Francis Arcier
Francis Arcier was a traditional aircraft design genius who served the US well during WWII. In 1948, he left civilian air design and signed on at Wright-Patterson AFB as Chief Scientist for the Intelligence Division, a position that he maintained until 1963. After 1963 he continued to act as a special advisor to Wright-Patterson on scientific and intelligence matters. During the period of the late 1950s and early 1960s, Arcier was a regular member of the USAF "anti-Keyhoe/NICAP team", an unofficial cabal of five individuals led by Blue Book chief George Gregory and Pentagon operative Lawrence Tacker, whose job it was to stifle NICAP's attempts to penetrate the US Congress with their insistence that a thorough investigation be made of USAF methods and information withholdings concerning UFOs. Arcier himself made trips to Washington DC to consult with key personnel there in what was to become a successful years-long effort to thwart Keyhoe's and NICAP's plans. (Mike Swords)