Date & Location Reported Shape or Appearance Witnesses Action
(b)7-23-48 near
Montgomery, Ala.
Cigar Pilots Came head-on toward airliner, veered
to side, shot straight up into clouds.
[Section V]
Fargo, N.D.
Disc Pilot, control tower
"Dogfight" with National Guard plane.
Intricate maneuvers, head-on passes,
finally shot up out of sight. [Section V]
(b)11-18-48 near
Washington, D. C.
Oval Pilot, ground crew Led USAF pilot through "astounding
maneuvers. "When pilot flashed landing
lights on UFO, it streaked away.
[Section III]
(b)3-26-50 near
Washington, D. C.
Disc Private pilot Pilot spotted UFO below him, dove to-
ward it, object shot up into overcast.
[Section V]
(a) & (b)4-27-50
Goshen, Ind.
Red disc Pilot, passengers Overtook airliner, paced it alongside,
fled when plane turned toward it.
[Section V]
Washington, D. C.
Ellipse, bright body light Pilots Approached airliner head-on, circled it
completely stopping once on each side,
suddenly sped away. [Section V]
Artesia, N.M.
2 discs Balloon tracking crew Two discs approached rapidly from hor-
izon, tipped on edge and circled balloon,
then sped away. [Section I]
Sioux City, Iowa
Cigar with body lights Pilots, passengers Circled, came head-on toward airliner
which was investigating, abruptly re-
versed direction and paced plane for few
seconds, finally shot straight up.
[Section V]
(b)9-11-52 near
Sioux City, Iowa
Disc Pilots First seen descending by USAF pilots in
T-33; when pursued leveled off, ac-
celerated, out sped jet and curved away.
[Section III]
(b)10-9-51 near
Paris, Ill.
Oblate spheroid Pilot Pilot saw UFO hovering motionless,
turned directly toward it, object shot
away. [Section V]
Wonsan, Korea
Disc Bomber crew Paralleled USAF bomber for 5 minutes,
pulled ahead, shot away at angle.
[Section III]
(a)3-29-52 near
Misawa, Japan
Disc T-6 Pilot Made pass at USAF F-84, slowed and
paced it, passed in front, climbed away
vertically. [Section I]
Dayton, Ohio
Not specified Bomber crew Paced USAF B-25 for 30 minutes [Of-
ficially reported to AF UFO Project; see
Section III]
(a) & (b)7-13-52
Nr. Washington, D.C.
Ball of light Pilot Approached airliner and hovered. When
pilot switched on all lights, UFO "took
off, going up and away." [Section XII;
July 1952 Chronology]
Dayton, Ohio
Round Pilots Jets climbed up to investigate hovering
UFO, it streaked away at high speed.
[Section III]
LeRoy, N.Y.
Disc Family Observed from ground making tight
vertical circles around airliner.[3]
Topcliffe, England
Disc Airbase ground
Followed meteor jet to base, descended,
hovered rotating, suddenly sped away.
[Section X]
Newport News, Va.
Disc Woman Hovered in one spot 20 minutes. As jet
interceptors neared, UFO tilted up and
shot away.
(a) & (b)12-29-52
Northern Japan
Circular Pilots Paralleled USAF F-84; when jet tried to
close in, UFO sped away disappearing in
seconds[ Section III]
Anaco, Venezuela
Round gray Pilot Approached airliner, paced it for 40
minutes, ascended out of sight. [Section
(b)1-28-53 near
Albany, Georgia
Circular Pilot USAF F-86 pursued UFO; it sped up
(confirmed by radar) and disappeared.
[Section III]
(a) & (b)2-16-53 near
Anchorage, Alaska
Bright red light source Transport crew Approached USAF C-47, stopped and
hovered 5 minutes; when plane gave
chase, UFO accelerated and quickly van-
ished. [Officially reported to AF UFO
Project; see Section III]
Elmendorf AFB,
Red light source Air Base ground
Observed near end of runway climbing;
jet gave chase; UFO accelerated "notice-
ably" and climbed vertically away. [Of-
ficially reported to AF UFO Project; see
Section III]
(a) & (b)8-12-53
Rapid City, S.D.
Light source Pilots, GOC USAF F-84 chased UFO, turned back and
UFO followed. Second jet gave chase,
turned back, UFO continued on course
seen by Ground Observer Corps post.
[Section I]
Florida Missile
Round Pilot Descended and hovered at 3,000 feet.
Marine Corps jet banked toward UFO, t
accelerated and sped away. [Section IV]
(a) & (b)6-23-54
Round white light Pilot Followed Air National Guard F-51 from
Columbus to Vandalia; "took off" when
pilot gave chase. [Section V]
(a) & (b)6-30-54
near Goose Bay,
Large dark object with smaller
Airliner crew Paralleled BOAC airliner for 80 miles;
disappeared when F-86 interceptor neared
to investigate [Section X]
Origny, France
Luminous disc Motorists Disc maneuvered up and down, hovering;
as it hovered, motorists turned headlights
on it. UFO took off at high speed and
dwindled into distant speck.
Waben, France
Light source Motorists, others UFO followed car at estimated distance
of 100 yards, slowed when car did; fi-
nally accelerated and sped away, observed
by independent witnesses.
Millville, N. J.
Disc, with 4 body lights forming
Several Circled town; when search-light hit it,
UFO sped away (large V-formation of
round UFOs sighted 70 miles to NE same
(a) & (b)2-2-55
near Merida,
Round, "ports" above & below
central ring
Pilots Approached airliner; when plane turned
toward it, UFO dove, leveled off, sped
away. Radio transmitter failed as pilot
tried to report sighting. [Section X]
London, England
Round, luminous Man Sped toward B-47 from SW, hovered above
it about 5 seconds; glided away to SE,
reversed direction and hovered 8 seconds,
suddenly shot away to SW.
(a) & (b)11-14-55
San Bernardino, Calif.
Globe of white light Pilot Approached small plane; pilot blinked
landing lights, UFO blinked twice in
seeming response. UFO came closer,
pilot blinked lights three times; UFO
blinked three times, "suddenly backed up
in mid-air." [Section V]
Far East
Circular Pilot USAF F-86 investigated unidentified
radar blip. Experienced radar interfer-
ence as he saw and tried to close on cir-
cular UFO. When pursued, object shot
up and away. [Section I]
Large object with 3 brilliant
white body lights
Pilots Approached and passed plane S to N,
hovered; moved away when plane neared.
Swooped up and down at high speed.
[Section V]
Transvaal, Africa
Cylinder Many Hovered, tracked by South African Air
Force searchlights; witnesses said UFO
"withdrew" behind clouds when light hit
it .[Section X]
(a) & (b)5-5-58
San Carlos, Uruguay
Top-like Pilot Approached plane, hovered (pilot felt
heat); when plane attempted to close in,
UFO darted away and disappeared.
[Section X]
Ft. Lauderdale, Fla.
Orange light Man and son Approached from N at low altitude; high-
powered spotlight turned on it, UFO
flared brilliantly, shot out of sight.
(a) & (b)10-3-58
near Roseville, Ind.
4 objects, elongated Train crew Approached ahead of train, traversed
full length, swung around and followed
for over an hour. Once darted away
when conductor shone spotlight at them.
[Section II].
Pymatuning Lake, Pa.
Blindingly brilliant light Truck driver Approached truck, hovered over it
(truck electrical system failed); after 3
to 4 minutes, UFO shot away. [Section
(a) & (b)7-14-59
Minas Gerais State
Luminous object Pilot, airport observers Followed Brazilian Air Force B-26,
frightening pilot; hovered near airport
after plane landed. When airport per-
sonnel fired flares in direction of UFO,
it changed color then shot up and dis-
appeared. [Section X]
(a)7-2-60 near
Maiquetia, Venezuela
Bright light source Pilots Followed airliner on parallel course
angling toward plane; suddenly shot
away at terrific speed. [Section X}
(a)5-61 near
Rio de Janeiro,
Luminous disc Airline pilot Observed circling at sea level; UFO as-
cended "with incredible speed" to level
of plane, circled plane, followed it for
over an hour. [Section X]
Salt Lake City, Utah
Disc Private pilot, airport
Hovered near airport; private pilot ap-
proached to investigate, UFO moved up
like an elevator and away to S, hovered
again; finally rose and shot away to West.
[Section I]
near Datil, N.M.
Four light sources Man and wife One UFO flashed ahead of car on Highway
60; as car entered dark canyon, UFO was
there; object split into four parts which
paced car. As car neared service area,
objects flashed up into sky and disappear-
Hawthorne, N. J.
Object with two body lights Night watchman Hovered over quarry; watchman approach-
ed in jeep to investigate, UFO maneuvered
out of headlight beams.
Hawthorne, N.J.
Bright light source Police, others Hovered, moved away when police shone
spotlight on it.