Intelligence Summary
Missile Base Incidents
produced by the
Nuclear Connection Project

January 10, 1961; Cape Canaveral, Florida
UFO alters Navy Polaris test

Summer of 1961; Near Moscow
Missile battry fires at Disc. UFO stalls electrical apparatus.

August 7, 1962; Oracle, Arizona
UFO over Titan missile silo, Jets sent up
April 28, 1964; Minot AFB, North Dakota (BBU).

September 15, 1964; Big Sur, California
UFO Destroys Atlas warhead, filmed by military tracking crew

April, 1966; Malmstrom AFB, Montana (BBU)
UFOs, alarms, 10 missiles inoperative. (McDonald)

June 16, 1966; Elista, Kalmuk, Russia
Scientist report UFO maneuv nr missile test.

August 24, 1966; Minot AFB, [Grano? Carpio?] North Dakota (BBU)
10 p.m. Airman saw and reported by radio a multi-colored light high in the sky. Strike team sent to his location confirmed the object. Second object, white, was seen to pass in front of clouds. Radar detected and tracked an object. Sightings made by 3 different Minuteman ICBM missile sites. Radio interference was noted by teams sent to locations where object was hovering at ground level. (Vallée Magonia 791; FUFOR Index)

March 5, 1967; Minot AFB, North Dakota (BBU)
ADC radar tracked an unidentified target descending over the Minuteman ICBM missile silos of the 91st Strategic Missile Wing. Base security teams saw a metallic, disc-shaped object ringed with bright flashing lights moving slowly, maneuvering, then stopping and hovering about 500 ft above ground. Object circled directly over the launch control facility. F-106 fighters were scrambled but at that moment object climbed straight up and disappeared at high speed. (Ray Fowler; etc.)

March 16, 1967; 15 miles N of Lewistown, Montana (BBU)
8:45 a.m. 15-mins. Echo-Flight of 10 Minuteman nuclear ICBM's of Malmstrom AFB, USAF 341st Strategic Missile Wing, SAC, were inexplicably deactivated within 10 secs of each other and for 1 day after UFO's hovered near 2 missile silos. Followed a series of UFO sightings during early morning hours by USAF security teams. Similar unexplained deactivation of Minutemans occurred with O-Flight earlier in the morning. (CUFON; NICAP; not in BB files??)

March 24/25, 1967; Nr. Roy (about 30 miles NE of Lewiston, Montana (BBU)
Oscar-Flight [November-Flight?] of Malmstrom AFB, USAF 341st Strategic Missile Wing, had unexplained deactivation of 6-8 Minuteman nuclear ICBM's within several secs of each other during UFO close encounters involving a red saucer­ shaped object in early morning hours. USAF security guard injured and medivacked out. Capt. Robert Salas was Deputy Missile Combat Crew Commander on duty at O Flight. (CUFON; NICAP; not in BB files??)

March 30, 1967; Malmstrom AFB, Montana
Radar/visual, UFO 10 missiles shut down.

Oct. 24, 1968; About 30 miles NW of Minot AFB, North Dakota (BBU)
???m.(CDT). 4 hours 48 minutes. USAF Minot AFB ground radar tracked unidentified object correlated with orange glow and radioed it to the attention of the USAF crew of B-52H bomber (call sign JAG 31) on a 290° heading at 2,000 ft as a UFO target at 1 o'clock position to the NW at 24 miles, then 15 miles at 3:35 a.m. At 3:52 a.m., Minot radioed the B-52H that base weather radar was also tracking target now at 1 o'clock position and 3 miles from the B-52H. At 3:58 Minot requested IFF transponder identification from the B-52H and the B-52H radio transmitter failed for 4 mins. B-52H crew saw and radar tracked bright red-orange object [?] at 9 o'clock position at 35 miles then 1.25-1.5 miles, traveling at 3,000 mph [?]. UFO landing for 45 mins at location "AA-43." UFO sightings at Minuteman ICBM nuclear missile sites N, O, J [?], and M Flights, 91st Strategic Missile Wing, including strange EM effects such as security alarms activated at outer and inner rings around silos, outer [silo?] door opened and combination lock of inner door moved. Witnesses included Maj. Bradford Runyon, Capt. Robert Salas, S/Sgt Bond, S/Sgt Smith, et al. (Project 1947; Kevin Randle; Hynek UFO Rpt pp. 137-9 [misdated as ????????????

October 30, 1975; Wurtsmith AFB, Michigan
UFO chased by KC-135 tanker.

November 7, 1975; Malmstrom AFB, Montana
Targeting system tampered with.

November 8, 1975; Malmstrom AFB, Montana
F-106's scrambled after UFOs

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