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RADCAT is a revitalized special project now being conducted jointly by NICAP & Project 1947 with the help and cooperation of the original compiler of RADCAT, Martin Shough, to create a comprehensive listing of radar cases with detailed documentation from all previous catalogues, including UFOCAT and original RADCAT.

Fantastic Flight of JAL 1628
Nov. 17, 1986
NE Alaska

Fran Ridge:
Updated: 2014, July 21
Nov. 17, 1986; NE Alaska
5:11 pm. Japan Air Lines flight 1628, a Boeing 747 with a crew of three, was nearing the end of a trip from Iceland to Anchorage, Alaska. The jet, carrying a cargo of French wine, was flying at 35,000 feet through darkening skies, a red glow from the setting sun lighting one horizon and a full moon rising above the other. The crew first witnessed two unidentified objects to their left. These abruptly rose from below and closed in to follow their aircraft. Each had two rectangular arrays of what appeared to be glowing nozzles or thrusters, though their bodies remained obscured by darkness. When closest, the aircraft's cabin was lit up and the captain could feel their heat in his face. These two craft departed before a third, much larger saturn-shaped object, described as twice the size of an aircraft carrier started trailing them, causing the pilots to request a change of course. Anchorage Air Traffic Control obliged and requested an oncoming Airlines flight to confirm the unidentified traffic, but when it and a military craft sighted JAL 1628 at about 5:51 PM, no other craft could be distinguished. The sighting of 50 mins ended in the vicinity of Mt. McKinley. The UFOs in this case were tracked on both ground and airborne radar, witnessed by experienced airline pilots, and confirmed by a FAA Division Chief. Audiotapes of the transmissions and AF radar confirmation were presented on the History Channel's "Black Box UFOs" (*) in August of 2006.

Bruce Maccabee:
I believe that the claim there was a 200 page "report" is an incorrect interpretation of what the FAA did release, namely. a raw data package that consisted of testimony of
the crew and ground radar operators and transscript of the air traffic control tape and radar printout pages.

Giuliano Marinkovic:
I think that a core FAA material (or a least part of it) is available here (**) However, during the years researchers added many other relevant material and correspondence and PDF file in question now has a 377 pages (added pressclippings etc). I think that core FAA material starts somewhere around page 39.

Brad Sparks:
Bob Sheaffer helpfully posted his 25-page collection of miscellaneous clippings, Klass comments, and the FAA catalog of its 1987 document release (***). It totals about 292 pages plus 13 photos, plus 3 tape recordings.  Included are 151 pages of ground radar data.

Detailed reports and documents
audio/history/861117_JAL.htm (Audio bytes) *
Gigantic Saturn-Shaped Object Dwarfs Boeing 747 Over Alaska (UFOE II - Hall)
The Fantastic Flight of JAL 1628 [34-page report] (Bruce Maccabee)
Japan Airlines Boeing 747 Meets UFO Over Alaska in 1986 (ufologie.net)
docs/861117_flight1628.pdf [pdf file] **
You Tube: An analysis of the radar data (Rob Jeffs)
Other You Tube:
You Tube - JAL Flight UFO  (Black Box UFOs)
You Tube: Boeing 707 JAL Flight Encounters UFO/Tracked on Radar
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