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Jewel Valley, California
January 31, 2002

Animal Reaction Feature:
At 5:30 am PST, a border patrol officer was sitting in his car with his male German Shepherd protection dog in the back seat.  The back windows were “down a little bit so he could get air.”  The witness head a rapidly oscillating humming sound that became louder, and he was thinking that something was wrong with his truck.  His dog “got startled, and he jumped up and was looking out the window.”  When the witness looked to see what the dog was looking at, he saw a large disc that flew directly over him going west to east. This disc was followed by more discs, and embedded among the discs was a large boomerang- shaped object.  Aside from the oscillating hum, the witness also referred to a vibration that could be barely felt.  He estimated the objects were 300 feet (or yards) overhead, and commented that if they had license plates, he could have read them.  He compared their speed to that of a Cessna.

Joan Woodward, Animal Reaction Specialist:
An INS Agent on the California/Mexican border near Boulevard, CA, alerted by a sound and by his dog, saw a domed disc fly over his vehicle, followed by many more similar discs (estimated 20 to 30 of them) with a boomerang-shaped object embedded among them, which he compared to a military bomber. (Peter Davenport, Director, National UFO Reporting Center, who took the report, assumed he is referring to the B-2 Bomber).  The witness got on the radio, asking if anyone had seen aircraft, but he received no reply.  At that point he “killed all my lights and I hit my overheads.”  When he did that, the objects started to ascend, became star-like, and were lost in the night sky.  Davenport reported that the witness’s impression was that the discs were responding to the motion of the boomerang.  Although their speed was compared to that of a Cessna, when they ascended, the witness reported they became smaller quickly.

The description of the discs was that they “…had a domed top and had circular lights around the base of the dome…”  Davenport’s NUFORC report describes this as fluctuating illumination around a flange. The lights were described as different shades of white, from bright yellow to beige, and the discs themselves were a gray or bluish-gray color.  The witness went on to say these discs did not appear to be high tech machinery to his eye. He compared them to hover craft made 20 years ago.  He thought their diameter to be equal to 2-3 bus lengths.

It was calm and quiet, and other than the oscillating sound and slight vibration already described, the witness commented that there was no disruption, rumbling, shaking, or air movement that one would expect for that many jets flying that low.  The duration of the sighting was about 1 minute.

No EM effects (other than the fact that the witness received no response to his radio call) or physiological effects were reported.

Sources:  Report by Peter Davenport, Director, National UFO Reporting Center (NUFORC).  Reported on 1/31/02, posted on 3/11/03.

Peter Davenport, on Jeff Rense Radio Program, aired February 12, 2002, 2nd hour of program.  Includes tapes of witness’s initial telephone report to NUFORC, which occurred the same day as the sighting. This is available in the archived programs at

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