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Valparaiso, Florida

October 24, 1988

Animal Reaction Feature:
From her home, the witness watched a large, silent, rectangular object moving slowly at treetop altitude at an estimated 100-500 feet away.  A dog and a cat exhibited excitement and curiosity and both wanted to go toward the object.

Joan Woodward, Animal Reaction Specialist:
A 30-year-old homemaker, originally from West Germany, with a MBA in business and reportedly with experience observing aircraft, was watching TV in her home in a suburban lake area when she noticed a light through her window at 9:30 pm.  First she turned off her inside lights and then went out onto the terrace to better see.  She saw a rectangular object with 3 bright lights at one end that was moving slowly, almost hovering at times, that took a complex flight path down, across, and back up the far side of Boggy Bayou.  Its altitude was treetop height and its distance from her at its closest approach was estimated between 100-500 feet. The night was clear.  The object was in view for 5.0 [assume this is 5 minutes].

The object was described as rectangular with a dull gray surface, about 100 feet long, 3 feet high, and 3-4 feet deep.  Three white lights approximately 3 feet in diameter were side-by-side at one end.  

No sound or EM effects were reported.  The witness did report physiological effects in following days including skin rash, some hair loss, nausea, and muscle aches.  During the sighting, the witness reported feelings of calmness and elation.

Source:  MUFON UFO DATABASE, Portion of Reports from the Files at MUFON Headquarters, July 1999, Sequin TX, CD-ROM, Case Log # 881102, by Muril V. D. Garten.

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