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Harmond Field Photo
July 10, 1947
Harmon Field, Newfoundland

Brad Sparks:
July 10, 1947; Harmon Field, Newfoundland (BBU)
Bet. 3 and 5 p.m. [or 5:30 p.m. (ADT)]. Three ground crewmen, A. R. Leidy, J. N. Mehrman, and J. E. Woodruff, of Pan American Airways, briefly saw a translucent disc or silvery wheel-shaped object the size of a C-54 transport fly very fast at 10,000 ft, leaving a dark bluish-black trail, then ascend and cut a path through the clouds. Photo. (Berliner; FOIA)

Fran Ridge:
Leidy and Mehrman saw the trail which remained in the sky for about an hour and was photographed by the other PAA employee, Woodruff. The resulting photographs support Mr. Woodruff's observation as far as the sky cleavage is concerned. 

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