Burgess, Brig. Gen. Woodbury M.
General Burgess was Deputy for Intelligence, Air Defense Command under General Chidlaw. Gen. Burgess, not a believer in UFOs, was firmly convinced that the Air Force should make every effort to find out what they were, even if they were all explainable. Ruppelt said that Burgess "bent over backwards to give Blue Book all the cooperation that they needed." Ruppelt also said that Gen. Burgess' ideas reflected those of General Chidlaw. Gen Burgess later became Deputy Director for Production of the NSA. (Unknown source) By the spring of 1952, Air Defense Command was in a near-frenzied state over the potential of a Soviet sneak attack. On April 16, Air Force Intelligence warned Col Burgess, at ADC Headquarters, Ent AFB, that a classified source (possibly an electronic intercept) had 
provided an "indication" of ominous Soviet military activity. Burgess became involved in a major UFO alert. (Fran Ridge)