(All reports on file at NICAP)
Date Location Witnesses Number Type Other Features
2-28-04 North Pacific Crew, U.S.S. Supply 3 In-line, echelon Changed course, climbed
6-23-47 Cedar Rapids, Iowa Railroad engineer 10 In-line Fluttered
6-24-47 Mt. Ranier, Wash. Pilot 9 In-line Zigzag, skipping flight
7-4-47 Portland, Ore. Police,
Oscillating motion
Oscillating motion
Easton, Pa. Scientist 3 In-line Last zigzagging [Section VI]
3-30-50 Selma, Ala. Radio engineer &
3 In-line Middle disc pulled ahead, shoot up out of
11-27-50 Evansville, Wis. Pilot 6 Echelon
8-11-51 Portland, Ore. Pilot 3 V Flew north in perfect formation
2-20-52 Greenfield, Mass. Minister 3 V [Section VII]
3-10-52 Oakland, Calif. Inspecting engineer 2 Side-by-side One on steady course, one swaying back
and forth. [Section VI]
5-13-52 Greenville, S.C. Amateur astronomers "several" Diamond Wobbled in flight
7-14-52 Newport News, VA. Airline pilots 6 + 2 In-line Flip over, 120 degrees turn. [Section V]
7-16-52 Hampton, Va. Aeronautical engineer 4 Varied, in-line 2 made tight circling turns. [Section VI]
7-17-52 Staten Island, N.Y. Citizens 5 V
7-24-52 Near Carson Sink
2 USAF colonels 3 V UFOs were delta shaped. [Section III]
8-1-52 Albuquerque, N.M. Scripps-Howard staff
About 10 Cluster, V, 2
rows in-line
Shifted formation with precision.
[Section VII]
8-5-52 Baltimore, Md. Amateur Astronomer 2 + 2 Paired [Section VI]
10-12-52 Palo Alto, Calif. A/C maintenance man 6 V Edges of discs glowing. [Section VI]
11-22-52 Bocaranga, Africa Missionary 4 Rectangle Sometimes moved singly, returned in
2-22-54 York, Pa. GOC 14 Unspecified
3-10-54 San Franciso, Calif. Pilot, executive 12 V
3-24-54 Baltimore, Md. Civil Defense official 14 V, in-line Changed to in-line as airliner passed,
moved toward it. [Section VII]
5-5-54 Minneapolis, Minn. Astronomy students Unspecified V
5-6-54 Heppner, Ore. Several Unspecified V Oscillating motion
5-15-54 Southampton, England Amateur astronomer 18 V "Windows" visible in some through
6-30-54 Near Oslo, Norway Scientists 2 Echelon First in tilted position, then leveled off.
[Section I]
8-28-54 Oklahoma City, Okla. Hundreds 15 Triangle, semi-
Changed to semicircular and sped up
when pursued. [Section III]
9-6-54 Baltimore, Md. Amateur astronomer 4 In-line, echelon One left, 3 changed formation
11-26-54 Manasquan, N.J. Professor 15-20 V [Section VII]
4-10-55 Baltimore, Md. Several Unspecified (1)V
Two separate sightings
8-25-55 Birmingham, England Ex-Navy officer 15 In-line Groups of 3 in-line
11-9-55 Philadelphia, Pa. Newspaper man, many
12 V, A Changed to A in flight [Section VII]
8-56 Boulder City, Nev Research technician 5 Staggered V Spaced one diameter apart. [Section VI]
9-12-56 New Orleans, La. Watchman 4 Y Hovered, formed vertically, scattered
11-19-56 Frankfurt, Germany Engineering student 7 V [Section X]
Date Location Witnesses Number Type Other Features
1-24-57 Indianapolis, Ind. Airline pilot 4 In-line Last larger, egg-shaped [Section V]
5-7-57 Sioux City, Iowa Several 7-11 V
6-18-57 North Pacific Ship's captain and
3 V Paced freighter [Section X].
7-17-57 Cuyahoga Falls,
Two 5 V
8-57 Brooklyn, N.Y. Singer 7 V
10-22-57 Pittsburgh, Pa. Family 3 - 3 In-line, Vertical
Second group 2 hovering, third made
V, moved away
11-11-57 San Fernando, Calif. Engineers 3 V Accelerated, ascended. [Section VI]
11-20-57 Murphysboro, Ill. Housewife 3 V
1-5-58 Beechwood, Ohio Housewife 3 V Elliptical rotation around vertices of
triangle, departed in different directions
1-9-58 Marion, Ill. Construction workers 7 In-line Slow, some pulsated
4-9-58 Cleveland, Ohio Family 9 V Split to 2 groups, 5 & 4
4-9-58 Tucson, Ariz. Bus driver 4-6 V
8-7-58 Near Fairlington, Va. Translator 4 In-line Pulsated rapidly
8-28-58 Darlington, Ind. Two persons 3 V Changed course, SW to NW
10-3-58 Central Indiana Train crew 4 In-line
Paced train, reacted to light. [Section II]
10-6-58 Near Mt. Vernon
Family 6 In-line Jets passed above UFOs, which then took
6-11-59 Henderson, Nev. Security guards 4 Square, in-line Changed to in-line [Section VII]
7-8-59 Columbus, Ind. Family 3 V Pulsating, maneuvered
2-3-60 Intervale, N.H. Former PT Boat Cmdr. 3 + 2 In-line 2 joined formation [Section VII]
5-24-60 Ocumare. . . ,
Doctors, police 3 In-line Last UFO largest, ovoid
9-5-60 Sonoma County, Calif. Sheriffs 6 V Bouncing motion.[Section VII]
8-17-61 Stillwater, Minn. Five persons Unspecified V Vertical orientation
10-30-61 Derry, Pa. Engineer 4 In-line Band of lights or "ports" [Section I]