Date & Location UFO
Remarks & Notes
9-21-1741; Bradly, England Strands 5-6 inches long "fell with some velocity" for hours
in great quantity .[from Charles Fort]
9-20-1892; Gainesville, Florida Vast quantity "like great white sheets," some "50 yards or
more in length. "[Proceedings Entomological Society of
Washington, D.C., Vol II (1892) ppg. 385-388]
11-21-1898; Montgomery, Alabama Strands several inches long fell in batches; reportedly
phosphorescent. [from Charles Fort]
11-10-49; Depues Ferry, Pennsylvania X ["Inside Saucer Post ... 3-0 Blue," Stringfield, p. 49]
10-11-50; Butte County, California X Sample analyzed by Dr. Willis J. Gertsch, Museum of
Natural History; identified as gossamer.[ Natural History,
January 1951]
10-11-50; Paradise. California X X Partial dissipation reported, leaving "tough white threads--
resembling a spider web, but of much tougher consistency."
[Chico Enterprise-Record, October 12, 1950]
10-17-52; Oloron, France X X Fibers burned like cellophane when ignited. ["The Truth
about Flying Saucers," Michel, ppg. 146-7]
10-27-52; Gaillac, France X X [ibid., p. 148]
4-15-53; Auckland, New Zealand X ["Challenge of UFOs," Maney & Hall, p. 59]
5-30-53; Christchurch, New Zealand X [ibid., p. 59]
10-9-53; Melbourne, Australia X [ibid., p. 59]
10-13-53; Pleasant Hill, California X [ibid., p. 59]
11-16-53; San Fernando Valley,
X X [Pageant, November 1954]
10-19-54; Fort Wayne, Indiana [Stringfield, op. cit., ppg. 40-42]
10-22-54; Marysville, Ohio X X [Maney & Hall, op. cit., ppg. 40-42]
10-28-54; Rome, Italy X [Ibid., p. 59]
11-4-54; Nelson, New Zealand X [Stringfield, op. cit., p. 49]
11-8-54; Florence, Italy X [Ibid., p. 59]
12-12-54; Christchurch, New Zealand X [Ibid., p. 59]
2-21-55; Horseheads, New York "White, fibrous and heavily impregnation with soot and dirt."
No odor, did not burn rapidly. [AP, 2-22-56]
7-29-55; Sacramento, California [Stringfield, op. cit., p.49]
9-1-55; Edmore, Michigan X Fell slowly in clumps, "some as large as big platters."
[Edmore Times, 9-9-55]
10-2-55; Uhrichsville, Ohio X [Section VII]
10-10-55; Cincinnati, Ohio X [Stringfield, op. cit., p. 49]
10-27-55; Whitsett, North Carolina X Analysts disagreed whether substance was of animal or
synthetic origin. [Greensboro Daily News, Oct. 28, 1955]
7-10-56; Melbourne, Australia X "Millions of white, web-like threads. "[Bournemouth Echo;
8-19-56; St. Louis, Missouri [Stringfield, op. cit., p. 49]
9-25-56; Cincinnati, Ohio Analyzed by AF, identified as rayon fibres. [CRIFO Orbit;
Nov. 2, 1956 & Dec. 7, 1956]
9-30-56; Cherry Valley, Illinois X [CRIFO Orbit; Dec. 7, 1956]
10-15-56; Indianapolis, Indiana X [Stringfield, op. cit., p. 50]
10-16-56; Fond de Lac, Wisconsin [Ibid., p. 50]
4-28-57; Christchurch, New Zealand [Ibid., p. 50]
10-4-57; Ichinoseki City, Japan [Flying Saucer Review (London), Jan.-Feb., 1958]
10-17-57; Near Fatima, Portugal X [Irish News, from Lisbon, 10-23-57]
10-23/24-57; Portales, New Mexico Strands up to 50 feet long, enormous quantities,
[Associated Press, Oct. 24-25, 1957]
10-9-58; Portales, New Mexico [Associate Press, Oct. 10, 1958]
11-9-58; Humboldt County. California Strands of 5-6 feet, one report of 40 foot strand by
airport dispatcher.
10-26/27-59; Savannah, Georgia [Savannah Morning News; 11-4-59]
11-3-59; Centerville, Georgia X [Atlanta Journal; 11-5-59]
8-5-61; Mt. Hale, Australia X X Visible objects traveled in pairs, as in Gaillac and 
Oloron cases cited above. Substance described as "a
snowy white, fine mesh....."[Perth, Western Australia
newspaper, 8-6-61]
10-14-61; Sunset, Utah X [Report from member]
11-11-62; Lakeland, Florida X "Loops and whorls" of "gossamer filaments" observed
in sky (no reports of striking ground). [Lakeland
Ledger; 11-12-62]
TOTALS: Number of cases 43 23 13 1