The AVCAT  Project
The Briefing Room
June 1, 2012
To see all the AVCAT cases processed so far, go to

        Fran Ridge

The AVCAT  (Aviation Catalog) Project  began in December of 2010. Our team began converting early Sightings From Aircraft (Category 11) cases to AVCAT status and have discovered new incidents. To-date we have upgraded  293 cases to AVCAT status (5 in May) and have produced new directories for them,  providing supporting documents from Air Force Project Blue Book files for this class of UFO incidents.
To see the actual breakdown and cases filed, see the link above-right.

To view ALL of the Sightings From Aircraft cases (Category 11) in the NICAP dBase and see which ones have been processed ("A" in "Catalog" column) and which ones are yet to be processed (blank), print out & read the pdf file below.

Francis Ridge
Coordinator, AVCAT Project
Site Coordinator, NICAP