Lt. Jerry Cummings
Lt. Jerry Cummings replaced the very dismissive officer overseeing the minimalist examination of "flying disk reports" in the Grudge era, Jimmy Rodgers. Rodgers and his sidekick, radar analyst Roy James, were so negative towards the UFO job, that they had allowed the files to go into great disorganization, including even loss of files. Jerry Cummings was appointed to the task partly due to General Cabell's growing understanding that the UFO "problem" needed at least some serious focus. Rodgers and James, however, continued to interfere with Cummings' early work at his desk [the desk next to Edward Ruppelt's "MIG-analysis desk."] When Cummings realized the extent of their interference, he took his objections directly to their superior, Colonel Bruno Feiling. Feiling was lukewarm about correcting this situation, except for a simultaneous stroke of luck, which brought a case to the discussion that the Pentagon, particularly General Cabell, wanted serious action upon. This resulted in a direct phone conversation with the General, and put Rodgers and James in their place, and Cummings off on an investigative field trip. That field trip ended in the Pentagon, where Cummings was asked by the General about the state of the UFO investigations. Cummings who was just about to leave Wright-Patterson for study at Cal Tech unloaded on Rodgers, James, the project, and thoroughly roused Cabell from his misperceptions. As part of Cabell's rain of fire which followed, Ed Ruppelt got appointed to the UFO desk, and was empowered to take serious control to right the direction of its work, including reconstitution of the files. Jerry Cummings, apparently, went peacefully on with his life as a Cal Tech engineering student. (Mike Swords)