Alvarez, Luis Dr.
Luis Alvarez was a physics professor from the University of California in Berkeley, developer of MEW (Microwave Early Warning) radar at MIT at the beginning of World War II. Alvarez developed the detonators for the high-explosive shaped charges in the plutonium implosion bombs, and after the war,  returned to Berkeley to work on high-energy particle physics. He sat on the CIA Robertson panel that met in Washington in January 1953. (Brad Sparks: According to Ruppelt's notes, Alvarez was one of the two Robertson Panel members who was pro-UFO, Panel Chairman and CIA consultant H. P. Robertson was the other. Apparently, Robertson's and Alvarez's wartime experiences with "foo fighter" reports helped sway them a bit towards the UFO phenomenon and a modest "unexplained" conclusion.) Alvarez won the Nobel Prize in Physics in 1968.