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The Hickson/Parker Incident
Oct. 11, 1973
Pascagoula, Mississippi

Fran Ridge:
Oct. 11, 1973; Pascagoula, Mississippi
7:00 p.m. local. There are a few cases of reported abductions that really impress me. One of these is the Hickson/Parker case. Dr. J. Allen Hynek had not yet set up the Center for UFO Studies and was still an Air Force consultant to the UFO project, Blue Book. Dr. James Harder, U. of California, was with him when he investigated the case. It was Hynek's comments about the men that impressed me the most, but seeing and hearing Charles Hickson relate his story on the Dick Cavett Show did the rest. Although Hickson's polygraph tests revealed he believes he was taken aboard an extraterrestrial space ship, the operator of the railroad drawbridge (in background), who was on duty the entire night of the incident, said he didn't see anything unusual. This does not mean that it didn't happen. Charles E. Hickson Sr. passed away at age 80 on Friday the 9th September 2011.

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