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Near Wavre, Belgium,
Mar. 30-31, 1990

Mark Cashman:

23:00 hours - A call from a gendarme is received by the Glons CRC (Control Reporting Center); 3 unusual lights are under observation, constantly changing color, in the shape of an equilateral triangle.
23:10 hours - A second formation moves toward the first. Glons CRC has an unidentified radar contact at 5 km N of Beuvechain Airport, speed 25 knots.
23:45 hours - After a series of erratic movements, the second formation forms a triangle similar to the first. Glons CRC confirm unidentified radar contacts at the correct location. Semmerzake TCC / RP (Traffic Control Center / Reporting Post) confirms radar contact.
23:56 hours - Glons CRC scrambles 1 J Wing.

00:05 hours - Two F16s depart for the ninth interception attempt. Previous attempts have failed to maintain radar lock.
00:13 hours - First lock on (see graph below).
00:19 hours - Semmerzake and Glons lose contact with the target.
00:30 hours - Fighter AL-17 has a radar contact; lock-on lasts for 6 seconds and is then broken with a jamming indicator shown on the on-board radarscope; speed 740 knots. Ground witnesses see the F-16s pass through the center of the first formation. The second formation disperses - one point goes up - the others disappear.
00:32 hours - Glons and Semmerzake both detect a a high speed contact 6 nm from Beauvechain. Speeds are 478-690 knots.
00:47 hours - Beauvechain RAPCON watches a contact on its scope for 9 mins, confirmed by Glons radar. Further attempts at interception fail. Ground observers see the last of the phenomenon disappear in the NNW.[footnote 1]

Hynek Classification RV

1. UFO: A Deadly Concealment, Sheffield, ISBN 0-7137-2620-2, p 22

Report - Mark Cashman
Belgium, 1989-1990 (FUFOR)
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