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Famous Photo of Objects Over Capitol
July 19, 1952 (Actually 1965)
Washington, D.C.

Fran Ridge:
This is a well known example of internal reflection. The Washington Capitol building photo shows a series of lights flying above it. It looks like that photo has been cropped so that you can't see the light sources that form the reflections. According to our photo researcher, Vicente-Juan Ballester Olmos, the photo is actually dated 1965 and the person who took the photo is unknown, so this is not only a non-UFO-event, the date is incorrect and all the items needed to document and properly qualify this photo are absent.

Ananda Sirisena:
Here is scientific evidence that this photo shows reflections of the lights on the building. Assuming that this color photo is the FULL FRAME, I've found the center of field (COF) and lines from the lights in the sky definitely go through the COF to the respective sources. Can be laid to rest. *

Detailed reports and documents
images/1952_19_de_julio_b_y_n2.jpg (Vicente-Juan Ballester Olmos)
images/1952_19_de_julio_color2.jpg (Vicente-Juan Ballester Olmos)
reports/520719washington_report.htm (Fran Ridge)
images/19520719wash_proof.jpg (Ananda Sirisena) *

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