Pacing of Navy Missile
June 10 (actually the 14th), 1949
White Sands, New Mexico

Cmdr. R.B. McLaughlin

The last appearance of Flying Disks which I feel is reliable enough to report occurred in early June.  I did not see it personally, but the circumstances are impressive enough for me to include them here. 

This day we were firing a Navy upper atmosphere missile.  Shortly after its take-off, two small circular objects, guessed to be approximately 20 inches in diameter, appeared from no place and joined the Navy missile on its upward flight. (Similar small disks have also been previously reported as well as the larger types mentioned earlier.) 

At about the time the Navy missile was doing well over 2,000 feet per second, the object on the west side passed through the exhaust gases and joined its friend on the east.  They then apparently decided the missile was not going fast enough for them.  They accelerated, passed the Navy missile and sailed off upward and eastward. 

Some eight minutes after the Navy missile had fallen back into the range, I received a radio report from a very powerful optical observation post located on a mountain top.  The Navy missile, it said, had just passed over the mountain and was going out of the range to the west.  This could have been one of the two objects that we had seen and which had changed direction, or it could have been a third one. 

The odd thing is that before long I had reports from eleven men in five separate OP's, none of which could communicate with each other and which were located at different points of the compass.  All had seen the two objects perform as I have described. 

Putting together all the data observed in three appearances, one of which I had seen for myself, and all which I believe beyond doubt, I decided that it was necessary to look outside the known world for an answer. 

No one realizes better than I do that the explanations which follow may be incorrect.  I think, however, that there is too much evidence from too many reliable sources for us to be content with inconclusive explanations, and we must press on to find an answer. 

I think that the saucers are piloted space ships, first, because of their flight performance.  The White Sands Saucers were most definitely capable of changing their direction while above our atmosphere.  This extreme maneuverability -- plus their large size -- eliminates for me the likelihood of their being operated by remote control. 


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