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Asheboro, North Carolina
February 18, 2000


Animal Reaction Feature:
The witness, Lee, was a security guard at a food plant.  As part of his job, he periodically walked a circuit around the fenced property of the plant.  Two dogs (boxer/pit bull types) lived nearby and always, without fail, barked and behaved aggressively when Lee walked this circuit.  On February 18 at about 7 pm, Lee stepped outside and the dogs were silent.  This was so strange that he went to look for them.  He found them sitting next to one another, both looking up into the air.  Lee followed their gaze but detected nothing.  He tried to get the dogs’ attention.  One ignored him and continued to look upward, and the other turned its head to look at him, and then returned its gaze upward. Lee left them and proceeded to walk the plant perimeter fence and then went back inside.

When he came out to walk the perimeter at 9:20 pm, the dogs were normally loud and aggressive and have continued to be so ever since.  However, during this 9:20 pm circuit, Lee sighted a stationary line of 15-20 very bright lights in a perfectly straight horizontal line. After 40-45 seconds, these lights faded in a systematic manner.

[Although there is a 2 hour 20 minute time span between the dogs’ behavior and the appearance of the unknown lights, Lee felt there was a relationship between these events and presented his sighting from that viewpoint--jw]

Joan Woodward, Animal Reaction Specialist:
Lee, 29, reported his hearing and eyesight as good.  A family man, he gave the impression of taking his job seriously.  He had one other sighting of something he could not identify 7 years previously. The events of February 18 took place in a city environment. Although Lee reported a clear night with the moon visible [full moon was February 19],  NOAA weather data indicates mist and low overcast to his west and some mist and 50 percent cloud cover to his east.

The horizontal row of 15-20 lights was perfectly straight and evenly spaced.  Their brightness was “almost blinding.” Tthe colors were as follows:  the end lights were red (these were the brightest, “like a ball of fire”), inside the red end lights were 2 orange-red lights (not as bright as the red lights), and the center lights were blue with a neon quality to them.  Lee reported the lights had a glow around them [NOAA reported mist?—jw] so nothing could be seen above or below them. The row of lights was perfectly still and there was no variation in their relative positions. Lee felt they were attached to a single structure.

After 40-45 seconds, the lights began to systematically dim and disappear in the following sequence.   The red light on one end dimmed and disappeared, and then the red light at the far end did the same.  Then the orange-red light next to the first red light dimmed and disappeared, and then the orange-red light at the other end dimmed and disappeared.  This process continued until only the center blue light remained, and it dimmed and disappeared leaving “…nothing in the air, period.”

Lee estimated that if he held a basketball at arm’s length, it would cover all 15-20 lights.  He said they were treetop level at an elevation of about 30 degrees and he thought they were within 500 feet of him.  He felt that each individual light’s actual size was about that of a basketball.

No sound was heard.  There were no EM or physiological effects.

On February 21, at 6:10 pm (sunset was at 6 pm) , Lee had a second  view of an unknown object in the same general area of the sky.  In this case, he saw a long, thin object (“like a pencil”) with 2 tapered points at the ends.  It had a slight side-to-side motion, and then changed its orientation.  At that point Lee could see a triangular shape before it moved into smoke or clouds and disappeared.

This report is written from my file notes after the witness called the Fund for UFO Research. At FUFOR’s request, I spoke with him on the phone for about an hour on February 22 and spoke with him again on February 23, 24, and 28.  On February 25 I received drawings from him.

I emailed Mr. George Lund, MUFON State Director, NC, and he arranged for Robert Hair to meet with Lee.  Mr. Lund kindly sent me copies of the MUFON forms filled out during that meeting.  The MUFON forms did not indicate any animal reactions (had been checked then erased), obviously because of the time interval as discussed above.—Joan Woodward

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