Cook, Dr. Stuart
Dr. Stuart Cook was the head of the psychology department at the University of Colorado, when the Air Force contract was accepted. The exact state and orientation of his interest in the UFO phenomenon is unknown. It must have been a sincere interest however as he was one of those who immediately volunteered to help. Dr. Cook seems to have been a rare benign presence in this story. He did what he could in the earliest days to support the initial organizational work, but fairly soon settled back into a quiet non-combative role, which lessened over time to even non-attendance in the project meetings. Perhaps the main thing that he was concerned with (as a good department chair) was that his three faculty member volunteers were getting themselves into something worthwhile and not misbehaving on a nationally-funded contract. It is also possible that his presence helped relax university officials about housing the project at Colorado; they could always back away from UFOs to an analysis of the witnesses of UFOs instead. THAT approach would be relatively non-controversial academically.(Michael Swords)