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The Levelland Sightings / Saucedo
Nov. 2, 1957
Levelland, Texas

Brad Sparks:
Nov. 2, 1957; 4 miles W of Levelland, Texas (BBU)
10:50 p.m. Pedro Saucedo and Jose Salaz driving W saw a flash of light to the right of the road then a large 200 ft long 6 ft wide blue torpedo-shaped object, with yellow flame and white smoke emitted from the rear, rose up out of the field, headed straight toward their truck, passed directly overhead at about 200 ft with a loud thundering roar, a rush of wind and great heat, causing the truck engine to die and headlights to go out, then disappeared in the E towards Levelland, and the lights came back on spontaneously and the engine was able to be restarted. (Hynek UFO Exp ch. 9; Tony Rullán; Vallée Magonia 419) 2-3 mins

Detailed reports and documents
reports/571102levell_report2.htm (Dan Wilson & Bill Schroeder)
articles/571102levell_article.htm (Dan Wilson & Rich Vitello)
Reported Sighting of UFO In the Vicinity of Levelland, Texas - BB Microfilm (Dan Wilson)
The UFO Experience (Dr. J. Allen Hynek [1972], pages 123-128)
reports/571102level_swords.htm (Mike Swords)
McDonald Letter to Hall [pdf] (NICAP/Hall)
The Southwestern UFO of 1957 [text and pdf files] (Antonio Rullan/CUFOS)
The Levelland UFO Sightings (Kevin Randle)
The Levelland Sightings (

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