This chart lists over 100 UFO sightings by pilots (AL=Airline pilot; M=Military; P=Private), the majority of whom reported
typical geometrical objects such as discs and ellipses. The resulting patterns of the observations, and their strong similarity to
reports by other reliable witnesses are readily apparent.
Code Date Location Witnesses Description
M 8-10-44 Sumatra Capt. A.M. Reida,
USAF bomber pilot
Spherical object with halo paced B-29 during mis-
sion; maneuvered sharply, climbed away vertically,
[Section III]
M 12-44 Austria Maj. W.D. Leet,
USAF bomber pilot
Amber disc followed B-17 across Austria.
[Section III]
M 8-1-46 nr Tampa, Fla. Capt. Jack Puckett
USAF 4-engine pilot
Cigar with "portholes" approached C-47 head-on,
veered across path. [Section III]
P 6-24-47 Mt. Ranier, Wash. Kenneth Arnold,
businessman, pilot
Nine flat shiny objects in line, zigzagged.
AL 7-4-47 nr Portland,
Capt. E.J. Smith,
United Airlines;
Ralph Stevens,
Two groups of discs.
M 7-6-47 Fairfield-Suisan
AFB, Calif.
Pilot (name deleted
by Air Force)
UFO sped across sky "oscillating on lateral axis."
M 7-8-47 nr Los Angeles,
F-51 pilot (name de-
leted by Air Force)
Flat, light-reflecting UFO passed above fighter.
P 7-9-47 nr Boise, Idaho Dave Johnson, pilot
& aviation editor;
others on ground
Large disc, maneuvered erratically. [Section VII]
M 8-47 Media, Pa. W. Boyce, USAF
fighter pilot
Hovering disc.[7]
M 1-7-48 Ft. Knox, Ky. Capt. Thomas Man-
tell, Air National
Guard (A.N.G.); many
on ground
Pilot killed in crash of F-51 while chasing
"huge metallic" circular object.[8]
P 7-48 Pasco, Wash. Don Newman, 6-year
USAF veteran of WW II
and Korean War
Disc diving and climbing.
AL 7-23-48 nr Montgomery,
Capt. C.S. Chiles,
F/O J.B. Whitted,
Eastern Airlines
Cigar with lights like portholes approached head-
on, accelerated, climbed away.
M 10-1-48 Fargo, N.D. Lt. George F. Gorman,
A.N.G.; 3 others
"Dogfight" with disc; UFO out sped F-51.[9]
P 1-1-49 Jackson, Miss. Tom Rush Cigar crossed path of plane, accelerated rapidly.
M 7-3-49 Longview, Wash. Cmdr. M.B. Taylor,
USN; many others
at air show
Round UFO wobbling on axis, sharp maneuvers.
[Section IV]
M 11-3-49 nr Baja, Calif. Capt. William H.
Donnelly, USAFR
Four discs which cavorted in an "astounding man-
ner. [Section III]
AL 3-8-50 Dayton, Ohio TWA Captains W.H.
Kerr, D.W. Miller,
M.H. Rabeneck; plus
USAF pilots
Round UFO tracked on radar, observed from
ground and air, climbed away from clouds.
[Section VIII, Radar]
P 3-18-50 nr Bradford, Ill. Robert Fisher and
Oval UFO, self-illuminated, sped past plane at
estimated 600 to 1,000 mph.
AL 3-20-50 nr Little Rock,
Capt. Jack Adams,
F/O G.W. Anderson,
Disc with apparent "portholes" flew above airliner
in arc. [Section II]
P 3-26-50 nr Washington,
B.A. Totten, former
USAF aircraft in-
Disc flew below plane; when pilot dove at it, UFO
"zoomed up into overcast."[10]
AL 4-27-50 nr Goshen, Ind. Capt. Robert Adickes,
Capt. Robert F. Man-
ning, TWA; passengers
Disc paced plane, sped away when pursued.
AL 5-29-50 nr Washington,
Capt. Willis T. Sperry,
F/O Bill Gates,
American Airlines
Elliptical object circled plane, raced away.
AL 6-24-50 California desert F/O David Stewart,
United Airlines
Cigar-shaped object paced plane for 20 miles.
M 6-24-50 nr Daggett, Calif. Navy transport pilot Cigar-shaped object above desert. [Section IV]
M 7-11-50 nr Osceola,
Lt(jg) J.W. Martin;
Enlisted Pilot R.E.
Moore, USN
Domed circular UFO passed in front of two Navy
planes [confirmed by radar]. [Section IV]
AL 10-5-50 nr San Fernado,
Capt. Cecil Hardin,
F/O Jack Conroy,
California Central
UFO with body lights came head-on at plane, dipped
down and passed below; "It appeared to be a wing,"
Captain Hardin said, "It had no fuselage. "Bands
of blue light were visible across its width.[12]
P 11-27-50 Evansville,
Bill Blair, commer-
cial pilot & flight
Six elliptical objects in loose echelon formation,
made sound similar to helicopters. Appeared to
be at about 10,000 feet, traveling about 500 mph.
AL 12-27-50 nr Bradford, Ill. Capt. Art Shutts,
Light source, making erratic and violent maneu-
AL 1-20-51 Sioux City, Iowa Capt. Lawrence
Vinther, F/O James
F. Bachmeier, Mid-
Continent Airlines;
plus control tower
Cigar with bright body light approached, reversed
direction, climbed away.
AL 2-19-51 Mt. Kilimanjaro,
Capt. Jack Bicknell,
Radio Officer D.W.
Merrifield, East
Africa Airways;
plus 9 passengers
Cigar-shaped object with vertical bands hovered
for long period, ascended vertically at high speed.
[Section X]
AL 5-22-51 nr Dodge City,
Capt. W.R. Hunt,
American Airlines
Blue-white star-like object gyrated around air-
liner, "moved backward and forward, then up
down" and finally dove below plane and sped away.
P 8-11-51 Portland, Ore. R.O. Dodge, former
USAF P-47 pilot
Three disc-like UFOs in formation.[15]
M 1-21-52 Mitchel AFB, N.Y. Navy TBM pilot Chased dome-shaped UFO. [Section IV]
M 3-29-52 Misawa, Japan Lt. D.C. Brigham,
Small disc observed maneuvering around F-84.
[Section I]
M 6-52 Tombstone, Ariz. Lt. Cmdr. John C.
Williams, USN (Ret.);
Disc hovered in plain sight, sped away. [Section
AL 7-5-52 Richlands, Wash. Capts. John Baldwin,
George Robertson,
plus two co-pilots,
Conner Airlines
"perfectly round disc" observed hovering above
Hanford atomic plant.
AL 7-13-52 nr Washington,
Capt. W. Bruen,
National Airlines
Light source approached plane, hovered, fled
when pilot turned on lights. [Section XII, July
1952 Chronology]
AL 7-14-52 Newport News,
Capt. William B. Nash
F/O William Forten-
berry, PAA
Six discs flew below airliner, executed sharp
turn in formation, sped away joined by two more
AL 7-18-52 Denver, Colo. Capt. Paul Carpenter,
American Airlines
Three observations of speeding lights in period
of 2 minutes, maximum of 3 UFOs seen at one
time; objects appeared to reverse direction.[16]
AL 7-20-52 Washington, D.C. Capt. Casey Pierman,
F/O Charles Wheaton
Lights moving rapidly, up, down, and horizontally,
also hovered; coincided with radar targets. [Sec-
tion XII, July 1952 Chronology]
M 7-23-52 South Bend, Ind. Capt. Harold W.
Kloth, USAF
From ground saw two blue-white light sources;
one veered sharply. [Section III]
M 7-26-52 Washington, D.C. Lt. William Patterson,
Glowing objects surrounded his interceptor, con-
firmed on radar. [Section III; Section XII, July
1952 Chronology]
M 8-1-52 Dayton, Ohio Maj. James B. Smith,
Lt. Don Hemer,
USAF F-86 pilots
Saw and photographed round hovering object,
tracked on radar; UFO sped away. [Section III]
M 8-13-52 Tucson, Ariz. Capt. Stanley W.
Thompson, USAFR
Nine UFOs in three V's. [Section III]
AL 8-13-52 Dallas, Texas Capt. Max M. Jacoby,
Chief Pilot; Capt. J.W.
McNaulty, Pioneer
Chased unidentified light, which turned and dove.
M Summer 52 MacDill AFB,
USAF Colonel,
B-29 pilot
Investigated radar target, saw elliptical UFO.
[Section III]
AL 10-29-52 nr Richmond,
Capt. Francisco
Rivas, Venezuelan
Bright, luminous object with apparent exhaust,
traveled from 45º above plane, over horizon in
8 minutes.[17]
M 10-29-52 Hempstead, L.I.,
Two USAF F-94 pilots Chased object which maneuvered at high speed.
[Section III]
AL Fall, 1952 New York to
Puerto Rico
Capts. Charles Zam-
mett, Robert Harris,
William Hutchins
Large green sphere which hovered, then sped
M 12-8-52 Chicago, Ill. Ernie Thorpe, Co-
pilot H.S. Plowe
String of lights, 5 or 6 white, one rapidly
blinking red, flew alongside plane.[18]
P 1-27-53 nr. Livermore,
J.B. Bean Shiny circular object, climbed steeply at
"terrific rate."
M 2-9-53 nr Washington,
Lt. Ed Balocco, USMC Alerted by ground sightings, searched, saw
luminous UFO with red glow, climbing rapidly.
[Section IV]
M 4-53 Laredo, Texas Lt. E.Wilford, USAF
jet instructor
Cigar-shaped UFO leaving contrail of constant
length, made right angle turn. [Section III]
P 5-21-53 Prescott, Ariz. Bill Beers; two others Eight disc-like objects maneuvered overhead for
about an hour. Beers, a veteran pilot, said the
UFOs "swooped around in formation, peeled-off,
and shot directly up and down in a manner that
could not be duplicated by a plane."[19]
M 8-12-53 Rapid City, S.D. Two USAF jet pilots;
ground observers
Multiple radar and visual sightings. [Section I]
M 9-7-53 Vandalia, Ohio Navy fighter pilots Brilliant light maneuvered around plane. [Section IV]
AL 10-18-53 English Channel Capt. Peter Fletcher;
F/O R.L. Lemon
UFO "like two shallow saucers with their rims
AL 12-17-53 Sweden Capt. Ulf Christiernsson "Unorthodox, metallic . . .circular" UFO. [Section X]
AL 1-1-54 Victoria, Australia Capt D. Barker Large "metallic" elliptical UFO, speed estimated
over 7 m.p.h.
M 1954 Dayton, Ohio Lt.Col. Rchard
Headrick, USAFR,
Senior Pilot
Two UFOs which hovered, flew in formation, evaded
pursuing jets. [Section III]
M 3-24-54 Florida Capt. Don Holland,
Chased round UFO, which sped away. [Section IV]
M 5-14-54 nr Dallas, Texas Maj. Charles
Scarborough, USMC
Sixteen UFOs, in groups, evaded pursuit by Marine
jets. [Section IV]
AL 6-1-54 nr Boston, Mass. Capt Charles
Kratovil, TWA
White disc paced airliner.
M 6-23-54 Ohio Lt. Harry L. Roe, Jr. F-51 paced by unidentified light.
AL 6-30-54 nr Goose Bay,
Capt. James Howard;
crew, British Overseas
Airways Corporation
Large dark UFO with several satellite objects,
paced airliner; disappeared as jet interceptor
neared to check. [Section X]
M 10-4-54 Essex, England Flt. Lt. J.R. Salandin
Royal Air Force
Disc (Saturn-shaped) approached head-on, veered
to one side. [Section X]
M 10-24-54 Porto Alegre,
Brazilian Air Force
Formation of silvery circular UFOs over base.
[Section X]
AL 11-21-54 nr Rio de Janero,
Captain; crew;
About 19 discs rushed by close to airliner, causing
panic among passengers. [Section X]
M 12-54 Nowra Air Base,
Royal Australian
Navy Pilot
Aircraft paced by two UFOs, ground radar confirmed
sighting. [Section X]
M 1955 Virginia, nr.
Washington, D.C.
Cmdr., Navy pilot Disc with dome on top paced aircraft. [Section IV]
AL 1-2-55 nr Punta San Juan,
Captain & crew,
National Airlines
Orange light source approached plane, beam of light
shone in cockpit. [Section X]
AL 2-2-55 nr Merida,
Capt. Dario Celis,
Aeropost Airlines
Top-like UFO with central ring and "portholes" paced
airliner. [Section X]
AL 2-11-55 Miami to
New York City
Capt. J. King, PAA Two reddish-green UFOs shot by close to airliner.
Section X]
P 11-14-55 San Bernardino
Mts., Calif.
Gene Miller Globe of light, blinked in apparent pattern.
AL & M 12-11-55 nr Jacksonville, Fla. Navy jet pilots,
airline pilots, others
Jets in dogfight with round, reddish UFO, confirmed
on radar. [Section IV]
M 1956 North Atlantic Cmdr. Senior Pilot,
other flight crews
as passengers
Large disc climbed up to R7V-2, paced it, moved
away. [Section IV]
AL 2-17-56 Paris, France Air France pilot Investigated radar target, saw odd maneuvering
light. [Section VIII, Radar]
AL 4-8-56 Schenectady, N.Y. Capt. Raymond Ryan,
F/O William Neff,
American Airlines
Bright light source hovered, sped through 90º arc.
AL 9-6-56 Pasadena, Calif. Western Airlines
Reported UFO to Air Defense Command; erratically
moving white light source confirmed visually from
ground by 1st Lt. Mark Matlock, USAF.[21]
AL 11-14-56 nr Mobile, Ala. Capt. W.J. Hull,
F/O Peter MacIntosh,
Capital Airlines
Bright light source descended, gyrated near airliner,
climbed away. [Section I]
M 12-56 Far East USAF jet pilot Radar-visual sighting of disc, radar jammed by
interference. [Section I]
AL 1-24-57 Indiana Commercial pilot;
others on ground
Four UFOs, in-line formation, last one larger and
P 3-8-57 nr Houston, Texas Victor Hancock and
Guy Miller
UFO with three brilliant white lights sped past DC-3,
kept just ahead of plane, speeding up each time plane
closed in.[23]
AL 3-9-57 nr San Juan,
Puerto Rico
Capt. Matthew Van
Winkle, F/O D.W.
Taylor, PAA, other
airliners in area
Round greenish-white object came toward airliner;
outer ring appeared to reflect light from center; pilot
took violent evasive action.[24]
AL 3-29-57 Off east coast
of Florida
Capt. Kenneth G.
Brosdal, F/O George
Jacobson, PAA
Observed brilliant pulsating light, confirmed by
radar. Visual sighting lasted 4 to 5 minutes.
AL 6-30-57 Belo Horizonte,
Capt. Saul Martins,
Disc-like object paced airliner, maneuvered around
it. [Section X]
AL 7-4-57 nr Campos,
Cdr. Delgado,
REAL Airlines
Disc with dome and "portholes" paced airliner, shot
away. [Section X]
AL 8-14-57 nr Joinville,
Cdr. Jorge Campos
Araujo, Varig Airlines
Disc with dome, alternately hovered and moved at
high speed; aircraft engines affected. [Section X]
P 8-15-57 Woodland Hills,
Eugene Allison, Chief
Aviation Pilot, USN
Disc hovered, rocked back and forth, shot straight
up out of sight. [Section IV]
AL 10-8-57 nr Boston, Mass. Capt. Joseph L. Flynn,
Brilliant planet-like object (in daylight) moving at
high speed on steady course.
AL 11-4-57 Ararangua, Brazil Capt. Jean Vincent de
Beyssac, Varig Airlines
Red light source approached below plane, made
erratic jump; electrical equipment on aircraft burnt
out. [Section X]
AL 11-6-57 Nebraska Capt. Irving Kravitz,
Bright light source in high speed flight.[25]
AL 11-9-57 Lafayette, La. Capt. Truman Gile,
Eastern Airlines
Flaring bright light source, visible several minutes.
AL 12-12-57 Chatham-Windsor
area, Canada
Capt. J.A. Miller,
Trans-Canada Air-
lines; police officers,
others on ground
Oval disc, changed course. [Section X]
P 5-5-58 San Carlos,
Carlos Alejo
Brillian UFO approached plane, hovered (pilot felt
intense heat); when pilot tried to pursue object, it
sped away. [Section X]
AL 5-27-58 Bahia State coast,
Cdr. Bittar,
Varig Airlines
Luminous circular object maneuvered, hovered, below
airliner. [Section X]
AL 2-4-59 Off New Orleans,
Capt. H. Dunker, PAA Reddish light source sped back and forth across path
of DC-6B, shot straight up.
AL 2-24-59 Pennsylvania Capt. Peter Killan,
F/O John Dee,
American Airlines;
other airliners,
ground observers
Three glowing UFOs paced airliner.
AL 7-11-59 Pacific Ocean Capt. George Wilson,
PAA; several other
Formation of bright lights sped toward plane, veered
away. [Section X]
M 7-14-59 Pampulha, Minas
Gerais, Brazil
Brazilian Air Force
Luminous object paced B-26, hovered near airport,
reacted to flares. [Section X]
M 10-7-59 nr Forrest City,
Lt. E.L. Barksdale,
Kentucky Air National
Glowing UFO passed plane, pilot turned to chase it,
object sped away.[27]
M 1960 Cincinnati, Ohio Kentucky Air National
Guard pilot
Pilot pursued UFO which pulled away each time
plane closed to within about 10 miles.( Confidential
report, certified by Bluegrass NICAP Affiliate,
William D. Leet, President.)
P 3-4-60 Dubuque, Iowa Charles Morris,
flight instructor
Three elliptical UFOs, in-line formation.
AL 7-2-60 nr Maiquetia,
Captain & crew
Venezuelan Airlines
Bright light source, paralleled plane for 20 minutes,
shot away. [Section X]
P 8-16-60 Oak Forest, Ill. Harry J. Deerweater,
former USAF pilot
Disc-like UFO hovered, bobbed around in various
P 1-10-61 Benjamin, Texas W.K. Rutledge,
Passenger George
Glowing red UFO changed course, descended, ap-
peared to land.
P 7-4/5-61 Akron, Ohio Ernest Stadvec, owner
of flying service, for-
mer USAF bomber pilot;
Light source dove toward plane, climbed away;
similar experience next night, confirmed by radar.
AL 7-24-61 Ilha Grande, Brazil Cdr Jose G. Saez and
crew, VASP Airlines
Light source approached plane, bobbed around mak-
ing angular turns. [Section X]
AL 9-21-61 Pacific Ocean nr
Wake Islnad
Capt. R.F. Griffin,
BOAC; also PAA crew;
ship at sea
Ring-like UFO, passed above plane and over horizon
at high speed. [Section X]
P 10-2-61 Salt Lake City, Utah Waldo J. Harris,
several others
Disc hovered, wobbled, moved away when pursured.
[Section I]
M 1-29-62 Eastern Holland Royal Dutch Air Force
pilot in F-86
UFO sighted, confirmed by radar, fled when pur-
sured. [Section X]
AL 5-21-62 England Capt. Gordon Pendleton,
Irish International
Globular UFO with antenna-like projections,
streaked below his Viscount. [Secton X]
M 5-22-62 Argentina Several Navy pilots Series of sightings by flight of aircraft. [Section
XII, Argentine chronology]
AL 8-2-62 Liberal, Kans. Capt. Jack Metzker,
Central Airlines; air-
port observers
Brilliant light source, hovered, streaked west;
airport alerted, also saw UFOs.[29]
AL 12-22-62 Buenos Aires,
Pilots of Papagra and
Aerolineas Argentina
airlines; control tower
Bright circular UFO observed near end of Ezeiza
Airport runway, took off rapidly. [Section X]
P 2-5-63 nr Washington, D.C. Carl Chambers, pas-
Pulsating yellow-white light source, maneuvered
around plane.
M 3-11-63 Hawaii Air National Guard jet
Rocket-like UFO sped over high above jets, which
were at 40,000 feet.[30]

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