Samuel Brentnall
General Samuel Brentnall was assigned to the Engineering Division at Wright Field [called "T-3" at the time] in the summer of 1946. One year later he was named "Assistant Deputy Commanding General" for Research and Development, which meant that he was the chief officer for the entire T-3 division. This being the famous Summer of 1947, he was on seat at the USAF's main technology research area when the first big UFO wave hit.       There is evidence that although the Pentagon's "Collections" function in the Office of Intelligence Requirements took the lead on the early look at the flying disks, Brentnall and his boss General Twining were already on the task and talking about the issue as early as the beginning of July, if not earlier. It is also clear that Brentnall was supposed to be available with the resources of T-3 should his colleague in the parallel "T-2" Intelligence Division (Colonel Howard McCoy) require his technology assessments and assistance. We don't know what his personal views of the flying disk controversy were.       We do know that he was placed very near the center of the Air Force's information sources about them from the beginning. Brentnall had a highly successful Air Force career, being named in 1954 Assistant Chief of Staff for Guided Missiles. (Mike Swords)