Case Directory - Category: 02; Close Encounters
Subject:    Close Encounter at White Sands
Date:        November 25, 1952
Location:  White Sands, NM

Francis Ridge:
This incident is not listed among the BB Unknowns but is listed in the Comprehensive Catalog of Project Blue Book Unknowns by Brad Sparks as item 693: Nov. 25, 1952. White Sands, New Mexico. (McDonald list). The BB documents linked at the bottom of this directory, however, describe a close encounter after a major UFO flap in 1952.

BB Microfilm:
While returning to White Sands Proving Ground from Wm Beaumont Hospital, at approximately 2030 hours on 25 November 1952, I observed what appeared to be flares, or pyrotechnics, on the right side of the road. My first thought was that these objects were flares that were being fired by troops on a night project. However, shortly thereafter a matter of seconds I observed what appeared to be a flare land right in the middle of the road, about three or four hundred yards distant. It assumed the shape of a ball, having a green center, fading to a light hazy blue at the exterior. This light disappeared before my car arrived at the spot. After observing this light, I thought that the Department of Army had a new type pyrotechnics that I was not familiar with that they were using on a night problem. Approximately three to five minutes later I observed a light, or series of lights, approaching from the right side of the road, in the heavens, at an altitude of about three to five hundred feet and between 1/4 and 1/2 mile distant. I thought that probably, in conjunction with the night problem, this was an airborne drop of troops. I first thought it might be a C-119 or a C-123. However, this object made a right hand turn above the road and then disappeared at an angle of approximately 90 degrees straight into the sky. I cannot state whether it was a plane or a type of aircraft. I can merely state that there were two rows of what appeared to be windows, brilliantly lighted, and I would estimate that they were five to six feet in height and six to eight windows in each of the two rows. After this object disappeared, I stopped my car and got out to see if I could see a plane but could see nothing. I turned off the motor on my car to see if I could hear the motors of a plane, but I could near no sound. I then proceeded to White Sands Proving Ground."

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