Craig, Dr. Roy
Dr. Roy Craig was a professor of chemistry at the University of Colorado when the Air Force contract was signed. He did not initially volunteer for the team, and it is unclear why he did so a few months later in the spring of 1967. Dr. Craig was an outdoorsman and didn't want to do anything "academic" about this, but rather volunteered to go out on field work investigations, which he apparently enjoyed. It may be that this getting away from academe was the main attraction as Craig was extremely skeptical of UFOs from his first investigation to his retirement days years later. Craig's general modus operandi on the project was to attend meetings, get field assignments, and then report back to Ed Condon rather than the working team, at least initially. He was far and away the most "loyal" team member to Condon of all. Craig's skepticism is in stark contrast to Norman Levine's "romanticism" as they would occasionally both be on the same investigation, and give precisely opposite opinions. When the project staff fell apart in late 1967, Condon pressed Craig to take over most of the write-up of the important sections, as it was only Craig he trusted to do this. Those write-ups have been found to be often severely slanted from the facts that historians can read in the actual project files. Craig's prejudices seem to have been ingrained and subconscious, rather than deliberate, as he maintained a happy outlook on how well he'd done till the day he passed on. (Michael Swords)