Time article by Dr. Donald H. Menzel, "Those Flying Saucers," "Light reflections "given as explanation.

June 13, 1952--Le Bourget; France (airport). Control tower operators and pilot watched brilliant light source cross sky SW of field after hovering for about an hour. [X]

June 18, 1952--California. UFO paced B-25 for 30 minutes. [II, III]

June 19, 1952--Goose Bay, Labrador. Radar-visual sighting of reddish object. [VIII]

July 1952 "Flap"
[See Section XII for more detailed chronology]

Summer 1952- -MacDill AFB, Florida. USAF Colonel, B-29 pilot investigated radar target, saw glowing ellipse which reversed direction and sped away. [III]

July 1, 1952--Boston, Mass. Two silvery cigar-shaped objects reported moving SW. [XII]

July 1, 1952--Fort Monmouth, N. J. Radar-visual sighting of two UFOs; objects hovered, sped away SW. [VIII]

July 2, 1952--Tremonton, Utah. Navy Warrant Officer D. C. Newhouse photographed group of 12 to 14 objects maneuvering in formation at high speed. [VIII]

July 10, 1952--Nr. Korea. Crew of Canadian destroyer "Crusader", saw and tracked on radar two shiny discs. [VIII, X]

July 12, 1952--Chicago, Ill. Air Force weather officer, many others at Montrose Beach saw large red object with small white lights on side reverse course directly overhead. [III]

July 13, 1952--Nr. Washington, D. C. National Airlines pilot radioed CAA that he was being approached by a blue-white light. Object came to within 2 miles, hovered at same altitude. Pilot switched on all lights; UFO took off, upwards. [V]

July 14, 1952--Newport News, Virginia. Pan-American Airways pilots watched formation of 6 discs make sharp turn below airliner joined by 2 more discs. [V]

July 16, 1952--Hampton, Va. Aeronautical research engineer watched rendezvous of four amber colored objects. [VI]

July 16, 1952--Salem, Mass. Seaman at Coast Guard Air Station photographed four brilliant white lights. [VIII]

July 18, 1952--Nr. Denver, Cob. American Airlines pilot watched unidentified lights speed back and forth. [V]

July 18, 1952--Patrick AFB, Florida. Two officers, weather men, several others saw four amber-colored lights circling near the field. [III]

July 19, 1952--Porto Maldo, Peru. Photograph of oval UFO taken by customs official. [VIII]

July 19/20, 1952--Washington, D. C., CAA radar sightings; visual confirmation by airline pilots. [XII]

July 23, 1952- -Braintree, Mass. Bluish-green UFO circling at high speed observed by radar, ground observers, F-94 pilot. [VIII]

July 23, 1952--Culver City, Calif. Aircraft-plant employees reported a silvery elliptical UFO accompanied by two small discs. [II]

July 24, 1952--Nr, Carson Sink, Nevada. Two Air Force colonels in B-25 saw formation of three delta wing silver objects traveling at estimated speed of over 1000 mph. [III]

July 26, 1952--California. Radar-visual sighting. Jet chased large, yellow-orange light. [VIII]

July 26/27, 1952--Washington, D.C. Radar and visual sightings. [XII]

July 27, 1952--Ann Arbor, Mich. Biologist reported "flotilla" of rocket-like UFOs. [VI]

July 27, 1952--Manhattan Beach, Calif. Aeronautical engineer, others, observed group of UFOs changing position in formation. [VI]

July 28, 1952 --Wisconsin-Minnesota. Ground Control Intercept radar, Air Force pilot, plane spotter of G.O.C., tracked several UFOs. [VIII]

July 29, 1952--Air Force press conference in Washington, D.C,, headed by Major General John A. Samford, UFOs explained away as weather phenomena. (Transcript on file at NICAP.)

July 29, 1952--Miami, Florida. Movies taken of high-speed UFO; film submitted to Air Force, never released. [VIII]

August 1, 1952--Nr. Yaak, Montana. Air Defense Command radar tracked UFO; sighted visually a dark, cigar-shaped object. [VIII]

August 1, 1952--Sharonville, Ohio. Brilliant white disc observed at low altitude. Others reported oval object. [XII]

August 1, 1952--Albuquerque, N. M. Scripps-Howard Staff Writer watched UFOs change position in formation. [VII]

August 3, 1952--Hamilton AFB, California. Pilots on ground, radar, plane spotters tracked two silvery discs "dogfighting''. [III, VIII]

August 5, 1952--Haneda AFB, Japan. Circular UFO tracked on radar, chased by jets. [III, VIII]

August 5, 1952--Baltimore, Md. Experienced amateur astronomer observed two copper-like discs. [VI]

August 6/7, 1952- -Kerkrade, Holland. Marine engineer designer saw two disc-shaped objects with superstructures. [X]

August 13, 1952--Tucson, Ariz. Air Force officer reports formation of bright UFOs. [III]

August 13, 1952--Dallas, Texas. Airlines Chief Pilot chased maneuvering light. [V]

August 20, 1952--Congaree AFB, S.C. Air Defense Command radar tracked UFO at 4,000 mph. [VIII]

August 22, 1952--Elgin, Illinois. USAF jets, guided by Ground Observer Corps, chased a pulsating yellowish light. [VII]

August 24, 1952--Nr. Hermanas, New Mexico. Air Force Colonel piloting F-84 saw two round silvery objects; one climbed straight up 2,000-3,000 feet. [III]

August 28, 1952--Le Roy, N. Y. Disc circled airliner vertically. [II]

August 28, 1952--Atlanta, Ga. Police watched maneuvering UFO. [VII]

August 29, 1952--Villacoublay, France. Unidentified bright blue light observed through theodolite; once appeared as luminous white bar edged with black. [X]


September 9, 1952--Portland, Oregon. Two oval objects observed in searchlight beam. [XII]

September 16, 1952--Belle Glade, Florida. Circular object with row of lights on underside passed low overhead; cattle bolted. [XII]

September 19, 1952--North Sea. Spherical UFO photographed from U. S. Navy aircraft carrier participating in "Operation Mainbrace," NATO maneuvers. [XII]

September 20, 1952--Topcliffe, Yorkshire, England. Silvery disc followed Meteor jet, descended with pendulum motion. [See "Operation Mainbrace" chronology, Section XII.]

September 22, 1952--Fairfax County, Va. Police observed 3-4 UFOs maneuvering erratically. [VII]

September 30, 1952--Edwards AFB, California. Aviation photographer, others, observed two discs alternately hovering and darting around. [VI]

October 11, 1952--Newport News, Va. Ground Observer Corps spotter saw disc-shaped UFO with "dome". [XII]

October 12, 1952--Palo Alto, Calif. V-formation of six apparent discs. [V]

October 13, 1952--Oshima, Japan. Air Force pilot and engineer saw round object in cloud formation; object became elliptical in appearance, sped away disappearing in seconds. [III]

October 27, 1952--Gaillac, France. Hundreds of citizens saw 16 UFOs in formation surrounding a cigar-shaped object. "Angel's hair" fell. [VIII]

October 29, 1952--Richmond, Va. Venezuelan Airlines pilot watched luminous UFO speed past plane. [V]

October 29, 1952--Hempstead, L. I., N. Y. Two F-94 pilots saw object which maneuvered at high speed. [III]

Fall 1952--N. Y. to Puerto Rico. Three Pan American Airways pilots watched UFO hover, speed away. [V]

November 16, 1952--Nr. Landrum, S. C. Hundreds of people saw a huge disc, watched through binoculars by air traffic controller.

November 25/26, 1952--Panama Canal Zone. Two UFOS tracked by defense radar. [VIII]

December 4, 1952--Laredo, Texas. USAF F-51 pilot chased glowing white object which made tight turns, head-on passes at plane. [III]

December 6, 1952--Nr. Galveston, Texas. Air Force B-29 tracked UFOs at speeds up to 9000 mph, saw speeding blue-white lights. [VIII]

December 8, 1952--Chicago, Ill. Aircraft paced by row of unidentified lights. [V]

December 10, 1952--Nr. Hanford, Washington, Radar-visual sighting of round, white UFO with "windows." [VIII]

December 15, 1952--Goose Bay AFB, Labrador. Radar-visual sighting of reddish UFO which changed to white as it maneuvered. [VIII]

December 29, 1952--Northern Japan. Colonel, other USAF pilots, radar detected rotating UFO. [III]


1953--Anaco, Venezuela. Avensa Airlines pilot reported round gray object paced plane. [X]

1953--Navy Carrier-based squadron of attack planes approached by rocket-shaped UFO. [IV]

January 9, 1953--Northern Japan. Pilot and radar observer of an F-94 jet interceptor saw and tracked a rotating UFO. Air base Commander, Col. George W. Perdy, stated there was "remarkable corroboration as to description of the cluster of lights by people widely separated who hadn't so much as talked to one another."

January 9, 1953- -Santa Ana, Calif. V-formation of blue-white lights banked near USAF bomber. (III)

January 22, 1953--Santa Fe New Mexican: "A fireball expert said today Russia may be scouting the United States and other parts world with strange new guided missiles. Dr. Lincoln LaPaz said a good many shreds of evidence point to green fireballs sighted throughout the world being a type of missile - possibly of Soviet make." (Associated Press)

January 26, 1953--New Mexico radar site. Very bright reddish-white UFO observed and tracked on radar. [VIII]

January 27, 1953--Livermore, Calif. Pilot watched shiny circular object in high speed climb. [V]

January 28, 1953--Albany, Ga. Air Force F-86 pilot saw a definite circular UFO pass below his plane, confirmed by radar.[VIII]

January 29, 1953--Presque Isle, Me. Gray oval UFO seen by USAF pilots. [III]

January 30, 1953--Yuma, Ariz. Gyrating light ascending steeply, observed by scientist. [VI]

February 1, 1953--Terre Haute, Indiana. Sighting by USAF pilot (no details released). [III]

February 6, 1953--Rosalia, Wash. USAF bomber reported a circling UFO. [III]

February 7, 1953--Korean area. Radar-visual sighting by USAF pilot, maneuverable bright orange light. [III, VIII]

February 9, 1953--Virginia-N.C. border. Marine Corps pilot chased rocket-like object. [IV]

February 11, 1953--Tunis-Tripoli. USAF transport paced by UFO. [III]

February 13, 1953--Fort Worth, Texas. Radar-visual sighting by B-36 crew. [VIII]

February 16, 1953- -Nr. Anchorage, Alaska. Reddish UFO approached, paced USAF transport. [III]

February 17, 1953--Elmendorf AFB, Alaska. UFO chased by jet, accelerated away. [III]

March 7, 1953- -Yuma, Arizona. Discs observed by Air Force officers at gunnery meet. [III]

Spring 1953--Laredo, Texas. Air Force instructor flying T-33 watched circling cigar-shaped object make right-angle turn. [III]

May 5, 1953- -Yuma, Ariz. Scientist observed silvery disc; concentric rings visible through Polaroid glasses. [VI]

May 21, 1953--Prescott, Ariz. Veteran private pilot saw 8 discs. [V]

May 23, 1953--Union of S. Africa. South African headquarters announced in November that on May 23, radar had tracked an unidentified object near the Cape at over 1000 mph. [VIII]

July 9, 1953--Columbus, Ohio. Circular, silver UFO seen at North American Aviation plant. [VII]

July 24, 1953--Mt. Vernon, Ohio. Large silver object circled over town. [VII]

July 31, 1953--Port Clinton, Ohio. Unidentified white light viewed through field glasses. [VII]

Summer 1953--Yaak, Montana. Radar-visual sighting of six UFOs in formation. [VIII]

August 1, 1953--Toledo, Ohio. UFO, changing color, flickered and jumped in sky. [VII]

August 9, 1953--Moscow, Idaho. Three F-86 fighters pursued a large glowing disc reported by Ground Observer Corps. [VII]

August 12, 1953--Rapid City, S. D. Simultaneous sighting of UFO by ground and airborne radar, visual. [I]

August 14, 1953--Columbus, Ohio. Lighted object came straight down out of sky, stopped, then sped out of view. [VII]

August 15, 1953--Crestline, Ohio. Circling light changed color, white, red, green. [VII]

August 21, 1953--Maumee, Ohio. Black oval with green and red lights around perimeter. [VII]

August 23, 1953--Columbus, Ohio. Red and white object moving very slowly upward, observed by Ground Observer Corps.

August 26, 1953--Air Force Regulation 200-2 issued by Secretary of AF Harold E. Talbott: procedures for reporting UFOs, restrictions on public discussion by Air Force personnel. (IX)

August 31, 1953--Port Moresby, New Guinea. Motion picture film purporting to show saucer-like object clirnbing steeply, taken by aviation official. [VIII]

September 7, 1953--Cleveland, Ohio. Technical writer watched rotating triangle pass overhead (cf., May 22, 1960, Majorca sighting). [VII]

September 7, 1953--Vandalia, Ohio. Two Navy fighter pilots saw a brilliant white object speed below their planes, then climb rapidly out of sight. [IV]

September 11-13, 1953--Chiloquin, Ore. Police Chief, others, watched top-like UFOs three consecutive nights. [VII]

September 24, 1953--Bexley (Columbus), Ohio. Ground Observer Corps report: silvery disk followed plane. [VII]

October 18, 1953--English Channel. Airline pilots saw a UFO "like two shallow saucers with their rims together." [V]


October 29, 1953--Lt. Col. F. K. Everest in F-1OO Super-Sabre set speed record, 755.149 mph.

October 30, 1953--Mt. Vernon, Ohio. Round, silver object circled at low altitude. [VII]

November 3, 1953--London, England. A huge apparently metallic UFO, "completely circular" and white, was tracked on radar and observed visually through a telescope by the 256th Heavy Anti- Aircraft Regiment. [VIII]

November 12, 1953--Canadian Government announcement of flying saucer observatory (Project Magnet) near Ottawa.

November 14, 1953--Nr. Toledo, Ohio. UFO flashing various colors observed climbing. [VII]

November 23, 1953--Kinross AFB, Michigan. Air Force F-89 vanished while pursuing UFO over Lake Superior. [VIII, IX]

December 1, 1953--Air Force announced in Washington it had set up flying saucer" cameras around the country equipped with diffraction gratings to analyze nature of UFO light sources.

December 13, 1953--Central Ohio. Rocket-like UFO with white lights at both ends observed by Ground Observer Corps. [VII]

December 16, 1953--Toledo, Ohio. Group of lights changing from red to white, each appearing to revolve. [VII]

December 17, 1953--Sweden. Defense high command ordered a full scale investigation of sightings of a wingless circular object which sped over southern Sweden. [X]


1954--Dayton, Ohio. Air Force Lt. Colonel saw two maneuvering UFOs. [III]

January 1, 1954--Australian Airline pilot saw huge, apparently metallic, elliptical UFO. [V]

January 4, 1954--Quantico, Va. Red revolving or blinking lights, hovering and moving soundlessly at tree-top height reportedly seen for six nights above Marine Corps base. [IV]

January 6, 1954- - Cleveland Press headline: "Brass Curtain Hides Flying Saucers." Reporters seeking information were banned from Wright-Patterson AFB, Ohio.

February 13, 1954--Jim C. Lucas of Scripps-Howard, reported that representatives of major airlines would meet in Los Angeles with Military Air Transport Service Intelligence officers to discuss speeding up UFO reporting procedures. "Airline pilots are asked not to discuss their sightings publicly or give them to news Papers," Lucas said.

(In a follow-up report, Feb. 23, Scripps-Howard papers said that "the nation's 8500 commercial airline pilots have been seeing a lot of unusual objects while flying at night, here and overseas." Plans for a detailed reporting system were agreed upon so Air Force jets could quickly investigate. Each airline was to have an "internal security specialist" for liaison between civilian and military organizations.)

February 15, 1954--Dorothy Kilgallen column: "Flying saucers are regarded as of such vital importance that they will be the subject of a special hush-hush meeting of world military heads next summer."

March 1954- -Rouen, France. Disc-shaped UFO photographed.

March 24, 1954--Baltimore, Md. Maneuvering formation of UFOs observed by Civil Defense official. [VII]

March 24, 1954--Florida. Marine Corps jet pilot saw round object streak downward, stop, speed away when pursued. [IV]

April 16, 1954--Grand Canyon, Ariz. School superintendent, explorer, watched elongated UFO with "portholes" pass overhead. [VII]

April 26, 1954--Newburyport, Mass. Round UFO making sharp turn observed by architect. [VII]

May 1954--True article, "What Our Air Force Found Out About Flying Saucers": by Edward J. Ruppelt, former UFO Project Chief.

May 10, 1954--Northern Sweden. Week of UFO sightings investigated by military authorities. Scores of residents reported strange glowing objects maneuvering low over forests.

May 13, 1954--Washington, D. C. Several large glowing objects maneuvered over National Airport for three hours; observed visually and on radar. [VIII]

May 14, 1954--Nr. Dallas, Texas. Marine Corps pilots chased formations of 16 UFOs. [IV]

May 15, 1954--Vienna, Austria. Three discs in formation. [X]

May 24, 1954--Dayton, Ohio. Photo officer and scanner on RB-29 saw and photographed circular UFO below plane. [III]

May 30, 1954--Bambridge, N. Y. Silvery elliptical UFO with four "portholes" accelerated and shot away. [XII]

June 1, 1954--Nr. Boston, Mass. TWA pilot enroute from Paris, control tower operators, saw large white disc. [V]

June 11, 1954--Nr. Baltimore, Md. Huge glowing object seen by GOC observers; alternately hovered, moved rapidly. [VII]

June 23, 1954--Columbus-Vandalia, Ohio. Round white light followed Air National Guard F-51. [V]

June 26, 1954--Idaho Falls, Idaho. Brilliant light source flared up over AEC station, climbed out of sight. [XII]

June 30, 1954--Mobile, Alabama. UFO observed from tower of Brookley AFB, tracked on radar. [VIII]

June 30, 1954--Nr. Oslo, Norway. Two silvery disks observed and photographed from eclipse expedition planes. [VIII]

June 30, 1954- -Nr. Goose Bay, Labrador. Airliner crew saw large UFO with smaller satellite objects. [X]

July 3, 1954--Albuquerque, N.M. Nine green spheres sighted visually, tracked on radar. [VIII]

July 8, 1954--Lancashire, England. British astronomer saw a silvery object with 15-20 smaller satellite objects. [II]

July 11, 1954--Hunterdon, Pa. USAF bombers reported a disc. [III]

July 28, 1954--North Atlantic. Dutch ship observed disc with apparent portholes. [XII]

August 28, 1954--Oklahoma City, Okla. Fifteen UFOs in precise triangular formation observed by hundreds of citizens, Tinker AFB radar. [VIII]

August or September, 1954--New York State. Round UFO tracked on radar, plotted across state by Ground Observer Corps. [VII]

September 7, 1954--Origny, France. Hovering luminous disc fled when lights were shone at it. [II]

September 9, 1954--Nelson, N.Z. Hovering disc photographed. [VIII]

September 15, 1954--Bihar, India. Gray disc hovered, emitted smoke and climbed away at high speed. [X]

September 16, 1954- -Nr. Roanoke, Va. Shiny, round object buzzed radio tower; transmitter failed to operate properly. [VIII]

September 17, 1954--Rome, Italy. Thousands of citizens, Italian Air Force radar watched disc-like object which departed upwards. [VIII]

September 19, 1954- -Danane, French West Africa. Officials watched oval UFO with dome and "searchlights". [X]

September 20, 1954--Cuyahoga Falls, Ohio. Dark saucer-shaped UFO arced overhead, leveled off and moved into distance. [XII]

October 1954--Cherry Valley, N. Y. Engineer sighted maneuvering disc. [I]

October 3, 1954--Nr. Waben, France. UFO paced car. [II]

October 4, 1954--North Weald, Essex, England. Saturn- shaped disc buzzed RAF Meteor jet. [X]

October 7, 1954--Isles-sur-Suippes, France. UFO shaped like "giant artillery shell" with "portholes"; landing or near-landing case. [XII]

October 22, 1954--Marysville, Ohio. School principal, teacher, 60 students saw silver cigar-shaped UFO with "portholes" hover over school, then speed away; "angel's hair" fell. [VIII]

October 23, 1954--New Yorker magazine. "Letter From Parts" column detailed recent French sightings.

October 24, 1954--Prof. Herman Oberth's American Weekly article, "Flying Saucers Come From A Distant World."

October 24, 1954--Porto Alegre, Brazil. Formation of silver, circular objects sped over Air Force base. [X]

October 25, 1954--Belgrade, Yugoslavia. High speed objects some egg-shaped seen by hundreds. [X]

October 28, 1954--Rome, Italy. Mrs. Clare Booth Luce, American Ambassador, others sighted luminous, round UFO. [X]

Fall 1954--Korea. Marine Corps weather observer saw 7 discs oscillating in formation. [XII]

November 5, 1954--Lookout Point, N.Z. Orange elliptical object with blue "portholes" observed. [XII]

November 12, 1954--Louisville, Ky. Spherical object moved quickly south, hovered for long period. [VIII]

November 21, 1954--Rio de Janeiro, Brazil. Crew, passenger of Brazilian airliner saw 19 glowing UFOs. [X]


November 25, 1954--Cordoba, Argentina. Meteorologist, control tower operator at airport watched two hovering luminous objects (official report from Argentine Embassy). [X]

November 26, 1954--Matasquan, N. J. Formation of round objects. (Confidential report from college professor.) [VII]

Millville, N. J. Disc with four body lights. [II]

December 3, 1954--Wilmington, N. C. Civil Aeronautics Administration personnel watched round, yellowish UFO through binoculars. [V]

December 5, 1954--North East, Pa. Domed object with double row of square "ports" hovered low over Lake Erie. [XII]

December 7, 1954- -Upington, Cape Province, So. Africa. Meteorologist tracked white hemispherical object with theodolite. [X]

December 15, 1954--Nr. Nowra, Australia. Royal Australian Navy pilot paced by two UFOs, confirmed on radar. [VIII]

December 19, 1954--Vienna, Austria. High-speed UFOs reported. [X]

December 20, 1954--Pontiac, Mich. Red-orange circular UFO, with white glow from "portholes" at front, sped overhead. [XII]

1954 or 1955--Coos Bay, Oregon. District Judge observed maneuvering disc. [VII]


1955--Virginia, nr. Washington, D. C. Navy pilot observed domed disc. [IV]

January 2, 1955--Nr. Punta San Juan, Venezuela. Airliner enroute to Maracaibo approached by luminous UFO. [X]

February 2, 1955--Nr. Merida, Venezuela. Aeropost Airlines pilot reported a top-shaped object with "portholes" and central ring paced airliner. [X]

February 11, 1955--Miami to New York. Pan American Airways flight saw two reddish-green objects speed past under wing. [V]

April 22, 1955--Tintinara, Australia. Saturn-shaped UFO made sharp turn, ascended. [XII]

April 24, 1955--AIbuquerque, N. Mex. April 23 (AP) Dr. Lincoln Lapaz: "I'm sure the yellow-green fireballs aren't ordinary meteorite falls. I've been observing the skies since 1914, and I've never seen any meteoric fireballs like them."

During the week of April 3-9, five green fireballs were reported in New Mexico and two in northern California. After a number of sightings reported about mid-morning April 5, LaPaz said: "This is a record. We believe we have it narrowed from the many reports to three. But they were seen within a very few minutes of each other.

May 25, 1955--Alexandra Park, London, England. Circular, luminous object approached B-47, quickly reversed direction and shot away. [II]

June 16, 1955--Eastern U.S. UFOs observed over wide area, jets scrambled. [III]

June 17, 1955--Nr. Adelaide, Australia. Silver oblong UFO viewed through binoculars; hovered; moved away behind clouds as an aircraft neared. [XII]

July 9, 1955--Santa Catalina Channel, Calif. Family aboard boat saw a round cylinder, grayish and white, surrounded by a "haze of fumes." UFO zigzagged upward, then sped away. [XII]

July 17, 1955--Canton, Ohio. Disc hovered, climbed away as airliner approached. [XII]

July 26, 1955--Lasham, Hants, England. Members of British Gliding Association watched boomerang -shaped object (or flattened triangle) hover above glider then speed away. [XII]

July 26, 1955--Washington, D. C. A brilliant round object with trail 4 or 5 times its own length approached National Airport, stopped, oscillated, and moved off at high speed. Ceiling lights at airport went out when object approached; returned to operation when UFO left. [VIII, XII]

July 29, 1955--Cincinnati, Ohio. Zigzagging UFO made shrill sound. [VIII

August 6, 1955--Cincinnati, Ohio. Oval-shaped UFO observed ascending at high speed. [XII]

August 21, 1955--Chalmette, La. Glowing-white Saturn-shaped object hovered, rotating; turned sideways and shot away. [XII]

August 23, 1955--Cincinnati, Ohio. SAC jets "dogfight" with UFOs first detected by radar. White spheres and discs observed by Ground Observer Corps. [VIII]

August 28, 1955--Yonkers, N. Y. Board of Education official and others saw a white Saturn-shaped object through a telescope. [XII]

October 2, 1955--Akron and Alliance, Ohio. Hovering disc- like UFO observed over wide area. [VII]

October 28, 1955--Galloway, England. Disc with row of blue lights on rim, maneuvered slowly over car on lonely road. [XII]

October 31, 1955--Nr. Auckland, N.Z. Bright object passed National Airlines DC-3. [X]

November 1, 1955- - Mojave Desert, Calif. Astronomer observed cigar-shaped UFO and smaller disc. [VI]

November 2, 1955--Williston, Fla. Police, others saw as many as six oval-shaped objects in formation. [VIII]

November 5, 1955--Cleveland, Ohio. Minister observed elliptical UFO with square "windows". [VIl]

November 9, 1955--Philadelphia, Pa. Newspaper photographers and others saw 12 silvery-white round objects in formation. [VII]

November 14, 1955--San Bernardino Mts., Calif. Pilot saw a globe of white light approach plane, blinked landing lights; object blinked in seeming response, reversed course. [V]

November 20, 1955--Oak Ridge, Tenn. Two shiny, elliptical UFOs "like two dirigibles" traveled over restricted area. [IX]

November 23, 1955--Spirit Lake, Iowa. Ground Observer Corps spotters reported a brilliant object which changed color, moved erratically. [VII]

December 6, 1955--Ashfield & Greenfield, Mass. Several people watched a cigar-shaped object with long rows of brilliant, reddish body lights, moving slowly south. [XII]

December 11, 1955--Nr. Jacksonville, Fla. Navy jets in dog fight with round, reddish UFO. [IV]

December 29, 1955--New Britain, Conn. Shiny object hovered, sped away. [XII]


1956--North Atlantic. Large disc paced Navy transport. [IV] January 17, 1956--Orangeville, Canada. Dise-shaped UFO seen at close range; rings of light visible on bottom. [XII]

January 22, 1956--Gulf of Mexico, nr. New Orleans. Pan American Airways flight engineer saw a large elongated object, emitted yellow flame or light, pass aircraft from horizon to behind a weather front. [V]

February 17, 1950--Paris, France. Large UFO tracked on radar at Orly Airport, observed by airline pilot as red light source. [VIII]

March 5, 1956--Honolulu, Hawaii. UFO formation photographed. [VIII]

April 8, 1956--Nr. Schenectady, N. Y. American Airlines pilot followed UFO across state. [V, IX]

June 27, 1956--Trieste, Italy. Luminous object hovered, sped away. [XII]

July 19, 1956- -Hutchinson, Kansas. Naval Air Station reported tracking "a moving unidentified object" on radar, observed visually by state police as "teardrop shaped" light source. [VIII] Noticeable maneuvers of UFO "vertically and horizontally over a wide area of the sky" mapped by Wichita Eagle.

July 19, 1956--Phoenix, Ariz. Luminous round object hovered, sped away. [XII]

July 29, 1956--Pasadena, Calif. Hovering, speeding light seen by Ground Observer Corps, tracked on radar. [VII]

August 1956--Boulder City, Nevada. Research technician observed formation of five flat, circular UFOs. [VI]

August 8-19, 1956--Connecticut. Concentration of sightings over 12-day period. Retired fire department engineer in Hart ford saw an oblong UFO with halo (August 8); an egg-shaped UFO was seen over West Redding (August 11); unidentified white lights reported over West Hartford by Ground Observer Corps (August 14);

August 19, 1956--Newington, Conn. Fiery object made turn, dimmed, window-like markings became visible. [XII]

August 20, 1956--Citrus Heights, Calif. Man & wife saw 25 or more bright, Saturn-like UFOs in a rough semi-circle formation. [XII]

August 21, 1956--Wyoming-Montana. Dumbbell-shaped UFOs approached plane. [VII]


September 4, 1956--Copenhagen, Denmark. Radar tracking of several UFOs at about 1800 mph. [VIII]

September 6, 1950--Pasadena, California. Western Airlines pilot reported erratically moving white lights to Air Defense Command; visual confirmation from ground. [V]

September 11, 1956--Baltic Sea. Radar sightings of '"mysterious objects flying at speeds of 2,000 to 2,500 mph., in a curved course, during previous three weeks. (Altus (Okia.) Times-Democrat; 7-11-56.)

Early November 1956--Malibu, Calif. Flat oval object with three window-like markings on underside flew low, through searchlight beam. [XII)

November 8, 1956--Miami, Florida. Pan American Airways radar tracked a UFO at 4000 mph. [VIII]

November 14, 1956- -Nr. Mobile, Alabama. Capital Airlines pilot sighting of maneuvering light. [I]

November 19, 1956--Frankfurt, Germany. V-formation of blue-white, elliptical UFOs. [X]

November 24/25, 1956- -Nr. Pierre, South Dakota. (Wide spread UFO sightings for several days.) State police chased UFO, Air Force jets scrambled. [VII]

December 1956--Far East. Air Force jet pilot tracked UFO on radar; observed visually as "large round object." [I]

December 27, 1956--Los Angeles, Calif. Real estate investor saw three spherical UFOs reflecting sunlight. [VII]


January 21, 1957--Army Intelligence report on "large shiny metal ball," disc, other UFOs over APO Army base. [IV]

January 24, 1957--Indiana. Commercial pilot and many others saw four brilliant white lights, in-line formation; trailing object larger, egg-shaped and pulsating. [V]

February 13, 1957--Burbank, California. Police received many calls about oval-shaped objects over city. Officer Robert Wells, who went to investigate, confirmed sighting. [XII]

March 8, 1957--Nr. Houston, Texas. UFO paced plane, moved up and down at high speed. [V]

March 9, 1957--Nr. San Juan, Puerto Rico. Pan American Airways pilot took evasive action as fiery round, greenish-white object passed plane. [V]

March 23, 1957--Long Beach, California. Four UFOs tracked on CAA radar, widespread visual sightings. [VIII]

March 29, 1957--Off East Coast, Florida. Pan American Airways pilot observed brilliant pulsating light, confirmed by radar. [V]

April 4, 1957--Wigtownshire, Scotland. Three radar posts tracked a UFO which flashed across the sky at 60,000 feet, dove to 14,000 feet, circled and sped away. [VIII]

May 12, 1957--Moab, Utah. Round, blue-green UFO sped past below observer's altitude. [IV]

June 15, 1957--Lancashire, England. Saturn-like UFO with "portholes" observed through telescope in bright daylight. [XII]

June 18, 1957--Jackson, Mississippi. Physics professor sighted UFO with "a halo of light around it and what appeared to be three portholes." [VI]

June 18, 1957--Pacific Ocean, 150 miles off San Francisco. Captain and crew of freighter Hawaiian Fisherman saw three brightly lighted objects "like small moons." [II]

June 30, 1957- -Belo Horizonte, Brazil. Disc-like object paced, maneuvered around airliner. [X]

July 1957--Azusa, California. "Disc with amber lights around edge made wobbling vertical descent. [XII]

July 1, 1957--Avon, Mass. Cigar-shaped UFO with green lights like windows. [XII]

July 4, 1957--Nr. Campos, Brazil. Disc with dome and port holes paced airliner. [X]

July 9, 1957--Hamilton, Ont., Canada. Attorney saw speeding, white elliptical UFO. [X]

July 31, 1957--Calistoga, California. Businessman watched two erratically maneuvering brilliant white objects. [VII]

August 1, 1957--Toronto, Ontario, Canada. Large glowing object hovered 20 minutes, sped away. [VII]

August 14, 1957--Nr. Joinville, Brazil. Varig Airlines pilot observed domed disc, which affected aircraft engines. [X]

August 15, 1957--Woodland Hills, California. Retired Navy pilot watched disc wobble, climb away. [IV]

August 20, 1957--Fujisawa City, Japan. Cylindrical UFO observed above beach, photographed. [VIII]

September 17, 1957--Ft. Devens, Mass. Army report on eight round, orange UFOs which flew over base, one oscillating up and down. [IV]

September 26, 1957--Paris, France. Confidential report, from U.S. Embassy officer and wife, of bright elliptical UFO. [X]

October 7, 1957--Cape Canaveral, Fla. White oval object seen near Cape for second consecutive night. [XII]

October 8, 1957--Bua Province, Fiji Islands. Natives in small boat saw UFO descend vertically, hover about 20 feet above sea.

October 8, 1957--Nr. Boston, Mass. Pan American Airways pilot saw a brilliant object flying at high speed in daylight. [V]

October 15, 1957- -Fountain County, Indiana. Farmer reported silver disc which hovered over his combine as he worked in field; combine engine failed when UFO rose. [VIII]

October 16, 1957--Australia. Round UFO sighted by former Commander-in-Chief of Royal Australian Air Force. [X]

October 21 (or 29), 1957--Nr. London, England. RAF pilot sighted UFO near atomic base, confirmed by radar. [VIII]

October 22, 1957--Pittsburgh, Pa. Family saw six UFOs in two separate groups, changing position in formation. [II]

October 23, 1957--Kent, England. Disc traveling on edge. [XII]

November 1957 "Flap"

[See Section XII for detailed November 1957 Chronology]

November 2, 1957--Levelland, Texas. Elliptical UFOs sighted repeatedly on or near roads, many cars stalled.

November 3, 1957--White Sands, N.M. Army Jeep patrol sightings; UFO observed twice near old atomic bunker.

November 4, 1957--Alamogordo, N.M. James Stokes, White Sands engineer, watched elliptical UFO swoop over mountains, car stalled.

November 4, 1957--Elmwood Park, Illinois. Reddish elongated object at low level pursued by police in squad car.

November 5, 1957--Gulf of Mexico, off New Orleans. Coast Guard cutter Sebago repeatedly tracked UFO on radar, once saw planet-like speeding light. About same time, airman at Keesler AFB, Miss., saw elliptical UFO accelerate rapidly and disappear in clouds. [VIII]

November 5, 1957--East St. Louis, Illinois. Three Alton & Southern Railroad employees saw two silvery, egg-shaped UFOs.

November 5, 1957- -Haverhill, Mass. Ground Observer Corps reported a circular or spherical glowing object which appeared to vibrate up and down and from side to side while hovering. [VII]

November 5, 1957--Long Beach, California. Air Force Major, others at Municipal Airport saw 6 shiny circular UFOs "changing course instantaneously without loss of speed like planes in a dogfight."

November 6, 1957--Nr. Danville, Illinois. State Police chased UFO for 15 miles, experienced radio failure.

November 6, 1957--Nr. Atlanta, Ga. Three truckers independently reported seeing reddish elliptical objects on the road.

November 6, 1957--Montville, Ohio. Olden Moore case; low, hovering Saturn-like disc, abnormal radioactivity later detected in area. [IX, XII]

November 7, 1957--Lake Charles, Louisiana. Silvery disc hovered, car motor failed.

November 7,1957--El Paso, Texas, Times: "Some of the nation's top scientists are 'pretty shook up' about the mysterious flying objects sighted in New Mexico and West Texas skies this week, said Charles Capen (a scientist at White Sands). 'This is something that hasn't happened before,' (he said)."

November 10, 1957--Hammond, Indiana. Police chased an elongated UFO; electromagnetic interference reported.

November 11, 1957--Nr. Los Angeles, California. Airline passenger saw elliptical UFO flying low over ground below plane. [VII]

November 11, 1957--San Fernando Valley, Calif. Rocketdyne engineers observed three UFOs climbing at high speed. [VI]


November 15, 1957--Carthage, Tenn. Highway patrolman, sheriff, others saw many flashing revolving red lights which moved around slowly, hovered. [VII]

November 22, 1957--Canutillo, Texas. Silvery UFO sped back and forth, ascended. [VII]

December 12, 1957--Chatham, Windsor area, Canada. Trans- Canada Airlines pilot, many police, saw orange oval UFO curving rapidly at low altitude. [X]

December 1957--Pacific Ocean. Photograph of alleged disc- shaped UFO. [VIII]

December 1, 1957--Los Angeles, California. Formation of oval UFOs photographed. [VIII]

December 12, 1957--Tokyo, Japan. Radar-visual sighting of vari-colored UFO, jets scrambled. [VIII]

December 16, 1957--Old Saybrook, Conn. Elliptical UFO with "portholes." [XII]


January 3, 1958--Hawaii. Group of round UFOs reportedly photographed. [VIII]

January 9, 1958--Marion, Illinois. Three reports of seven red lighted objects in straight line formation. [II]

January 16, 1958- -Trindade Isle, Brazil. Saturn-shaped UFO observed and photographed from on board IGY ship Almirante Saldanha. [VIII]

January 30, 1958- -Lima, Peru. Lawyer and family saw a circular UFO hover; car headlights went out. [VIII, Xl

February 2, 1958--N.S.W., Australia. Elliptical UFO with two 'porthole" like markings. XII]

February 9, 1958--Troy, Michigan. Oval UFO photographed. [VIII]

March 3, 1958--Nr. Marshall, Texas. Family saw two bright, planet-like objects with 6 or 7 smaller lights moving around them. [II]

March 8, 1958--Korea. Air Force radar tracked slowly descending UFO. [VIII]

March 20, 1958--Henrietta, Missouri. Saturn-like disc descended, hovered, moved away. [XII]

April 2, 1958--Columbus, Ohio. Cigar-shaped UFO with long row of "portholes or windows." [XII]

April 4, 1958--Santa Monica, Calif. Cigar-shaped UFO with "windows" observed in rapid vertical climb. [XII]

April 7, 1958--Newport Beach, California. Police watched two UFOs with flashing body lights, maneuver near coastline. [VII]

Similar sightings for two nights in El Toro and Santa Ana. April 9, l958--Cleveland, Ohio. Nine yellow UFOs in V- formation; split into two groups (5 and 4). [II]

April 11, 1958--Johannesburg, S. Africa. Airport instrument inspector, others watched reddish-white UFO arc back and forth.

April 14, 1958--Albuquerque, N. Mex. Air Force Staff Sergeant saw large formation of unidentified lights. [III]

May 5, 1958--San Carlos, Uruguay. Well-known pilot watched a brilliant object come near his plane, felt intense heat. [X]

May 17, 1958--Ft. Lauderdale, Florida. UFO sped away when light was shone at it. [II]

May 25, 1958--Kirchberg, Hunsruck, Germany. Circular silvery UFO observed moving through clouds. [X]

May 27, 1958--Bahia State Coast, Brazil. Varig Airlines pilot watched a brightly luminous circular object maneuver under his plane. [X]

June 4, 1958--Sarasota, Florida. White oval-shaped object zigzagged overhead. [XII]

June 23, 1958- -Nr. England AFB, Louisiana. State policeman photographed two round UFOs. [VIII]

July 17, 1958--Chitose AFB, Japan. Radar-visual sighting of circling reddish light. [III

July 26, 1958--Durango, Colorado. Ground Observer Corps Supervisor spotted a round silvery object moving "at tremendous speed." [VIII

Summer 1958--Air Force Base. Southwest United States. Two maneuvering UFOs evaded jet interceptors. [VIII]

August 11, 1958--Chautauqua Lake, N.Y. Engineering professor observed unidentified lights arranged as if on oval object. [VI]

August 17, 1958--Kansas City, Kansas. Dome-shaped disc with "portholes" followed jets, hovered. [XII]

August 24, 1958- -Westwood, N. J. Police reported a circular, orange UFO which hovered, sped away. [VII]

September 7, 1958--Mission, Kansas. Publisher saw white disc speed overhead. [VII]

September 8, 1958--Offutt AFB, Omaha, Nebraska. Air Force Major, other officers, observed rocket-like UFO with satellite objects. [III]

September 21, 1958--Sheffield Lake, Ohio. Disc hovered near ground. [IX]

October 2, 1958- -Nr. Blairstown, New Jersey. Zoologist watched disc circling and maneuvering. [VI]

October 3, 1958--Nr. Rossville, Ind. Crew of freight train reported four disc-like objects followed train for over an hour, reacted to light. [II]

October 7, 1958--Nantucket, Mass. Ship's Master, others watched a grayish oval object hover for several minutes, then climb away at high speed. [VII]

October 12, 1958--Aurora, Illinois. Police reported several yellowish UFOs moving in all directions. [VII]

October 26, 1958--Baltimore, Maryland. Hovering elliptical UFO flashed, shot up out of sight. [XII]

October 26, 1958--Lafayette, Indiana. Research chemist saw 2-3 bright objects pass through field of telescope. [VI]

November 1958- -Dewline radar tracked UFO which descended, moved horizontally, climbed out of radar beam. [VIII]

November 5, 1958--Conway, N. H. Hovering light suddenly sped away. [XII]

December 20, 1958--Dunellen, New Jersey. Police patrol observed a bright red, pulsating elliptical object which approached, hovered, then "went straight up like a shot." [I]


January 1, 1959--Newport Beach, California. County Harbor Department guards watched UFO split in four parts; two rose vertically at high speed, one headed SE, one remained stationary. [XII]

January 8, 1959--Nr. Walworth, Wisconsin. Former control tower operator and flight controller saw UFO descend slowly, then speed away like meteor. [V]

January 13, 1959- -Pymatuning Lake, Penna. UFO hovered over truck causing electrical failure. [II, VIII]

January 23, 1959--Panama. Bright silver object arced across sky, tracked by U.S. radar. [VIII]

February 4, 1959--Gulf of Mexico. Reddish light sped back and forth across course of Pan American Airways plane, then disappeared at high speed in vertical climb. [V]

February 9, 1959--Imperial Beach, California. Bright UFO with halo filmed. [VIII]

February 24, 1959--Pennsylvania. American and United Airlines planes paced by three glowing objects. [V, IX]

February 26, 1959--London, England. Air Traffic Controllers, others saw a bright yellow disc which hovered for 20 minutes above airport, then climbed away at high speed. [X]

April 3, 1959--Ocoee, Florida. Treasury enforcement officer saw UFO ascending and descending. [VII]

April 12, 1959--Montreal, Canada. St. Hubert Air Base Control Tower Operators, others saw red light which hovered over base, then darted away. [X]

May 14, 1959--Des Moines, Iowa. UFO hovered, sped away. [XII]

June 3, 1959--Nr. Bloomington, Indiana. Torpedo-shaped UFO hovered, dove out of sight. [XII]

June 11, 1959--Henderson, Nevada. Security officers observed a formation of four disc-like objects. [VII]

June 27, 1959--New Guinea. Anglican priest and natives reported seeing figures on top of hovering disc. (XlV)

July 8, 1959--Columbus, Indiana. Family in car chased three pulsating object seen moving slowly at low altitude in V-formation. (Two WTTV employees saw similar formation few minutes earlier, 25-30 miles away.) [II]


July 11, 1959--Pacific Ocean, 900 miles NE of Hawaii. Pan American Airways crews, other pilots, watched UFO with satellite objects make sharp turn. [X]

July 12, 1959- -Nr Ridgecrest, California. Electronics mechanic at China Lake U S. Naval Ordnance Test Station saw three disc-like UFOs which alternately hovered and moved at high speeds over desert to the Southwest. [IV]

July 13, 1959--Blenheim, N. Z. Domed disc descended, hovered. [XIV]

July 14, 1959--Pampuiha, Belo Horizonte, Minas Gerais State. Luminous object followed FAB (Brazilian Air Force) B-26, hovered near airport. [X]

August 24, 1959--Nr. Emmitsburg, Maryland. Planet-like UFO hovered, took off straight up. [XII]

September 7, 1959- -Wallingford, Kentucky. Bluish disc-like UFO low over ground, observed by mail carrier, rose suddenly and sped away; left stained ring on ground. [XII]

September 24, 1959--Redmond, Oregon. Federal Aviation Agency personnel watched disc hover near airport, ascend into clouds as interceptors approached. [V]

October 7, 1959--Nr. Forrest City, Arkansas. Kentucky Air National Guard pilot chased glowing object. [V]

October 20, 1959--Key West, Florida. Navy enlisted men watched two UFOs rendezvous, speed away. [IV]

October 28, 1959--Valparaiso, Chile. Astronomer, others, observed maneuvering orange disc. [X]

December 24, 1959--Air Force Inspector General's Brief issued to Operations and Training Commands: "UFOs SERIOUS BUSINESS"; UFO investigating officers to be equipped with Geiger counters, camera, binoculars, other equipment.


1960--Cincinnati, Ohio. Kentucky Air National Guard pilot chased round UFO. [V]

February 1960- -Dr. S Fred Singer (Special space adviser to President Eisenhower) supported the view that the Martian moon Phobos might be artificial; added.' "I would be very disappointed if it turns out to be solid." (ASTRONAUTICS Magazine)

February 3, 1960- -Intervale, New Haven. Former Air Force PT Boat Commander watched UFOs rendezvous, travel in formation. [VII]

February 5/6, 1960--Hollywood, California. Several witnesses (about 11.15 p.m. each night) saw a distinct round UFO hover and maneuver slowly. [Los Angeles NICAP Subcommittee investigation report on file.]

February 14, 1969--Nome, Alaska. Airline employee, others, saw a silvery Rocket like object with orange flame trail curving up and away "as if it were manned and controlled." A similar second UFO was sighted at Unalakleet moving rapidly NW leaving contrails. [X]

February 16, l960--Laguna Beach, California; Retired chemical manufacturing company executive observed rendezvous of two oval UFOs. [VII]

March 4, 1960- -Dubuque, Iowa. Flying instructor saw three glowing blue-white elliptical objects, in-line formation. [V]

April 25, 1960--Plymouth, N.H. Former Town Selectman saw bright red cigar-shaped UFO hover, speed away. [VII]

May 4, 1960--Sarasota, Florida. Cigar-shaped UFO with four window-like markings sighted by architect. [XII]

May 18, 1960--Wellington, N.Z. Cigar-shaped UFO with 'portholes." [XII]

May 22, 1960--Majorca Isle, Mediterranean Sea. Palma Observatory reported morning observation of a white triangular UFO, about one-fourth the size of the moon, spinning on its axis. [VI]

May 24, 1960- -Ocumare del Tuy, Venezuela. Several doctors, a topographer and policemen saw three UFOS, in-line formation, which landed in a heavily wooded area on a hilltop; diamond- shaped scorched marking found at landing site. [VIII]

June 8, 1960--New York City. Elliptical UFO sighted by biochemist. [VI]

July 1, 1960- -Nr. Leefe, Wyoming. Hovering disc like "two dinner plates face to face," ascended and sped away. {XII]

July 2, 1960--Nr. Maiquetia, Venezuela. Pilot and crew of Venezuelan Airlines Super-Constellation arriving from Spain, reported plane was followed by a luminous UFO. [X]

July 24, 1960--Portville, N. Y. State policeman reported two dumbbell-like UFOs. [VII]

August 13, 1960--Red Bluff, California. State Police reported highly maneuverable elliptical UFO. [VII]

August 13-18, 1960- - California. Concentration of UFO sightings, mostly in north, including many police witnesses. (See Section XII)

August 15, 1960--Policy letter to Commanders, from office of Secretary of Air Force: The USAF maintains a "continuous surveillance of the atmosphere near Earth for unidentified flying objects -- UFOs."

August 16, 1960--Oak Forest, Illinois. Former Air Force pilot saw disc-like UFO which hovered, bobbed around. [V]

August 25, 1960--Mystery satellite seen for several days, photo graphed by Grumman Aircraft Corporation.

August 26, 1960--Mesa, Arizona. UFO observed by chemistry teacher, pilot. [VII]

September 4, 1960--Lexington, Kentucky. Former Strategic Air Command radar technician saw a glowing sphere traveling from horizon to horizon. [VI]

September 5, 1960- -Sonoma County, California. Sheriffs observed six van-colored UFOs flying in V-formation. [VII]

September 15, 1960--Carrizales, Venezuela. Professor of engineering observed accelerating luminous object. [X]

September 28, 1960--Arlington, Texas. Aeronautical engineer observed erratically maneuvering UFO. [V]

About October 3, 1960--Canadian Broadcasting Corporation newscast (October 10): "The sighting of six flying saucers and a 'mother ship' has been reported from the Australian island state of Tasmania. A Church of England minister says he saw the mysterious craft nearly one week ago, but was reluctant to report them. The clergyman finally did report the matter when other People in the area said today, they too had seen strange objects in the sky."

October 9, 1960--Longpoint, Illinois. Minister and others saw golden, elliptical UFO hover, move away. [VII]

October 27, 1960--Lexington, Kentucky. Attorney saw disc hover, move away. [VII]

November 24, 1960--Ohio. White elliptical UFO observed by scientist. [VI]

December 5, 1960--Major Donald E. Keyhoe, USMC, ret., (NICAP Director) debated Lt. Colonel Lawrence J. Tacker (Air Force UFO Spokesman) on Dave Garroway's "Today" program.

December 14, 1960--Brookings Institution report discussed effects of meeting extraterrestrial life: "It is Possible that if the intelligence of these creatures were sufficiently superior to ours, they would choose to have little if any contact with us. " (New York rimes, Dec.15, 1960)


January 1961--Missile Base. Hovering, maneuvering UFO tracked on radar during missile test. [VIII]

January 10, 1961--Benjamin, Texas. Glowing red, zigzagging UFO observed from air by pilot (also from ground by others); maneuvered and landed on large overgrown field. [V]

January 22, 1961--Eglin AFB, Florida. An elliptical UFO, metallic looking, approached from over the Gulf, made a U-turn and sped back over the Gulf. Photographed on 8 mm movie film by a businessman. [VIII]

February 5-7, 1961--Maine. Many reports of strange lights flashing around in sky. Some blinked and moved up and down. Portland Press Herald editorial, Feb. 9: "Mysterious objects 'lit up like a ball of fire and going fast' zoom over Portland. Unidentified shapes with green, yellow and red lights hover over Brunswick then dart away with 'unbelievable quickness.' Strange things are happening. .. The military had us just about convinced that no such objects existed. The only trouble was that many people - good, reliable observers - continued to see these things."

February 7, 1961--Kennebunkport, Maine. The president of an advertising agency saw a bright red hemispherical UFO which hovered, then suddenly sped away. [VII]


February 28, 1961--Nr. Lakeville, Mass. A bright yellow elongated UFO with dark red edge, surrounded by black "smoke", was seen after witnesses heard a roaring noise. House lights failed as UFO made two passes over area. [VIII]

March 16, 1961--Antarctica. Meteorologist observed a fire ball-like object, multi-colored, below overcast. [VI]

April 9, 1961--Kingsville, Texas. Round red UFO descended, hovered, sped away. [XII]

May l 961--Joint statement by 21 American Scientists released by NICAP Calls for open investigation of UFOs without secrecy, the need for a more thorough investigation shown by circumstantial evidence. States the Air Force should have more straight forward information policy, specifically to give out all facts on major UFO sightings.

May (first week) 1961--Union Mills, Indiana. Hemispherical UFO with "portholes", on road; took off as car approached. [XII]

May 19, 1961--Long Beach, Calif. Twelve shiny UFOs maneuvered erratically over the area at 3:50 p.m., with an odd fluttering motion; then two loud "sky quakes" were heard. [XII]

May 20, 1961--Tyndall AFB, Florida. Air Police observed unidentified light diving and climbing. [III]

May 25, 1961--Shepperton, Middlesex, England. Domed UFO with "portholes." [XII]

May 29, 1961--Newark, Ohio. Boy filmed unidentified light. [VIII]

June 4, 1961--Blue Ridge Summit, Pa. A cigar-shaped or long elliptical UFO with a cluster of smaller UFOs was observed by a librarian. First motionless, the smaller objects then streaked across the sky to the large UFO and all vanished behind trees. [VII]

June 19, 1961--Exeter, England. A "flying object" was re ported to have hovered for more than an hour above an airport. Officials said: "We do not know what it is. It was seen on the radar screen and we have had it under observation for some time. We think it is pretty big. It appears to be shining brightly and is about 50,000 feet up." [VIII]

July 4, 1961--Akron, Ohio. A glowing green and white object dove at a plane, stopped suddenly and climbed away at tremendous speed. (July 5, same pilot sighted similar object; also seen visually and tracked on radar at Cleveland airport). [V]

July 24, 1961--Ilha Grande, Brazil. An intensely luminous UFO maneuvered sharply around a VASP Airlines plane. [X]

August 4, 1961--Letter to NICAP member from Rep. Thomas W. Downing: "The Bureau manager (of Newsweek) informs me that his information indicates that an investigation of the UFO phenomenon is being contemplated by the Science and Astronautics Committee. The information that I was provided indicates that Congressman Joseph E. Karth of Minnesota may serve as Chairman of the three-man subcommittee. " (See Section XIII)

August 17, 1961--Stillwater, Minn. A V-formation of yellowish lights (or V-shaped UFO with body lights) passed behind trees at low altitude. [II]

September 13, 1961--Crawfordsville, Indiana. 4:00 a.m. Three people reported a round, orange UFO which moved rapidly east to west, stopped and hovered for 5 minutes, then accelerated rapidly disappearing in the distance. [XII]

September 19/20, 1961--Nr. N. Woodstock, N.H. Disc-shaped UFO seen at close range; "beings" reportedly visible through windows. (XIV)

September 21, 1961--Pacific Ocean, nr. Wake Island. Airline pilots, ship, reported a bright white circular UFO. [X]

October 2, 1961--Salt Lake City, Utah. Disc-shaped UFO maneuvered away from investigating aircraft. [I]

October 12, 1961--Indianapolis, Indiana. Spherical UFO with a row of pulsating lights viewed from many angles by different observers. [XII]

October 21, 1961--Nr. Datil, N. Mex. Four lights paced car, maneuvered, shot away upward. [II]

October 30, 1961--Ligonier, Penna. Engineer observed four luminous blue discs with bands of lights or "portholes" on outer periphery. [I]

November 1961--Green Bank, W. Va. Government (National Academy of Sciences) sponsored secret discussions on space life, possibility of communicating with alien worlds. (New York Times, February 4, 1962)

November 22, 1961- -Nr. Grafton, N.D. Metallurgist observed a hovering, grayish cigar-shaped UFO with "portholes". [VI]


January 29, 1962--Eastern Holland. Radar-visual sighting by Dutch AF F-86 pilot. [X]

February 9, 1962- -Ashton Clinton, Beds., England. Disc-like UFO with apparent dome, "portholes", hovered low Over road. [VIII, XII]

February 11, 1962- -Parque del Este, Caracas, Venezuela. Formations of UFOs, about 16 objects in all, were observed by many people. Sr. Carlos Pineda, at nearby Humboldt Planetarium, witnessed one of the UFOs, described as "a body giving off a brilliant light. . . moving at great altitude as if towards the moon." [X]

February 20, 1962--Col. John Glenn orbital flight, Project Mercury.

April 24 & 25, 1962--Philadelphia, Penna. Series of UFO sightings over area. April 24: Circular UFO with body lights, apparent dome on top, shafts of white light directed downward from base. Center section had rotating row of square "windows." [XII]

April 30, 1962- -X-15 flight, piloted by Joe Walker; Photograph (no visual sighting) 5 or 6 "disc-shaped or. . cylindrical" objects . Slides later shown in Seattle conference. NlCAP unable to obtain prints.

May 1962--At least twelve UFOs sighted in Argentina in May. Official reports and newspaper chronology given NICAP by Argentine Embassy include four sightings by Argentine Navy pilots, two reported landing cases. (See Section XlI Argentine Chronology.)

May 18, 1962--Pompano Beach, Florida. Cigar-shaped UFO, brilliantly lighted below, dark on top. Hovered, sped away. [VII]

May 20, 1962--Defiance, Ohio. Scientist, others, watched maneuvering light source, brilliant blue changing to yellow. [VI]

May 21, 1962--England. Irish International Airlines pilot watched spherical UFO pass below aircraft. [X]

May 24, 1962--Astronaut Scott Carpenter, Project Mercury orbital flight.

May 26, 1962--Westfield, Mass. "Round, slightly oval, bright red object, giving off sparks from top and bottom. Center. ...yellowish or white. . case is listed as unidentified." (Air Force Project Blue Book 1962 Summary.)

May 27, 1962--Palmer, Alaska. Two triangular UFOs, diving and climbing. Unidentified. (Air Force Project Blue Book 1962 Summary.)

June 30, 1962- -Richmond, Va. Circular red object with some white observed 10 minutes. Went from 20 degree elevation, 169 degrees azimuth to 13-1/2 degree elevation, 132 degrees azimuth. Unidentified. (Air Force Project Blue Book 1962 Summary)

July 10, 1962--New Iberia, Louisiana. Disc-shaped UFO with rotating dome on top swept low over Naval Auxiliary Air Station, slowed over area of runway and hangar, then climbed out of sight at 20 to 30 degrees angle accelerating rapidly. [IV]

July 17, 1962--X-15 flight, Maj. Bob White pilot. Photographs and visual sighting of unidentified object "like a piece of paper," gray-white. Observed to left of aircraft "going along with the ship" for about 5 seconds, then "darted above and behind the plane."

July 30, 1962--Ocean Springs, Miss. "Diamond-shaped object, mostly round, sometimes rectangular. Color bright cherry red varying in intensity as it maneuvered. Performed intricate maneuvers. Moved slowly, sometimes stationary -- then darted up and over, etc." Case listed as unidentified. (Air Force Project Blue Book 1962 Summary.)

August 2, 1962--Liberal, Kansas. Series of brightly lighted colored objects seen by airline pilot, airport personnel, and passengers at airport. [V]

September 8, 1962 - - Floresta, Argentine. "Burnished metal" lens-shaped UFO sighted by Argentine Navy pilot. [X, XII]

Northeast New Jersey Concentration

September 15-28, 1962--Northeast New Jersey, across the Hud son River from New York City, was the scene of a definite flurry of sightings of UFOs, with the heaviest concentration in the Oradell-Hawthorne area.


Sept.15 -- At 6 p.m., ex-Navy electronics officer, J S McVicker reported two "silver dollars" apparently revolving as they passed over W. Nyack, N.Y. At about 7:55 p.m., five boys reported a disc which hovered over the Oradell reservoir, touched down on it, then took off silently at high speed. Later, two other boys said they had seen a very bright light moving back and forth over the edge of the reservoir, following which a loud explosion was heard.

Sept.18 -- 4 a.m.; Two Westwood, N.J., policemen reported a 7-8 second observation of a huge object, round at the top and tapering to a cone.
                 4:45 a.m.; Two Oradell policemen reported a brilliant light in the sky.
                 7:55 p.m.; A family in Hawthorne watched a greenish disc descend low over their house.

Sept. 20 -- Early in the morning, a watchman, William Stock, of Hawthorne, reported a saucer-shaped object which hovered and moved from side to side as it shone bright enough to illuminate a huge area.

Sept. 21 -- At 3:40 a.m., William Stock and four invited policemen spent a half hour watching a round object with two apparently revolving body lights. At 4 a. m., two policemen, between Hawthorne and North Haledon, watched a bright light revolving and moving up and down and from side to side for about 35 minutes.
                 That night, 4 young persons in Hawthorne re ported seeing a bright star-like object with tight beams coming from it.

Sept. 23 -- In the middle of the day a Hawthorne woman and her son saw an oblong, silvery object, for about 10 seconds.

Sept. 24. -- Early in the morning, a group consisting of the head of an independent news agency, a photographer and numerous policemen watched, for 10 minutes, an object which changed from red to silver to green and back to red. In the evening, a Hawthorne patrolman watched a light approach, hover for 15 minutes and then move away.

Sept. 28. -- Police from seven counties reported seeing UFOs between 2:30 and 3:30 a.m. Most reported three objects which changed color.


September 18, 1962--Northeast Ohio. Six policemen sighted UFOs about the same time. One hovering object, two maneuvering. [VII]

October 3, 1962--Chicago, Ill. City of Chicago official watched circular UFO with dome move across lower half of moon. [VII]

October 25, 1962--Delta, Colorado. Police dispatcher saw round glowing object from radio room window. State patrolman and Cedaredge Marshal observed two UFOs "like an inverted umbrella with a number of bright, tail-like appendages." [VII]

November 19, 1962--Tampa, Florida. Three star-like objects approached horizontally, hovered. "Impression was that objects were under intelligent control at all times." Unidentified. (Air Force Project Blue Book 1962 Summary.

December 12, 1962- -Amagasaki City, Japan. Five students saw, and independently sketched, Saturn-shaped UFO. [X]

December 21, 1962--Angel Falls, Venezuela. Bright teardrop- shaped light apparently rising from jungle floor filmed from aircraft. [VIII]

December 22, 1962--Buenos Aires, Argentina. At Ezeiza Air port, pilots and control tower operators saw circular UFO rise from end of runway. [X]


January 5, 1963--The National Academy of Sciences, Space Science Board, released a report (Pub. No. 1079) urging that a search or extraterrestrial Life "be proclaimed the top-priority
goal a our space Program."

January 24, 1963- -Lexington, Ky. Post Office safety engineer saw a round UFO traveling east to west, and a delta-wing aircraft north to south. UFO's line of flight intersected aircraft path at right angles. [Report via Bluegrass NICAP Affiliate, Lexington, Ky.]

February 5, 1963--Nr. Washington, D. C. Private pilot, newsman passenger, watched a pulsating yellow-white light maneuver around their plane. [V]

February 15, 1963--SE of Melbourne, Australia. Farmer watched disc-shaped object with dome descend through rain clouds, hover, then climb away; cattle bolted. [Witness interviewed by Attorney Peter Norris, NICAP member.]

March 11, 1963- -Oahu, Hawaii. Brilliant light headed west and leaving a trail observed by many people just after 8:00 p.m. Two National Guard pilots flying jets about 40 miles west of Honolulu reported UFO was "much higher" than their altitude of 40,000 feet and moving "very fast." Possibly an observation of the recently announced A-11. (At 7:28 p.m., Pacific Time, a newsboy in El Sobrante, California, saw two oval-shaped yellow lights pass over the San Francisco Bay area from north to south, traveling at high-speed.)

March 12, 1963--Paine, Chile. Members of the Santiago NICAP Subcommittee observed a pulsating luminous white sphere about 7:50 p.m. The UFO moved from north to south, disappearing in the distance after about a minute.

May 21, 1963--Nr. Mt. Gambler, Australia. Unconfirmed report that a brilliant light followed a car. A youth stated the object was at side of road, rose suddenly as he approached, hovered overhead, then followed car. The Dominion, Adelaide, reported May 22 this was "the second report of such an occurrence in a week."

May 23, 1963--Sunnyvale, Calif. Bluish disc observed hovering and circling slowly, apparently at tree-top height; rose vertically and disappeared. [Report via Bay Area NiCAP Subcommittee.]

June 16, 1963--Palmerston, North City, N.Z A college student observed two brilliant lights descending in zigzag fashion. The UFOs hovered stationary for about 5 seconds, then "suddenly shot off at very great speed, at first in level flight across my front, then climbed up into the sky at approximately 45 degrees to disappear." [Witness interviewed by NICAP Adviser Harold H. Fulton.]

June 18, 1963--Niagara Falls, N. Y. An unidentified object flashing various colors moved around erratically for over two hours. Witnesses in separate locations described the maneuvers similarly. About 10:00 p.m., the UFO moved from west to east, reversed direction and headed back west. Later, it headed south east rising higher in the sky. Local astronomers and airport officials could not account for the object. [Report from NICAP member.]

June 19, 1963--Burlington, Mass. An unidentified white light was observed descending, changing color; finally appeared silvery. The UFO then circled the area, disappearing behind objects on the visible horizon. [Report via Walter N. Webb, Boston NICAP Adviser.]

June 21, 1963--Chicago, Ill. A student saw a gray, apparently spherical UFO with a central row of yellow lights. Apparently at low altitude, the object made a "sizzling sound" as it moved east, turned sharply and disappeared to the north. [Witness filed NICAP report form.]

June 26, 1963--Pine Crest, Calif. Four glowing greenish objects with halos were observed by a technician, many others. Three objects moving westerly were approached by a similar object from the west. The fourth object stopped and hovered as the three approached, split formation, and continued west. Then the fourth object continued east. [Report via Bay Area NICAP Subcommittee.]

June 26, 1963--Rockland, Mass. About 1:00 a.m., witnesses attracted by a loud roar observed a Saturn-shaped UFO. The object hovered, then moved away horizontally. The shape was observed in silhouette, partly illuminated by a white light on top and orange light on bottom. [Witnesses interviewed by NICAP member Raymond Fowler.]

July 1963--Boston, Mass. An advertising plane caused several erroneous UFO reports. (Aircraft identified by NICAP Adviser, Walter N. Webb.)

July 18, 1963--Sunnyvale, Calif. A technical writer for United Technology Center saw a disc-shaped UFO hovering in the sky.


He exposed 8 mm color film of the object using a 36 mm telephoto lens. (A few frames of the film were submitted to NICAP, but the image is too small to show detail.) When four jet interceptors converged on the UFO (three from the west and one from the east), it drifted westward tilting back and forth, "then pulled up in a short are and shot up out of sight in an estimated three seconds." [Report via flay Area NICAP Subcommittee.]

July 20, 1963--Springfield, Ill. About 7:50 p.m., a shiny silver object was observed hovering at high altitude. The UFO moved up and down, back and forth, but remained in the same area of the sky. About dusk, the object (now resembling a bright star) began moving across the sky, picking up speed, and disappeared in the distance. [Witness filed NICAP report form.]

August 1, 1963--Garston, Herts., England. A former RAF pilot, and flying instructor, observed a triangular UFO which hovered for a 'long period of time, then climbed out of sight. An air traffic controller four miles away also observed the UFO. [FLIGHT International, 15 August 1963.]

Illinois Sightings

From August 4 into mid-month, there was a flurry of UFO sightings, mostly in southern Illinois. An advertising plane in the Chicago area caused some erroneous reports about the same time. Once the reports had been publicized, the planet Jupiter also was reported as a UFO on a few occasions. The Vincennes, Indiana, NICAP Subcommittee investigated several of the key cases, submitting taped interviews and investigation reports.

August 4, 1963--Wayne County, Illinois. Ronald Austin (18) and his girl friend, returning home from a drive-in theater, noticed a large white object at tree-top level pacing the car. At one point, the UFO crossed the road ahead of the car. During the closest pass, a whining noise drowned out the car radio. Ronald was terrified by the experience, and needed medical attention. (Police and others later saw a light in the sky, probably the planet Jupiter.)

August 7, 1963--Nr. Fairfield, Ill. Chauncey Uphoff and Mike Hill had their attention attracted to a UFO when Uphoff's dogs began barking. Looking up, they saw a yellow-orange diamond- shaped object traveling west to east. The UFO made a sharp turn, headed toward the observers, changing color from orange to gray, and finally to blue-white. The object continued its U- turn, tilting on edge, and turned southeast. After hovering briefly, the UFO took off at a 45 degree angle toward Grayville.

August 9, 1963--Mount Vernon, Ill. Former Mayor Harry Bishop watched a large, bright red light follow a car along Centralia road. When the car stopped, the UFO stopped and hovered, then moved away at right angles to its original course.

August 6, 1963--Sanford, Florida, Orvil Hartle, Chairman of the LaPorte, Indiana NICAP Subcommittee, on a brief visit to Florida, observed a UFO. He obtained a full report with signatures of 13 additional witnesses. The object appeared in the northwest sky first as a red, then a white moving light. To the west, the star-like light hovered, then moved south. To the south, the object began a series of gyrations and pulsated on and off, visible intermittently. It moved up and down, back and forth, once emitting a flare of greenish-white light.

August 13, 1963--Honolulu, Hawaii. While vacationing in Hawaii, a chemist observed a UFO and reported it to NICAP. Dr. Richard Turse, Princeton, N.J., about 11:30 p.m., saw a round reddish object pass overhead from southwest to northeast. The UFO "traveled across the sky at great speed making two sharp turns at the same speed."

August 13, 1963- -Nr. Ellsworth, Maine. A family and their housekeeper observed an elliptical object, apparently on the ground adjoining Molasses Pond, for more than an hour. Body lights were visible along its length, and rays of light shone upward from each end of the object occasionally. [Witnesses interviewed by Walter N. Webb, NICAP Adviser.]

August 18, 1963--Ft. Kent, Maine. A silvery disc-shaped UFO was seen by two young boys, whose parents agreed they must have seen something unusual. The disc passed from north to south, emitting a hum intermittently.

September 14, 1963--Susanville, Calif. (Satellite object case; see Section II.) Round UFO accelerated, joined a 'long" object. "An unusual report from a competent witness. Unidentified.', (Air Force Project Blue Book 1963 Summary.)

September 20, 1963--Huntsville, Arkansas. A rancher reported watching an egg-shaped Urn moving eastward about 10 degrees above the southern horizon. Through binoculars, a dark spot was visible near the top of the object. As it proceeded west, the UFO dimmed, turning orange, and faded from view after 10-15 minutes. [Witness reported sighting to NICAP.]

September 26, 1963--Sunnyvale, Calif. Police officer, many others, observed a gray disc with central bright spot, moving on a westerly course at high speed. [VII]

October 4, 1963--East Hartland, Conn. State Representative L. B. Martin, about 1:00 p.m., saw a silvery triangular object with a row of black dots across the leading edge. The UFO passed overhead, emitting a flame-like tail, at an estimated speed of 2000 mph. [Report obtained by NICAP-CONN Affiliate.]

October 23, 1963--Meridian, Idaho. Shiny disc hovered, emitting "loud pulsating sound," maneuvered across sky and disappeared . Unidentified, (Air Force Project Blue Book 1963 Summary.)

October 31, 1963--Daylston, Victoria, Australia. A delivery man on his rounds at 4:15 a.m., was frightened by a UFO which approached his van, turned and followed his course just ahead. The object seemed to be 8-12 feet long, glowing orange and red. It then darted to the side of the road, continuing to pace the van for a while, finally zooming ahead over a hill and apparently descending. It was not seen again. Other witnesses reported seeing a maneuvering light at the time of the sighting.

November 3, 1963--Corona, N. Y. A Pan American Airways mechanic, about 1:30 a.m., noticed a star-like object maneuvering across the northern sky. The light moved rapidly, slowed and seemed to "shudder," then changed course by about 45 degrees. Finally it made a 90-degree turn, accelerated, turned again and disappeared from view. [Report obtained by New York NICAP Subcommittee.

November 12, 1963--Port Huron, Michigan. Deputy Sheriffs chased a low-flying UFO which first appeared as a white flashing light. At times the object seemed to have a "big divided window" on it. When the UFO hovered, the deputies approached and flashed their squad car light. Then a flashing red light became visible on the UFO. The object finally moved away to the northwest making a motor-like sound. Other residents reported a flashing light and "high-pitched" or "whining" noises at the same time.

November 14, 1963--Carson City Nevada. A huge bluish- green disc was seen hovering in the northwest sky about 4:45 a.m. Mrs. Blanche Pritchett said she was listening to her radio when a bright light shining through her drapes caused her to look outdoors. As she watched the hovering object, her radio went off. A brilliant shaft of light from the UFO illuminated a hill top. Suddenly the UFO blacked out and disappeared, after which the radio resumed playing. Other residents reported odd glows in the sky that morning. [VIII]

November 20, 1963- -Neche, N.D. Two high school girls reported that a bright orange, oval-shaped object circled their car at night while they were en route home. They were on highway 55 east of town when they first saw the UFO. It appeared to be surrounded by a light haze. The glowing object sped across in front of the car and circled around the side before disappearing to the southeast.

December 2, 1963--Grand Rapids, Michigan. A motorist stopped at a traffic light about 9:30 a.m., noticed a strange object "glittering in the sun." Then the object tipped on edge (revealing a disc shape) and quickly sped away to the southeast. The shape was "like a pancake."

December 5, 1963--Nr. Carrasco, Uruguay. An oval UFO, metallic-looking like aluminum, was observed hovering in the clear morning sky by hundreds at a resort. One description said the object "balanced gently in the air."


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