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Animal Effect Cases

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Uphoff/Hill Case
Fairfield, Illinois
August 7, 1963

Animal Reaction Feature:
Dogs barking, close encounter, confrontation, possible corona discharge, distant jet in apparent path, two adult witnesses.

Joan Woodward, Animal Reaction Specialist:
Two men, Uphoff and Hill, were sitting in Uphoff's backyard. Uphoff owned "a pack of bird dogs" that were kenneled nearby. The dogs started barking and Uphoff went over to quiet them down, and as Uphoff and Hill picked up their conversation, the dogs started barking again.  Uphoff stated this was unusual behavior and went to quiet them again. As Uphoff did so, they saw in the general direction in which the dogs were barking a yellow-orange diamond-shaped object.  It was moving slowly, disappeared as a probable jet aircraft passed, then reappeared in same area but gray in color.  At the end of the sighting, the object came straight toward the witnesses very fast, its color changing from gray to the previous orange to a brilliant blue white. The three-dimensional diamond-shaped object, estimated larger than the moon, and at one point so large that it could not be covered with Uphoff's hand at arm's length, came right at them as it made a swooping U-turn and headed away.  Hill commented that Uphoff's dogs went into "barking spasms several times while all this was happening."  He further commented that it was unusual for Uphoff's dogs "to do much barking... ."   The object was silent,  and its altitude estimated as 1000 feet or more.

Francis Ridge:
When the men first resumed their conversation and the dogs started to act up up again, Mr. Uphoff told his friend, "Mike, they never do do that." Toward the end of the sighting, the object came straight toward the witnesses and much closer, and Uphoff reported that "there was depth to it."     

Case Report - Francis Ridge
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"Light Theory Revealed" - Evansville Courier, Aug 16, 1963

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