General James Doolittle
There have been many UFO-related rumors associated with Jimmy Doolittle, but none have been able to pin any direct involvement down. The closest thing to a known involvement dealt with the famous "Swedish Ghost Rockets" phenomenon in 1946. In that year, many reports of sightings of mystery flying objects came from Sweden and other Scandinavian areas. It seemed very possible that these things might be Russian missile tests based upon German technology. The incidents incited quite a bit of nervousness in the military communities of Sweden, the US and elsewhere. In mid-August of that year, General Doolittle "coincidentally" visited Sweden. Newspapers, citing leaked information, stated that Doolittle was there to investigate the Swedish radar systems being used to track the Ghost Rockets. Doolittle later denied this. Although rumors were rampant, no formal evidence has been found in Swedish military archives of any "active" information exchange. This of course begs the question of whether the General "unofficially" gathered information [a very common intelligence behavior] on his coincidental business trip, where he is known to have spoken to military people. Doolittle spent his entire public life without ever mentioning anything positive about UFOs, and as such was a good soldier to the end regarding the official policy. Jimmy Doolittle was a many-year member of the USAF's Board of Scientific Advisors, and certainly knew what he should or should not be saying.